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File 135183780387.jpg - (88.82KB , 1440x900 , Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo Oda Nanami Matsubara.jpg )
12428 No. 12428 [Edit]
Are any of you actually Ronery? ( As in lonely )
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>> No. 12431 [Edit]
How could I, I got you guys.
>> No. 12432 [Edit]
File 135184071545.jpg - (83.88KB , 600x600 , 52025338f7aaf49a4f69aa2cff93cfd034d1ac9d.jpg )
I'm pretty sure that everybody on this site knows what "ronery" means.

I only get the worst of it whenever I'm reminded of love or anything that has to do with that type of garbage. Aside from that, I can forget about things like loneliness by playing games and watching anime.
>> No. 12433 [Edit]
Yeah, but I can't think of anyone in existence with whom I'd like to be.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2012, 2:29am
>> No. 12434 [Edit]
Nope, not the least bit. I think it might be a bit like measles or something, after you get exposed to it for a long enough time period you'll become resistant to it.
>> No. 12436 [Edit]
I stopped caring four years ago.
>> No. 12437 [Edit]
Sometimes, I still haven't pinned down what causes it.
>> No. 12440 [Edit]
>> No. 12443 [Edit]
No, I got over my loneliness completely about two years ago.

I still felt loneliness before that, but mostly just in small phases.
>> No. 12444 [Edit]
I guess most people would assume that I am lonely, but I do not really feel that way (anymore).
It's been a really long time since I had people that I could call friends, and nowadays, I generally avoid socializing as much as possible. Maybe I could make new friends if I tried to, but I do not know why I should bother. I am happy with my way of living. Well, most of the time at least.

This reminds me of Schopenhauer's hedgehog's dilemma. "[...] Schopenhauer draws the conclusion that, if someone has enough internal warmth, they can avoid society and the giving and receiving of psychological discomfort that results from social interaction."
I do not really know what he meant by "inner warmth", but I guess every loner will eventually find his own inner warmth or own way of dealing with his situation.
For me it is my waifu who keeps me going. When I think of her I am convinced that I do not really need any other person in my life.
>> No. 12446 [Edit]
Sometimes I think about how I know almost nobody and get a little sad, but most of the time I'm okay with it
>> No. 12464 [Edit]
I actually am lonely sometimes. I wish I had someone I can have a not so serious love life with. Someone to do things with and sleep/cuddle with sometimes would be nice. We would be like best friends plus more. But I need my space too, sometimes I want to be completely alone and sometimes I want someone to love. That's all I need to be happy really.
>> No. 12465 [Edit]
I do feel lonely. But I know that going to visit a friend or something won't make me feel better. Quite the contrary, I will eventually feel awkward or sickened and will want to leave and just go home and hide somewhere or sleep.

>Someone to do things with and sleep/cuddle with sometimes would be nice.
I could use some of this drug as well. But I'll never have it and I'm pretty much used to the idea by now.

>I can forget about things like loneliness by playing games and watching anime
Same way we get to forget about literally everything around here. And then, at the end of the day nothing has changed and life stands still.
>> No. 12466 [Edit]
It's on and off, really. Most days I'm fine with being alone. I prefer it due to panic attacks, phobia and paranoia. Even if I see a person or two for whatever reason (even family) I need a huge break of isolation afterwards to cooldown. But honestly, I'm pretty lonely at times. I tell myself I don't need anyone and that I'm less than human to avoid actually confronting them, but then there are times when I get so desperate that I come back to sites like these or even start up playing MMOs just to find people to potentially talk to - or at the very least listen to or read things people are saying/typing. I joined an MMO once just to sit in town and listen to conversations people were having.

The MMO thing never goes right. I'm always too afraid to talk to and group up with people. If I try to force myself into a guild that's recruiting I lose my mind and have to quit the game or guild within 10minutes.

