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File 132714359351.jpg - (548.10KB , 720x900 , Kurisu Okabe reading.jpg )
8110 No. 8110 [Edit]
These posts made me think: Do you guys save pictures and other media of your waifu, if she is doing intimate things with someone else such kissing and hugging? How do pictures like that make you feel? If you do save, how do you 'use' them? I know there is similar thread about if your waifu has canon love interests. But I think this is different because pictures like that aren't always canon related.

Myself I do save pictures like that. In almost every second picture, Kurisu is being paired with Okabe. I feel a bit jealous about those pictures but in my opinion the cutest pictures of her are the ones where she is with him. Also I think pictures like that help me to simulate my fantasies about her better.
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>> No. 8111 [Edit]
File 132714549782.png - (1.18MB , 1280x928 , Kanako (71).png )
There are a few scenes in the Manga/Anime like this, and i always save them since she looks always so happy. I kinda bugs me that her brother is always on those pictures too, i dislike him because he acts too often like a jerk and end up hurting her, anyway thats not the topic.
I admit that i am jealous like hell when i look at those pictures but on the other hand i am really glad to see one of her rare smiles.
>> No. 8112 [Edit]
File 132714666489.jpg - (501.12KB , 777x1053 , 19079900.jpg )
I avoid it when I can. I still save them if the quality is really good. The character used most often for that kind of thing has very little personality, so it's easy enough to project onto. I can still appreciate the images, seeing her reaction to what's happening. The reaction usually involves gutting or gouging, so I don't mind.
>> No. 8113 [Edit]
File 132717116547.jpg - (75.41KB , 850x615 , Misato and Kaji 01.jpg )
I only have 3 pictures of Misato with Kaji (more of her with Shinji). I like Kaji, I really do, but I'm jealous. I try not to get pictures of her and him hugging or kissing because it really bothers me. I wouldn't have cared who was in the picture you linked. Misato in a wedding dress is perfect, and there are no other pictures of her in one.

Most of the pictures of her with Kaji are lewd or are of her and him being intimate, something I don't want to see. If he was with any girl aside from her I wouldn't have a problem with him. Shinji is just a boy, and while there is a lot of lewd art of him with misato as well, there is also a lot more of them just enjoying hanging out with one another and them bonding, which I find very important seeing as I view their relationship almost more of a mother/son than a guardian/child.

I don't know, maybe I'm just rambling and stuff now. If anything is unclear just point it out and I'll do my best to answer any questions.
>> No. 8114 [Edit]
File 132717196722.jpg - (654.40KB , 1089x1600 , Himari_9_115.jpg )
I just found this manga scene recently...
>> No. 8115 [Edit]
It's a mix of happiness, jealousy and longing
>> No. 8119 [Edit]
File 132717932279.jpg - (213.37KB , 800x800 , 6f558789e2bf156cd610114b138c84bc.jpg )
Like everyone else, I feel a little jealous, but I save those kinds of pictures because she is happy in them. That greatly outweighs whatever petty feelings that may dislike the picture. I "use" them as a reference for how she interacts with the ones she loves and what she looks like in such situations - pieces parts that I use to construct and better my own fantasy world.
>> No. 8122 [Edit]
File 132720113830.jpg - (260.87KB , 934x1374 , 007.jpg )
Something like that, yeah; if the scene is somehow pretty/endearing enough, I can even find it fascinating (v.gr. RE-TAKE scenes)... I might even try drawing some stuff a bit in the fashion, soon.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2012, 7:01pm
>> No. 8129 [Edit]
I have one or two but I avoid them completely.
I'm really a jealous and envious person...
>> No. 8131 [Edit]
File 132725938734.jpg - (250.80KB , 600x501 , bfd1ad16b6ed1e7da18f34e2d18a1b4e.jpg )
I dunno. Considering Marisa's fanon reputation as a lecherous lesbian, I will not be surprised to see her being paired with another Touhou woman. But yeah, I allow other girls on my pictures of her, as long as it doesn't show any explicit yuri. Subtle, yeah, but lip-kissing or lesbian sex is a no-no for me.

