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File 142487898552.jpg - (25.36KB , 423x272 , sad nigger.jpg )
19722 No. 19722 [Edit]
How do you deal with that empty feeling after finishing a good anime or video game?

It's gotten to a point where I avoid lengthy anime or JRPGs because I'm afraid I'll get too invested in them
>> No. 19723 [Edit]
watch it again ;_;
>> No. 19725 [Edit]
I wish I got the feeling more. It feels so rewarding after playing a game I really enjoyed and spent lots of time with.
>> No. 19726 [Edit]
Replace it with another one.
>> No. 19727 [Edit]
I wish I still had that feeling. I haven't had that for about two years.

I used to listen to the soundtrack and browse and internet and when I feel like it, start watching/playing something else.
>> No. 19730 [Edit]
I cry a lot
>> No. 19731 [Edit]
I wish I still got that feeling about anything
>> No. 19732 [Edit]
Read every last wiki article and scrap of information about the series as I desperately try to fill the emptiness in my heart resulting from the realisation that the wonderful adventures are over and that I will never see again the characters that I have grown so attached to.
>> No. 19737 [Edit]
In a way the nostalgia goggles have really faded for most 2001-2007 games for me.
More concerning is when MMO's go bad, or just die completely. Some of them are excellent solo games with a persistent world, but a bad update or the servers closing can change all that in an instant. I have lost so many timesinks that way.
>> No. 19761 [Edit]
The trick is to not finish them and start something else, so you know the adventure isn't over and you can continue it at any time, but you will never actually do so, keeping your fond memories intact without the crushing realization that it's all over.
>> No. 19766 [Edit]
The depression after finishing a movie/anime/vn is the best. You should really learn to enjoy it. Spontaneously crying whenever you hear a song from the things soundtrack is something that should be treasured. Becoming attached to your entertainment is a good thing. You think the avg. pleb watching Game of Thrones gets any kind of lasting feelings out of it?
>> No. 19767 [Edit]
I usually just feel glad that I started and finished it.
>> No. 19771 [Edit]

This is what I do. I usually quit games I liked before the final boss/final stage.

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