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File 132294263343.jpg - (34.22KB , 259x322 , 164814_185301624831432_100000547862283_588768_2804.jpg )
11761 No. 11761 [Edit]
Futuristic technology that you wish was around by 2012 at the latest.

I can't wait until we can make shoes like on Detective Conan - with electromagnetic enhancements and stuff. I can't really think why that would be cool, but I probably could find a use for it.
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>> No. 11762 [Edit]
File 132294408729.jpg - (911.00KB , 1682x1500 , d9ac4c2aa5e3e11a98c6477a80a2a186.jpg )
Mechas in military use.
>> No. 11763 [Edit]
Hologram displaying devices.
>> No. 11764 [Edit]

I couldn't help myself. Sorry~

That would be awesome too.
>> No. 11765 [Edit]
Personal Space Craft and Cyborgnetics. Basically what I am saying is I want to be a spaceship. That has a human form at least some of the time.

Srsly outer space would be the perfect Tohno House.

also artificial organs are common, and a mush food like in the matrix that provides all nutrients.

and a super conducter that works at room temperature. and graphine sheets are available at frabric land.

Joining the armed forces? Because mecha for personal use sounds better to me.
>> No. 11766 [Edit]
Cold fusion (endless energy, solve all energy problems) and quantum computing (extremely fast processing, solve many computational/math problems with many applications)
>> No. 11768 [Edit]
Augmented reality contact lenses.

They're already developed actually, but have not been developed for consumer level yet for obvious reasons (no way for it to communicate to the internet).
>> No. 11770 [Edit]
Honestly, I'd rather we drop all the technology of the last 1000 years.
I think the world would be a better place if we could all go back to living in the woods
>> No. 11771 [Edit]
sounds like a great idea, you first
>> No. 11772 [Edit]
So you say while using your computer to post on the internet to an otaku-centered board from your air conditioned room powered by electricity.
>> No. 11774 [Edit]
Dennou Coil-esque glasses.
>> No. 11789 [Edit]
Yeah....no, I'd rather not die of cholera or smallpox while I toil away on the farms the entire day with no real source of entertainment.
>> No. 11790 [Edit]
Technology isn't the issue. Humankind has had revolutionary new technology come along for a little under ten thousand years and it hasn't made them turn into savages, in fact, the direct opposite.

If anything, more people have access to more objective information to make informed opinions, see first hand the cause-and-effect of events on micro and macro scale, and make good judgments on what is and is not an acceptable response to events.

If anything, technology is what keeps us from bombing or knifing the shit out of one another.
>> No. 11824 [Edit]
I want technology to freeze exactly where it is today, because I'm scared of the future ;_;
>> No. 11825 [Edit]
Surely I'm not the only one that wants persocoms like in Chobits?
>> No. 11830 [Edit]
No, I want androids too.

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