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File 134354482583.png - (1.57MB , 1280x720 , 2012-07-29_034908.png )
10599 No. 10599 [Edit]
Fun and cute adventures in JRPG land.

Am I the only one watching this?
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>> No. 10600 [Edit]
I watched first episode and it felt like children show so I won't be watching it.
>> No. 10603 [Edit]

>felt like children show

I'm kinda interested now, I'll have to look into it later.
>> No. 10616 [Edit]
I plan to watch it soon, I just haven't gotten around to it.
>> No. 10638 [Edit]
>>10603 me again. Wanted to watch everything that came out so far yesterday but I fell asleep earlier than usual so I only saw the first ep. I know you're not supposed to judge series based on that but here are my initial impressions anyway.

The first thing you'd usually wonder about in this kind of show is the budget/production values. The buget is either surprisingly decent or Toei is doing a great job at making the best out of a small budget. Either way the show looks decent enough, the animation isn't butter smooth but it's not too choppy, either and I really like the backgrounds, they have a lot of detail and just plain look good (I much prefer Driland's hand drawn BGs to Tari Tari's 100% CG BGs). Using the chibis probably saves a lot of budget but it feels like they did it for reasons unrelated to costs (maybe the game uses similar designs?). The cast is very budget, too, and it kinda shows.

But like I said you aren't supposed to judge an anime by it's first ep as the production values tend to drop over time in most anime.

Hard to say much about the show itself so far. All I know is that shows like Driland make me feel pretty nostalgic and pretty damn old. They remind me of all the Lodosses, Orphens, Slayers, Rayearths and the like but seeing one these days also reminds me of how little kids seem to think of sword and sorcery nowadays and how much we old farts used to love it when we were young.

I wish WSJ had a series like Gintama/Sket Dance expect in sword and sorcery fantasy setting. Would be nice to get weekly fixes of it. Or they could do a cute girls doing cute things SoL show in such a setting. Either way would work for me.
>> No. 10730 [Edit]
File 134409557835.jpg - (87.53KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Tanken_Driland_-_03_[720p][10bit][BE2288D7].jpg )
>> No. 13952 [Edit]
File 136074722649.jpg - (217.22KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Tanken_Driland_-_08_[720p][10bit][6D71817B].jpg )
It would be nice if a group picked this show back up. Everyone just kind of stopped around episode 10.

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