I might be too much of a jealous boyfriend, though.
>> No. 8141 [Edit]
File 132738299565.jpg - (366.32KB , 584x600 , Madotsuki Has Homolust (2).jpg )
There are quite a bit of pictures like that and I only save them because its her, but knowing that nearly 100% of them are not canon makes me feel better. (coupled with knowing they're not even real in her world)
However I do understand that jealousy that arises with such images.
>> No. 8142 [Edit]
File 132738634354.jpg - (108.48KB , 900x600 , s - 311827 - 2girls alice_margatroid bad_id blonde.jpg )
Yes, I do save them.
Since most of the time it's just her getting along with her fellow SDM girls I don't quite get annoyed or jealous. Only slightly when things cross the border of friendly convivence(and there's tons of those featuring her and Patchy), but I don't usually delete anything unless it's outright hentai material.
As for use, it's more for the sake of collecting. If anything, I like to look at the ones where she's paired with Alice often, since she's my second favourite Touhou, and it makes me feel like they really get along well somehow. This goes to the point of not being disturbed by those pictures even when the artist clearly has some shipping in mind, weird.
>> No. 8143 [Edit]
I don't think I'd mind her seeing others, one person can only be so much to another. To deny whatever is beyond that one can provide is certainly a disservice to what their life can be.
That being said, I feel a rush a joy whenever I see her being happy, be it by herself or someone else. I know no one can replace what she is to me and the same for her to me, so there is really no reason to be jealous. I think this kind of emotional security is ideal because I will never lose her.
>> No. 8147 [Edit]
File 132743054439.jpg - (304.72KB , 837x565 , 1318872093879.jpg )
The same as most here, jealous as hell when you see her with people but accept it because she still has her own life.
Though I can't stand to see those H doujins out there, like the Yukiho x Producer ones. That gets me angry and I refuse to look.
(This was the most 'intimate' with another person I could find that I had saved, I can't remember where I put the rest.)
>> No. 8150 [Edit]

Any bit of H is tough to look at.

With Makoto, it's sort of a mixed story. I do get jealous when I see her with other people in images. I want to accept it, but I can't. It's the shitty mindset that has been stuck with me that I can't seem to get rid of. I assume the worst, but lately I've been trying to beat the horrible things my mind wanders off to. Needless to say though, if the person on the image is anywhere near similar looking to me or has a blank face, I can inject myself in the image and it does feel nice. I do love the pictures where she's staring right at me, though.
>> No. 8153 [Edit]
File 132753678042.jpg - (330.55KB , 750x1000 , Makoto 2.jpg )
your waifu is cute, she's probably my favorite [email protected] idol
>> No. 8155 [Edit]
File 132756862797.jpg - (78.26KB , 550x450 , mmc1.jpg )
Hard to say how I feel about it.
I guess jealousy frustration sadness and daniel are among some of the words I could use to describe it.
sometimes the images can be to nice to pass up.
but still, the likes of this photo and especially feather, I avoid saving, and only might do so if I believe I might be able to edit out certain things with photoshop.

also, I'm not very good at projecting myself onto other characters..
>> No. 8164 [Edit]
i avoid them completely, i feel like im getting NtrĀ“d
>> No. 8171 [Edit]
Minagi looks gorgeous on that one.
>> No. 8172 [Edit]

Thank you! I'm sure she appreciates the compliments.
>> No. 9374 [Edit]
File 133983558379.jpg - (400.07KB , 650x812 , 12433622.jpg )
Most of the time, Peach is paired with Mario. I don't really have a problem with this because Mario's a total bro, and he's a playable character who almost never talks, so it's easy to self-insert with him.

When Mario holds Peach, I feel like I'm holding her, and it feels good.
>> No. 9380 [Edit]
I didn't ask last time but thread got bumped so I ask now: How do you feel that Makoto's fans in [email protected] are mostly girls?

Post edited on 16th Jun 2012, 10:57am
>> No. 9387 [Edit]
File 133989673174.jpg - (1.26MB , 2560x1600 , 46fcac13b503a0e1d7dfd8a7b188514c.jpg )
I get more upset when she is paired with someone that is not even in her series.
However I cannot dislike when she is paired with Megu, because I know how important is Megu to her and since I know Megu loves her so much I just cannot help but admit their feelings. It wouldn't be right to trample with that because of how beautiful it is.
Also, Megu is adorable.
>> No. 9389 [Edit]
File 133989775067.jpg - (3.13MB , 1662x2425 , d6b81e47c4e1bd6c351de2e769395987.jpg )
When she's put together with her proper pairing, then I don't mind. Probably because I like Lawrence and can relate to him.

Otherwise, no, I can't stand looking at it.
>> No. 9394 [Edit]
File 133991077451.jpg - (420.63KB , 850x827 , 26057411.jpg )
I'm not the jealous type, basically if the art is good, I'll save it. There's a lot of Iori X Producer art, and I save most of them. And then of course, there's Yayoi.

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