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File 142518864956.jpg - (166.10KB , 445x461 , 1425086584735.jpg )
26427 No. 26427 [Edit]
Which boards do you check the most? Which boards do you post on the most? Do you mainly use the front page to look for new posts, check the boards manually, or both?
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>> No. 26429 [Edit]
I check on all the boards near constantly.

Mostly I like to post on /an/....

>> No. 26431 [Edit]
I use the front page to see new posts but also check /ot/ and /so/ to see if there are any kakusu posts. I post mostly on /ot/ and /so/
>> No. 26432 [Edit]
/mai/, though occasionally /so/ and /ot/.

I almost never post but when I do it's usually on /mai/.

I usually just check the boards manually unless I see an interesting image on the front page, like I did with this thread.
>> No. 26434 [Edit]
Like most of the posters I just look at the home page, it's pretty convenient considering the speed of the board.
The only board I don't check is /mai/ since I don't have a waifu.
>> No. 26436 [Edit]
I check /ot/ various times a day, even though almost nobody ever posts. I also sporadically check /so/ and /an/, and only ever once in a while the other boards. Almost nobody ever posts in those other boards as well.
>> No. 26437 [Edit]
I check the front page. Usually I post on /so/ and /ot/. I dislike seeing any possible spoilers of media I still might some day consume so I rarely watch other boards.
>> No. 26440 [Edit]
I'll read whatever is new.
>> No. 26453 [Edit]
File 142529749923.jpg - (98.36KB , 654x348 , 1265731123490.jpg )
I check the boards manually, I just go through the boards that interest me every 'morning' (i.e. after I wake up) - amusingly enough yesterday I didn't do it for the first time in a long long while, couldn't access the net.

I go from left to right /an/ -> /ma/ -> /vg/ -> /vn/ -> /cr/ -> /so/ -> /ot/ -> /fb/ -> /pic/. I browse /vg/ and /so/ out of force of habit kinda, I used to be more interested in those boards and the things they talk about but now I only post on them like once a month. I spend the most time on /an/. I wish the other boards had more activity but considering I don't post much on them either I have no right to complain I guess.

Also this is an /fb/ topic kinda.
>> No. 26456 [Edit]
I just read /cr/, /ot/ and /so/ anymore. /mt/ occasionally for new books, thanks for the great suggestions there.
>> No. 26458 [Edit]
/mai/, /ot/ and /so/.

I want to post on the "actual boards about oktku stuff", as >>26443 put it, but I don't really have much to contribute. The best I can come up with is trite observations like "this show is getting pretty interesting", "this manga is a bit too cliched for me", etc. There'd be no reason to post it.
>> No. 26465 [Edit]
The main page. I ignore posts on /mai/, and often /an/ as well. I really like when people post on /foe/, /mp3/, /fig/ and /navi/. I don't post much myself.

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