Majority of the time it doesn't matter, and I've gotten used to being alone but when my lonely bouts happen, I get pretty weird and desperate about it. Then I realize once more that people are terrible, selfish, cruel and the cycle repeats between isolation and loneliness.
>> No. 12467 [Edit]
I'm not sure what brings mine on either, since it comes on seemingly at random and even when I'm around other people. It happens rarely, like maybe once a month at most, and I otherwise never even register the possibility that I may be lonely. But during those few sporadic moments, it's monstrous. It actually ends up feeling similar to the intense fear of death I get once in a while.
But ninety-nine percent of the time, no, don't feel lonely at all.
>> No. 12469 [Edit]
Those are my exact feelings as well.

Anime and video games used to fill the void of needing someone. Once I hit my late 20's it became a source of sadness, because it reminds me of how much I am missing out in with the whole relationship thing. Friends, a lover all of that stuff. It makes others so happy, and I wish I could feel that kind of happiness too...

I take enormous comfort being with my waifu. She gives me the freedom to be really aloof and do my own thing for however long I need to, but I always come back to her and be really affectionate. I do love her very much in the end.

I feel like I have the personality of a cat. That probably explains why I always liked them. I am kindred spirits with them.

My greatest desire is to form an emotional connection with someone out there. It just doesn't happen with real people, and hasn't since my late teens.
>> No. 12477 [Edit]
>Most days I'm fine with being alone.
>Even if I see a person or two for whatever reason (even family) I need a huge break of isolation afterwards to cooldown.

This. Though I get lonely from time to time, I can't handle much socialization and typically prefer to be alone anyway.
>> No. 12478 [Edit]
Even if I didn't hate people, I can't stand physical human contact, even then no one on this planet can top my waifu. but the fact of the matter is, she's just never there for me as much as I want her to be.
It would be nice to wake up next to someone, have someone to hold in my arms, someone to talk to, someone to go on long walks with, someone to step on my face, someone to watch the sunrise with, and just spend some nice time together with who I could devote myself to making happy. But women are all revolting selfish gold digging hateful manipulative ugly loud annoying cheating whores, so that's not gonna happen lol.

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2012, 1:59am
>> No. 12487 [Edit]
I think that describes my desire perfectly. I also have the personality of a cat, I just want to be someones pet basically.
>> No. 12490 [Edit]
I'm not but sometimes I wonder if having friends is fun.
>> No. 12494 [Edit]
Same here.
>> No. 12495 [Edit]
File 135198063126.jpg - (176.83KB , 715x1167 , 1337320172807.jpg )
>> No. 12517 [Edit]

That about sums it up.
>> No. 12523 [Edit]
I am, I wouldn't mind having a clingy shut-in lover
>> No. 12529 [Edit]
File 13523940033.jpg - (9.62KB , 251x247 , [HorribleSubs] Wandering Son - 05 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
Yeah, I am. Very much so.
>> No. 12530 [Edit]
I already replied saying no, but I thought about this again. I don't really feel lonely, and my waifu is better a companionship than anyone else could be, but sometimes I think of some things I'm missing by stranding myself and that maybe these things could be fun. Things like >>12478 says. I really wish I could do these with my waifu, but she's not here.

I don't trust anyone and I despise being near most people, I'm also an huge asshole most of the time, and besides, just the thought of "trading" my waifu for someone else makes me sick, so I won't ever get to experience these things

>I just want to be someones pet basically.
Me too, except I have more the personality of a mal-adjusted dumb Akita with rabies than something as gracile as a cat
>> No. 12535 [Edit]
Yes. Most of the time I am fine. When I am around people I barely talk and keep away from anything personal. When I am asked something it goes surprisingly smooth. I feel like I am giving too many different impressions and all of them fallacious. I am afraid of personal relationships on the one side but I still get lonely some times. So lonely it leaves me shaken and makes me doubt myself. I wish there was somebody I could talk to on clear terms. But then I return to being stable.
>> No. 12539 [Edit]
I know a wrestleer who talks about 3DPD. I've gained an immunity to some extent of his relationshit. Stories which are likely exxagerted if not false - but occasionally they still annoy me.
>> No. 12541 [Edit]
It is like people you know OL but you do the stuff IRL - I.e. mailing each other shit, talking for hours on end, etc. Well if they're good friends.
>> No. 12543 [Edit]
File 135259041435.jpg - (162.64KB , 1333x1000 , 1342561819130.jpg )
100% honest, I just want someone to hug/cuddle/fug and that's it. Sometimes talk and do things together, or just have body heat and make sounds so I know that I am not alone. Things like them moving things, or the sound of their typing on the keyboard.

