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File 135661910685.jpg - (393.63KB , 1280x1024 , Anime_Wallpaper_007.jpg )
19635 No. 19635 [Edit]
I've reached a point where I don't even like masturbation any more.

What has become of me?
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>> No. 19636 [Edit]
I believe most of us are like that. It has just become a habit or a everyday activity to me but not at all something pleasureful to do.
>> No. 19638 [Edit]
Masturbating is like taking a piss for me, pretty much always been
>> No. 19640 [Edit]
I only do it when I'm bored.
>> No. 19643 [Edit]
Not much can sexually arouse me and what does I'll never feel. I don't masturbate often, very little can I ever feel the fantasies in my head. It more like taking a piss to me most of the time like someone said.
>> No. 19644 [Edit]
I need to fap everyday so that my I don't get the need to fap later on.
>> No. 19645 [Edit]
If I don't do it it drives me crazy, but I don't feel much pleasure from it at all. The idea seems pleasurable, but when I get around to doing it...it's just boring.
>> No. 19648 [Edit]
Jerking off is never as good as I think it will be. Like my parents are going out and I think "yeah! I'll read a ton of doujins and edge and when I finally cum it's gonna be great!", then when I'm finally done (after 30 minutes because I get bored) I wish I would have done something else.
>> No. 19651 [Edit]
I hate when I wake up late at night and I can't sleep because I have such an urge to. It's when I have too much passing thoughts of my fetishes and I have extreme sexual frustration at the time. I just do half asleep, it feels terrible and then I go back to sleep. It hurts being so perverted.
>> No. 19652 [Edit]
Just don't masturbate all the time. Save it up for a few days. This is hard when all you do is sit in front of a computer.
>> No. 19653 [Edit]
/tc/ dixit:

> slogan[98] = ' When I\'ve been masturbating for 20 minutes, I expect a better orgasm. '
source: Anonymous.
>> No. 19654 [Edit]
File 135666464612.png - (51.56KB , 238x179 , ClareQuilty.png )
The Autumn Years, I think they call it.
>> No. 19655 [Edit]
I can edge myself very well and feel that pleasurable ticklish feeling over and over again but it's never satisfying in the end since your just mini orgasming and when I actually do fully orgasm it's nothing good at all.
>> No. 19665 [Edit]
Every time I edge I always end up accidentally cumming and feeling nothing. Either that, or I try to go for a climax by suddenly pumping at the speed of light at the hottest part of the doujin/hottest picture, but it just ends up being an anti-climax because it wasn't as enjoyable as the lead-up to it would make you expect.
>> No. 19667 [Edit]
It's hard to get into things when depressed.
>> No. 19672 [Edit]
I have to remind myself not to look at anything that makes me sexually aroused and extremely fetishy online after I drank a lot of coffee. Talk about pleasure denial.
>> No. 19691 [Edit]
I've noticed that caffeine does that to me too.

I usually find stuff anyway...and fap if my will is weak.
>> No. 19693 [Edit]
Let me know what a wet dream is like.
I haven't had one of those in most of my life.
It is so hard to refuse to fap.

Losing pleasure in things once enjoyed is the fun part of depression. I wish you better luck with this than what I have been through.
>> No. 19694 [Edit]
Its an order of magnitude more pleasurable than just normal fapping. Usually you'll have an erotic dream, sometimes just a nonsense dream, and you wake up at the climax to find your cock pumping semen. I didn't find fapping until I was about 15 and I would have wet dreams a few times a year before then. Its nature's way of removing excess semen from your nutbladder and I think its more likely to happen during the younger stages of puberty.

Also this might be some nice extra reading: http://penisenginemechanic.com/
>> No. 19695 [Edit]
>Its an order of magnitude more pleasurable than just normal fapping

Is it? In the wet dreams I had it felt felt like taking a piss, before I noticed I jizzed instead.
>> No. 19696 [Edit]
It feels really good, but the moment doesn't last because you immediately panic about the mess
>> No. 19708 [Edit]
I have never had a sex dream in my entire life which is actually pretty strange when I think about considering so sexually frustrated I really am. My dreams are almost always nightmares.
>> No. 19709 [Edit]
I do not believe you.
>> No. 19710 [Edit]
I've never had a wet dream
>> No. 19712 [Edit]
wanna trade brains?
>> No. 19894 [Edit]
I don't like it either, I just feel it's a necessity now to keep my libido under control.
>> No. 19895 [Edit]
I never really like it. A few great faps here and then but I do it mostly to keep my urges at bay and as quick as possible.
There was a time when it did wonders to put me to sleep too, but it doesn't work anymore.
>> No. 19900 [Edit]
a fap a day keeps bad thoughts away.....
>> No. 19903 [Edit]
If I try to abstain from fapping I get boners all the time and find every little thing arousing.
>> No. 19908 [Edit]

Same, prevention is better than cure.


>There was a time when it did wonders to put me to sleep too, but it doesn't work anymore.

Still works okay for me, not as effective as it used to be but it gets the job done usually.

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