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File 138362290561.jpg - (137.71KB , 1202x1201 , konatapillow2.jpg )
13622 No. 13622 [Edit]
I haven't seen a solid new canonical appearance of Konata in nearly two years. I can't find any scans of the new chapters and there are rumours that Lucky Star is going to be dropped due to lack of interest.
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>> No. 13623 [Edit]
File 138364023654.jpg - (28.15KB , 338x600 , Bunny.jpg )
I try to get new pictures by asking for requests.
>> No. 13625 [Edit]
File 138365282243.jpg - (344.08KB , 810x936 , 1d004c298a0945759097c47ccb737078.jpg )
Since my waifu's source material is very popular, I don't see any signs of it dwindling, so thus I might not be able to answer the question properly but I will try anyway: The imagination can provide you with endless content regarding your or anyone's beloved, so as one's own creativity.
>> No. 13626 [Edit]
File 138366120734.jpg - (399.75KB , 565x800 , wink.jpg )
This, your waifu lives in your mind and heart. Most important thing is that wonderful feeling of being in love with her. Truly the perfect girl, exists in your head how you view her in ideal form, untainted from this world and pure. Of course I know how great things like manga and anime can be with her in it, and I'm not really sure how to help with your problem of longing for more of this, but never forget that (in coming cheesiness) she always lives in your heart and only dies when you do, or when you give up on her.
>> No. 13627 [Edit]
Since my waifu is from a game with a pretty shitty fanbase im actually glad that these games are just flavor of the month for most of these idiots. I'd rather have very few original/fanarts than masses with thousand of assholes glorifying her for the wrong reasons.
>> No. 13628 [Edit]
File 13836909433.jpg - (212.60KB , 850x1231 , 100000000534.jpg )
I'm in the same boat, so I really have no right to complain about a lack of content, either*. I'd have to agree with your answer here regarding imagination too. After all, the content produced by one's imagination is what allows two people with the same character as a waifu to have different iterations of her in their hearts and minds.

*: Sometimes I wish she had an official voice that I could hear, though...
>> No. 13634 [Edit]
File 138397595695.jpg - (229.92KB , 1320x828 , 1365465891367.jpg )

These old guys have been with their doll waifus for years. They aren't from any kind of manga or anime, they have no "canon" appearance.

They still love their waifus into their old age. As >>13625 said, you have to have imagination. Think of the conversations you would have and the activities you would take part in together.
>> No. 13636 [Edit]
A very interesting watch.

The first three guys seemed alright, the last one was just some kind of creeper sex addict though.

Gordon in particular seems like he'd be alright to hang with.
>> No. 13688 [Edit]
File 138509271891.png - (192.84KB , 532x685 , f9th.png )
I draw her myself. I also have a good friend who draws her for me.
>> No. 13740 [Edit]
File 138617797415.jpg - (46.20KB , 344x450 , 2k34.jpg )
There is usually some content which hasn't been, or never will be translated. I picked up Japanese because of all spinoff games, LN and manga.
>> No. 13743 [Edit]
The source material ended ages ago and the fanbase has mostly dissipated. I've always been fine with the existing official material and drawing my own art. I can't really imagine that not being the case, actually, having a lot of content available would be incredibly bizarre to me. Maybe even kind of unsettling in the case of fanworks.
>> No. 13752 [Edit]
I used to complain about lack of content alot, but now I use my imagination so much that I don't even look for new fanart or content. It's a pretty weird feeling when I think about it
>> No. 14256 [Edit]
At least she is popular and has a lot of art and will keep getting it, be happy for that at least.
My waifu is terribly unknown, has maybe a dozen pieces of fan art i'm not directly responsible for, and her manga is slowly dying.

Pretty sure you drew mine once, but i'm only guessing from the style of the art you posted.
>> No. 15404 [Edit]
This. It's by far one of, if not the best ways to counter the no content waifu epidemic.
Lurkers, do not be discouraged by this poster's admittedly subpar drawing attached; I have no idea where he's been requesting his stuff but if you hit up the right places, you could in theory receive near official artwork quality stuff for free. And at a rate faster than you'd expect if you play your cards right. I sometimes got five drawings a day.

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