I think that I really don't feel lonely for human companionship, but just anything, like a dog. I want to touch and hold something warm while I sleep, and also do lewd things with it, so a dog wont really do sadly.
>> No. 12547 [Edit]
That is a little bit similar to me. During minor social interactions, I usually stutter and appear socially awkward but when the push comes to the shove I can actually speak really well when I need to.
>> No. 12549 [Edit]
I give a lot of different impressions around people I don't like very much (which is basically most of my family and almost all I ever see) I can be go from very aggressive to very kind depending on what they are talking about with me. Sometimes they just say things that really set off my bad side. I have multiple personalities.

Same here, just being around someone I love makes me feel comfortable even if we are just laying together mostly in silence. Being around people I like is something I have hardly experienced before even from a distance and in the rare case I am (which doesn't happen anymore. no one but me and family here now.) I feel instantly comfortable just being close to them. And yes hearing them near me making sounds of comfort would also me feel very happy that I am making them happy.
>> No. 12572 [Edit]

This. I only get lonely when I see some form of happiness I want but can't get. Watching romance or SoL that deal with friendships really get to me but I can't stop watching them. I sometimes just pause the anime/manga and just cry.
>> No. 12576 [Edit]
I hate that. Chuunibyou is starting to get to me because of this. Not only is the main character friends with a weird girl, but she's most likely in love with him.

I know it's all fantasy, but seriously, why couldn't I have had something like this? Instead I had to be alone.
>> No. 12577 [Edit]
yeah, it saddens me from time to time to watch anime or whatever and be reminded I can't do those things with my own waifu
>> No. 12584 [Edit]
>I feel like I am giving too many different impressions and all of them fallacious

I feel like this too. Since I can never act nacturally around people, the way I act always change depending on the situation
>> No. 12621 [Edit]
I just got a heavy dose of that feeling tonight, it fucked me up so hard emotionally. It's weird going from feeling next to nothing due to me basically shutting off emotions because they were too much for my mind to take and then all of sudden hearing about someone getting the slightest amount of affection brings me to my knees in raging depressive meltdown, even if I don't really give a shit about them it just struck a nerve given how it happened that had to do with just being in the right place at the right time for them. I have no chance.

Post edited on 21st Nov 2012, 6:39pm
>> No. 12623 [Edit]
I used to feel ronery during the ronery craze of 2009, but after that I haven't felt ronery since.

I concluded that to feel ronery, you need to think that you actually stand a chance with a member of the oposite sex. In 2009, I thought I could become normal and hence the ronery.

But in 2012, I have given up on life, accepting that I can never be normal. It is simply not possible for me to have a gf, so I can't be ronery knowing that.

It would be unethical to force my weirdness onto a member of the opposite sex, they deserve better than me.
>> No. 12626 [Edit]
>the ronery craze of 2009

the what
>> No. 12638 [Edit]
Funny how similar some of us are.
>> No. 12655 [Edit]
>they deserve better than me

No they don't.

I never really felt any roneryness, I went full misanthropic long ago before. I think I just can't imagine myself in a relationship, it would need someone as fucked up as me and it would surely end badly.

