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File 136338108148.jpg - (90.63KB , 682x1024 , haruhioki02.jpg )
13478 No. 13478 [Edit]
kig general discussion
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>> No. 13482 [Edit]
/so/ isn't actually the kig board. That was a joke.
>> No. 13483 [Edit]
it might be too late.
>> No. 13484 [Edit]
kigs are so hot
>> No. 13485 [Edit]
File 136339653819.jpg - (63.79KB , 270x360 , 1339439328071.jpg )
>> No. 13486 [Edit]
File 136339659325.jpg - (20.55KB , 333x500 , 1340121094214.jpg )
>> No. 13488 [Edit]
File 136339671082.jpg - (753.63KB , 900x1200 , 1340436989403.jpg )
>> No. 13489 [Edit]
File 136339675185.jpg - (715.64KB , 1200x900 , 1340425368580.jpg )
>> No. 13491 [Edit]
File 136339690434.jpg - (47.92KB , 640x428 , 1343100111796.jpg )
>> No. 13492 [Edit]
How exactly is this ronery?
>> No. 13493 [Edit]
3D kig disgusting
>> No. 13494 [Edit]
because no one joins the thread. lol.
>> No. 13495 [Edit]
because it's damned depressing.
>> No. 13496 [Edit]
Take it to /pic/ please

Tell me about it.
>> No. 13498 [Edit]
kigs scare me. I once saw one in a nightmare before I even knew they were actually a thing.
>> No. 13500 [Edit]
That ones pretty good.
>> No. 13501 [Edit]
They don't bother me at all in still pics. They often look really cute.

Seeing them in movement might be a little weird though.
>> No. 13502 [Edit]
I swear to Haruhi I saw a kig in the background during one of the serial killer scenes the movie 'The Cell'

I was all like "Hey, that looks like something out of one of my Japanese animes"

Might pop in the DVD and take a screen shot later.
>> No. 13503 [Edit]
I really don't think I would mind having a 3dpd if he/she dressed as a kig.
>> No. 13506 [Edit]
File 136341687546.jpg - (30.81KB , 554x497 , 530432_138539789631772_1718424443_n.jpg )
I agree completely.
They're like exotic insects, in that sense.
>> No. 13508 [Edit]
Man: there's nothing on "The Cell" that isn't nightmare fuel. It's like "Shitting dick nipples. The movie" directed by GAINAX and in 3D.
>> No. 13509 [Edit]
I bet this was it:
>> No. 13512 [Edit]
I've fapped to kig porn a couple of times. More/better videos need to be released before I can decide whether or not it's a valid fetish for me though.
>> No. 13516 [Edit]

>Take it to /pic/ please

/pic/ here, we don't want it, we'll let you have it. Post some tea pots instead.

Seriously I don't mind having a kig thread but at least spoiler those fucking pictures, shouldn't be that hard.
>> No. 13523 [Edit]
I take offense to people calling something a fetish when it's just another thing you 'fap' to.
>> No. 13526 [Edit]
Relax, tough guy. I wasn't even implying that.
>> No. 13527 [Edit]
What is a fetish?

A miserable pile of secrets But enough talk! Have at you!
>> No. 13528 [Edit]
Well I can tell you what it's not, and it's not a commodity you simply buy into as you please,p lay around with then dump off for another, at least in my opinion as someone who has had an overbearing fetish since before I hit puberty.
>> No. 13529 [Edit]
I was just joking around. That's a pretty famous video game quote that Dracula from Castlevania says. It's kind of funny how it sort of fits, though.

Anyway, you're right. A fetish is something that somebody is obsessed with, something that somebody loves in a sexual sort of way.
>> No. 13530 [Edit]
Tell me about your autism.
>> No. 13532 [Edit]
If we're talking about BTTF, Today is the 40th anniversary of George McFly being murdered by Biff Tannen.

Never forget.
>> No. 13534 [Edit]
It's not meant to be a meme-like or this random shit that you are talking about. It's just a video game joke. I thought that there would be at least a few people able to take a somewhat silly and stupid joke like that without doing some stupid shit like this.
>> No. 13536 [Edit]

Ignore him, you've done nothing wrong, it's just some random retard.
>> No. 13538 [Edit]
Shitposting ironically is still shitposting and a bannable offense here.
>> No. 13688 [Edit]

i want to hold you in my arms
>> No. 13737 [Edit]
File 136417974140.jpg - (49.72KB , 640x480 , kairaku-festa-girls-und-panzer-006.jpg )
>> No. 13739 [Edit]
Thats not a Kig, it's not ugly enough.
>> No. 13740 [Edit]

Yeah it looks like it's a statue at that recent GuP event

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