The old saying says that you need to love yourself before loving someone else and I think it's totally true. As much as I'm totally narcissistic about my personality and my intelligence I totally hate myself physically (being the little girl and shit... for serious).
>> No. 12657 [Edit]
same way, I hate myself psychically too. I don't want to be a girl or anything. Slightly feminine boy at most is perfect for me. But it seems my body has other plans. It wants to grow into a hairy, disgusting beast and there's nothing I can do about it. I avoid the mirror a lot. I'm constantly playing tug of war with my body.
>> No. 12659 [Edit]
File 135388407676.gif - (506.23KB , 500x375 , 1342578294086.gif )
>It wants to grow into a hairy, disgusting beast and there's nothing I can do about it.

You mean a big, cuddly bear when you forget to shave for a few days.
>> No. 12660 [Edit]
I love you guys.
>> No. 12661 [Edit]
If you actually would like that I guess but nope I don't at all.
>> No. 12664 [Edit]
Please spoiler such disgusting images!
>> No. 12670 [Edit]
>> No. 12742 [Edit]
File 135464832121.png - (140.67KB , 796x728 , twitterbots.png )
I'm so lonely, I'm happy to even get a message from a bot.
>> No. 12743 [Edit]
I like how they go on a lot about people assuming they're just bitter losers when they complain about women, then latter say that guys who claim not to be interested in women are really just saying they can't get one.
>> No. 12744 [Edit]

for people whose lives revolve around getting girls to like them, someone saying they don't give a shit is entirely foreign to them so they react with hostility
>> No. 12746 [Edit]
Neurotypicals do not have as much as a define 'core' personality, or they let the environment drag their characteristics around a lot.
>> No. 12747 [Edit]
That's the reaction of many PUAs to MGTOW or hikikiomori/NEET individuals. \

>"oh you're a beta male faggot" type shit.

>>No, it's because I don't want to be accused of rape or get into any sketchy bullshit as that has happened before - and you're a fucking retard to even risk that.

>Nope, real alphas would be able to rape a bitch and get away with it from your alphaness and taking advantage of women who want to be dominated.

And I then facepalm at this shit....
>> No. 12785 [Edit]
Does anyone else find stuff like porn horribly depressing and as such hard to look at, becuase it reminds you you'll never do those things in your life.
It really sucks when they treat girls like shit and/or sleep around on them. It's depressing to me becuase these guys are massive jerks who don't give a shit about these women but they still flock to them, where as we might be devoted and caring but we know for a fact we'll die alone (even if it is by our own choice).
Then there's bestiality/guro stuff that (besides how fucked up it is) feels like a waste in the same way a starving African might feel while watching on a TV waste food for fun (food fights, eating competitions ect)
>> No. 12786 [Edit]
porn doesn't depress me but sometimes lovey dovey stuff does. it reminds me that I'll never be a cute 2D high school girl who finds true love. even if I won the lottery it's a want that will never ever happen
>> No. 12787 [Edit]
I tend to only look for pictures of girls alone either naked or doing something alone. However, I do feel a great amount of resentment and hate and loneliness and anger when I see happy relationship type things. It's funny that I've never been in relationship or anything close to that.

I'm not desperate for a relationship or really want one, in fact I want to reject everything.
>> No. 12790 [Edit]
I think I usually do a good job of not thinking about it. It's started to bother me in the past few days after a good two months not thinking about it. I take some pills that help with it, but...
I sorta wish I had someone to be around and talk with. Maybe do trivial things with. I selfishly want someone to care about me.
I've read a little on meditation and training your brain to 'be happy', and I really should at least try it out.
>> No. 12801 [Edit]
Nah, that feels pretty trivial compared to my other problems.
>> No. 12802 [Edit]
Hope things turn out well for you if you don't even have time to feel lonely. Good luck.
>> No. 12806 [Edit]
I guess I am.

But I'm pretty shit, so it's bothersome to fight it.

And I don't believe the "Beautiful and Strong truNEET who don't need no love"-shit for a second. When the going gets tough and their emotional fort goes bye-bye they always turn to their blogposting and pictures of crying anime girls.
>> No. 12807 [Edit]
You're talking about me, aren't you?
>> No. 12808 [Edit]
Well, hell. I guess I am.

Often I'll make out like I'm fine on my own and I don't need anybody else, but like >>12806
says, I realize it's just a front. Unfortunately, there's not much to do about it. I'm not interested in intimate relationships, which automatically separates me from 99 percent of the population.
>> No. 12816 [Edit]
Whoever I'm talking about knows it deep inside.

Probably you.
>> No. 12848 [Edit]
While I'm sure the majority of the people who claim such things are indeed lying (or at least exaggerating), it sounds to me like you refuse to believe that people can be happy as a NEET just because you're personally not.
>> No. 12891 [Edit]
>I take enormous comfort being with my waifu.

This, very much.
I guess you could say I'm "lonely", though.
Romance anime/anime with "romantic" scenes is a trigger for my depression/loneliness, especially the scene in Lucky Star where Yutaka falls asleep on Minami's lap during the fireworks. It may not be explicitly romantic, but it's a reminder that some half-annoying girl with pink hair has the right to lie down on my waifu's lap and do nothing for like a half an hour, whereas I can't but hold her hand for a minute.


I also get worked up over any photos of any characters I have an attachment to feeling sad or ill. But that's more usual, I guess.
>> No. 12979 [Edit]
About a year ago, last winter, I would get incredible pangs of loneliness. Having someone around to just comfortably chat to- no, not on an imageboard, but someone to chat with you in real time- helps a lot. It won't destroy the core of the problem, but it helps a lot.
>> No. 13236 [Edit]
I am more lonely than ever. I thought I was over it for a few years and took great pride on it, but now I do feel miserable. Yet, I still cannot see any possible way to mend the problems that made me isolate in the first place: it all just got worse. Pretty much everything involving actual (face to face) social interaction disgusts me now, wereas, at the same time, the otaku and imageboard lifestyle keeps getting duller and duller. I'm so bitterly judgemental that sometimes not even I can stand myself...

I just kill time with stuff; but, when it really gets me, I just sincerely wish I wasn't born at all or to end it as soon as possible, for there's no way I can possibly restore clean joy and meaningful purpose in life.

Post edited on 26th Feb 2013, 10:24pm
>> No. 13239 [Edit]
If I don't have someone who will talk with me and touch me, things go bad.
>> No. 13702 [Edit]
I try to be honest with people and that chases them off.
Maybe if they acknowledged their incompetence themselves, instead of giving pretexts...
>> No. 13703 [Edit]
Honestly I gave up, already lost the last remnants of hope that I had a while back

Basically I'm too much of a failure to be with someone, I couldn't make anyone happy for many reasons and most of them can't be helped, so I accepted the fact that I'll die alone.
>> No. 13708 [Edit]
How can I be so damned stupid and still make the same ultra idiotic mistakes? I'm just fucking revolting. I'm everything I fucking criticize, it's pathetic. It's humiliating and it's all my fault. I shouldn't have let myself go again. I should just live a fucking long, long life of complete isolation, bitterness and suffering for it's all I deserve.
>> No. 13763 [Edit]
I don't know. I don't think I feel lonely, but at the same time I do recognize that it would be a boon to me if I had someone to whom I could relate. Now and again I'll look at some of these threads saying 'are you frustrated' or 'where did your life go wrong' and as I start to think about an answer I realize that there's no way I can give a truly meaningful one. Because no one seems to quite understand where I'm coming from, and I simply can't convey it adequately. So then I stop thinking about it and I just feel... not merely alone, but almost alien. I wish there was someone I could talk to who just 'got' me.
>> No. 14913 [Edit]
File 136919582259.jpg - (113.62KB , 1222x686 , Tohno-kun.jpg )
Haruhi, I'm so fed up with this, with everything. But I have nowhere -and no one- no run to.

Am I done for?
Is this it?

I'd either sleep forever or never sleep, just so I wouldn't had to wake up to this unfathomable world ever again.
>> No. 15007 [Edit]
I used to feel real damn lonely at times. I was an emotional wreck who cried himself to sleep for days on end in the long hours of the night quietly so no one else would wake up. Ever since meeting my waifu though, I've felt a lot less lonely. A friend would still be nice, but she's all I need really.
>> No. 15040 [Edit]
I want to be alone, but not lonely

I think a lot of people are the same way but don't want to admit it because maybe they feel that admitting they want to have contact makes them weak

I used to be lonely up until a couple of years ago, i met a couple of people online and i talk to them everyday, i overcame my stammer and felt much better

The respite was short lived though, most of the time i just have crushing feelings of doom and helplessness
But strangely, not loneliness
>> No. 15194 [Edit]
File 137101537425.jpg - (138.99KB , 634x1464 , kuze - why.jpg )
Anyone I've dared opening to eventually dismisses me. There is no use for someone like me in the kind of lives they pursue. There's absolutely no one around I still can relate, share values and discuss ideas with; not because the agree or disagree but because they just don't get what I say: despite all my efforts, my most honest words don't make it through their ears, they do not listen. I feel totally alienated and abandoned; my last resource has been to abandon them first, when the gap between us becomes obvious, to at least have a little of my own back... and it's all so stupid: painful and endlessly stupid.
>> No. 15200 [Edit]
File 137101882638.png - (6.71KB , 384x320 , Phonological_Diagram_of_modern_Arabic_and_Hebrew_v.png )
>i overcame my stammer and felt much better
I was a bad case in my childhood, went to speech-language therapy and always could spoke neat and boldly ever since... until now: 20 years later, I'm sometimes stammering again when addressing people.

It's not even a matter of shyness: I couldn't care less about the judgement of most people (those laymen assholes). It's more of a problem with myself, with acknowledging or exposing my own (so-called) identity: from a couple years ago, I can't possibly say my name on first try when asked to, neither on telephone or in person. I first thought that it was merely a mechanical disfunction: I remember specially having troubles when starting sentences with a word that starts with a vowel, as my name does; but the fact that now it narrows pretty much to just the name, to be demanded to present myself (and under such name)... unsettles me. I guess psychologists could come with explanations for this, but I don't trust them either.
>> No. 15225 [Edit]
File 137125726599.jpg - (96.29KB , 706x594 , comfortably numb.jpg )
Today should have been a special day. But I'm locked within myself, either in my room or out in the void, as I have been over the last years. I'm lonelier than ever and it doesn't even hurt anymore. It just doesn't matter. I'm totally inane.
>> No. 15226 [Edit]
Special? Is it your birthday, too?
>> No. 15227 [Edit]
It is also my birthday
>> No. 15228 [Edit]
File 137127355010.png - (923.63KB , 800x830 , 27050344_p0.png )
>> No. 15230 [Edit]
File 137130244593.jpg - (498.57KB , 800x800 , 803cbdb77313716f08ec4226a0417db0.jpg )
Yes it was. Summer brohnos.
>> No. 15231 [Edit]
File 137130931725.jpg - (284.11KB , 461x601 , 26582142_p0.jpg )
Well, it's winter in New Zealand but... I'm with you in spirit!
>> No. 15232 [Edit]
File 137131657846.jpg - (536.47KB , 800x1131 , 37d3b0ff4972a2f1ae1abff408b244ee.jpg )
middle year brohnos, then?
>> No. 15237 [Edit]
File 137134421981.jpg - (215.83KB , 850x650 , 26877731_p0.jpg )
That'll do.
>> No. 15261 [Edit]
If you are lonely, then you are wannabe ford driver who desires social interaction and you don't belong on this site.
>> No. 15270 [Edit]
Yes, we get that you're bitter because someone called you a Ford Driver. Find a better way to cry about it than exaggerating then regurgitating the words that hurt your feelings back to us like a stupid child.
>> No. 15271 [Edit]
Yes, we get that you enjoy bullying people online to make yourself feel better about your own shitty life. Find a better way to vent your frustrations than picking on random vulnerable people on a board for bitter children to cry and discuss their hurt feeling.
>> No. 15274 [Edit]
I hope you're being ironic at this point.
>> No. 15287 [Edit]
You still don't get /so/. We might absolutely NOT want to be out there living a Ford life, but still feel sad and lonely sometimes. This is why this board is for, among other hiki/NEET subjects. Please stop chasing on people for using /so/ (and /tc/) as it was always meant for.
>> No. 15288 [Edit]
At this point, I don't care. Everything just seems like a waste of time. I don't exactly feel lonely these days because I just feel that people should just leave me alone. Nothing can really bring a smile to my face except from my waifu, who is everything that I am not. Only my love for her keeps me going to attempt to become better than I am now.
>> No. 15290 [Edit]
Yes, although I've pretty much met no one who I'd seriously want to be with.
>> No. 15327 [Edit]
My family just went on a little trip, so for the next 3 days I'm gonna be truly and completely alone. I'll tell you how it turns out.
>> No. 15348 [Edit]
Been chatting up this girl that is friends with my sister though, that might get somewhere.
No 3D for two years, harsh man.
>> No. 15356 [Edit]
What I want more than anything is a NEET roommate. I live in about 170 sq ft and I work about 20hours a week. I have a lot of furniture, a TV, beer available, a very large loft bed and an extra bed... But I don't have any friends. I wish I could lodge a NEET friend and have them just chill and protect my place while I'm at work, come home and have someone who isn't a fucking normal to talk to or maybe drink and watch anime shit with and have pointless arguments. That would be perfect, but this is reality. I am entirely alone.
>> No. 15357 [Edit]
Well, there's a homeless thread right below this one now. Maybe you could talk to one of them.
>> No. 15358 [Edit]
Yeah, I don't want to advertise though. I really would want it to be a good fit. IF someone approaches me I'll take the time to address it, otherwise I'm not going to actively chase it. I appreciate it though.
>> No. 15359 [Edit]
Sounds like a dream come true.
Sadly, most NEETs would be too shy or paranoid to join you.
>> No. 15360 [Edit]
Yeah. I know the feeling firsthand because I was jobless for so long and didn't leave my parent's basement except to shit for like ~7 months or so. I think I only talked to like 3 or 4 people personally in that time, and only online (not counting IRC rooms).
>> No. 15361 [Edit]
I can understand the idea behind it, but in reality there are too many variables that can make it a terrible idea or one that isn't worth chasing.

Even in times of peace like these, there aren't many people you can trust, so I hope for you sake that you don't attempt to go through with that idea as just trusting any random can have some very undesirable effects.

I've just read the part of you saying that you're not actively chasing it, so that's good. I know that I mentioned it in my post earlier, but I'm far too lazy to fix that up since I don't remember exactly where I put it and how many times I've mentioned it. Oh well〜.
>> No. 15363 [Edit]
That second paragraph outlines why I'm still alone and posting in this particular thread. Trust is scarce and words are pretty cheap. The only reason I know this works is because I did it before and even paid the dude back for letting me live there (he was turbo bro: even gave me his old PC since I only had a 1.6ghz single core as my main PC). So people do exist; whether you meet them or not is a whole other set of problems and unlikelyhoods. I appreciate people being concerned and shit though.
>> No. 15370 [Edit]
Why a NEET in particular? Why not an introverted qt recluse?
>> No. 15373 [Edit]
What does "qt" mean?
>> No. 15375 [Edit]
where do you live
you could adopt me - i'm a pure-blood NEET
>> No. 15376 [Edit]
It's another 4shit meme. Try saying it out loud.
>> No. 15378 [Edit]
Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, US of A.
That works too I guess. As long as they were home to take care of my shit most of the time.
>> No. 15379 [Edit]
File 13729783312.jpg - (196.84KB , 580x680 , honk.jpg )
There are a bunch of refugees here.
>> No. 15382 [Edit]
The creatures I like don't exist.
The creatures that exist don't like me.
Guess we're even.
>> No. 15384 [Edit]
I've been telling myself for more than I can remember now to "just stay hopeful" sometimes I can convince myself and life in a false bubble made from delusions, but most the time I just can't do anything. I just want to meet one person, heck I'd even be willing to leave my room for that, I'm not even picky or anything, I'd be fine with someone I saw even once every month or so. I've thought about going to the arcade or the asian market since they have a lot figures and stuff, and hope to meet someone like that but then I remember there's no one there to meet, and if I didn't I'd never gather the courage to say something.
I'm just rotting away until someone comes knocking at the door to save me from my shut-in life
>> No. 15385 [Edit]
Hey, that's where I live!
>> No. 15386 [Edit]
I find that people - the nerdy/otaku kind included - are much more approachable as individuals. Established group mentality can make them much more insular and douchey. Learned that the hard way. All the friends I've ever made were through an initial 1 on 1 meeting.
>> No. 15387 [Edit]
I guess I'll just have to hope there'll be someone interesting alone someday! All though the fact that I go outside less than once a month makes that unlikely
>> No. 15409 [Edit]
Sometimes, sometimes not. I'm usually pretty apathetic and uninterested, but there are times that I get very ronery. I just want to hug a cute 2D boy. I wish I could touch and feel him and then hug him. I just feel this way sometimes but, as I said, I'm usually pretty uninterested in everything including emotional contact.
>> No. 15533 [Edit]
Save up and buy a wife from another country. They don't run away if you treat them nice and live a simple, happy life.
>> No. 18276 [Edit]
>> No. 18278 [Edit]
They're no different than any other women. Especially when they get their citizenship/res and drink enough of the feminist Kool-Aid. They'll ditch and upgrade from a reclusive neckbeard at the earliest possible.
>> No. 18279 [Edit]
That's why you gotta keep them away from tvs or computers, and limit their contact with the outside world.
>> No. 18280 [Edit]
>> No. 18281 [Edit]
live in rural area. Don't keep a tv in the house. pc isn't a problem since many people view the thing as too complicated and unapproachable.
>> No. 18284 [Edit]
Sometimes I think it would be nice if I had a friend I could talk to personally about things we like and whatnot (over the internet). Other times I just want to be alone.

Sometimes I go to empty places of the internet (empty chatrooms, games, IRC channels) and talk to myself for a little while.

Post edited on 29th Jul 2014, 9:02pm
>> No. 18285 [Edit]
Why not use Cleverbot or Evie as replacements for the empty chatrooms? Even if I personally believe that you're not talking to A.I, but just receiving short messages from a bunch of random people also using the program disguised as A.I.
>> No. 18794 [Edit]
File 141251564938.png - (11.39KB , 329x448 , ss+(2014-10-05+at+09_30_29).png )
I hate this.
>> No. 18795 [Edit]
If there's anybody who feels he'd like to talk to somebody but doesn't have any net acquaintances hit me on IRC. My nick is Somebody and I'm on #someroom on Rizon; PMs work fine, too. No strings attached, if you feel like venting I'm all ears. No strings attached also means I'll disappear someday, though (early next year probably) but speaking from experience I know that just knowing that there's a sentient human being who has heard you out can be a big help sometimes. I'll try to hang out on IRC as much as possible but keep in mind that I'm from Europe and timezones are a thing.
>> No. 19842 [Edit]

Somebody here. I've been hanging around on #someroom all this time but aside from one shy guest who left before I could say anything I didn't get any visitors. This is probably a good thing, though. I'll keep at this until the end of May and then I'll call it quits. If my service isn't needed that's for the best.
Remember you can always come to #tohno-chan on Rizon; newcomers are very much welcome. The goal of #someroom was creating a more ... low-key? cosy? intimate? environment where people could just come, vent to a stranger and leave. #tohno-chan won't provide that maybe but you can always chat with others about otaku-ish things.

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