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File 144815749119.jpg - (608.32KB , 850x1202 , sample-4530dc8f799a1db955c79c91d0d842aa.jpg )
20993 No. 20993 [Edit]
If you divided up your life into percentages of good, "meh", and bad, what would it come out to?
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>> No. 20996 [Edit]
Hard to say since I can't remember most of it. although I guess if I had to say it'd be mostly bad. like 50% bad, 20% good, 30% meh.
my dad made most of my childhood pretty shitty. School was hell. Friends were assholes. Hated most of my jobs. Years spent as a NEET were very forgettable and bland.
Life could be worse though, at the moment I don't have much to complain about. I've still had a few nice expediences here and there so around 20% seems fair.
>> No. 21003 [Edit]
>> No. 21008 [Edit]
Roughly 15/50/35.
>> No. 21009 [Edit]
>> No. 21010 [Edit]

I think that the "meh" pretty much describes the life I've lived up to this point.
>> No. 21019 [Edit]
>> No. 21021 [Edit]
I'm 20 now so. If I count it from 2 onwards when I first have concious memory.

50% Good - 2-11 (9 Years)
30% Meh - Up to age of 16 (5 Years)
20% I want to kill myself - Up to age of 20 (4 Years)

80% being bearable means nothing when it's all gone.

I had friends and fun in primary school.
I hated high school but was immersed in video games.
NEETing it up and fucked up eyes (I was in 6th form from 16-18 but I was depressed and failed) past 16.
>> No. 21022 [Edit]

"I had friends and fun in primary school."

Was being in a prison-like environment and hanging out with losers that fun? Was the rote memorization fun too? It's starting to look like you're a...

"NEETing it up and fucked up eyes (I was in 6th form from 16-18 but I was depressed and failed) past 16."

If you don't have fun being a NEET, then you're just a filthy normie who's still stuck in the closet about it, aren't you?
>> No. 21023 [Edit]
Not him but being a NEET is only fun when you can afford to have nice things to occupy your time with. Things such as a decent computer, videogames, or the means to pay for some hobbies. Otherwise you're left staring at the ceiling for what feels like an eternity while slowly going insane. It's not much better than being locked away in prison.
>> No. 21024 [Edit]

I wouldn't trust anyone who would describe any school (i.e. a prison for those not good enough to be autodidacts or those forced to attend) as "fun".
>> No. 21025 [Edit]
Well you'll get no argument from me about how prisson like schools are, especially now that schools are gated off with metal detectors and armed officers patrolling on campus.
>> No. 21027 [Edit]
That's only for schools in shitty cities. I've seen em have x-ray scanners for bags and stuff, but that's understandable in crime ridden places. I wouldn't be opposed to that if I went to one of those schools.
>> No. 21066 [Edit]
File 144950460927.gif - (277.31KB , 500x375 , kkk.gif )
I lived across the road from my school, it wasn't very prisonlike and since I was a kid everything was friendly and supportive. I didn't get bullied and had a bunch of friends so I'd enjoy being with them. I never actually got bullied in High School, more like passively ignored which I guess was mutual.

Are you saying being depressed means I'm a normo? I don't care what I do as long as I'm happy, I really don't understand what you mean.

Enjoying a comfortable life as a kid, going to school and looking forward to coming home, having fun playing with other kids. Feeling like things have a purpose.

Primary School is from 4-11 in England, High school 11-16, 6th form 16-18. Even High School I could sitll immerse myself in escapism but back in Primary School I had pretty much everything I needed to life a happy, purposeful existence.

Years of isolation have made me feel disconnected from the world, to the point it makes me angry thinking of settling for normalcy when living such a poor life previously.
>> No. 21118 [Edit]
File 145074692341.jpg - (102.11KB , 600x600 , image.jpg )

I'm beating my depression and i'm starting to see that good natured kid in myself again I thought I forever lost touch with. 2016 might be an interesting year for me.
>> No. 21120 [Edit]
I'd say that's pretty good even compared to normals. I don't know even if normies do show more emotion it's mostly phony imo so their lives are probably at least 50% meh.

Then I have masochistic streaks with games and creative pursuits that I may not be factoring in, however.
>> No. 21126 [Edit]
File 145081682275.jpg - (747.52KB , 2448x3264 , 9sUazCb.jpg )
Yeah, I get the feeling that next year might be an interesting year for me, too. In the beginning of the month, I felt a sort of manic elation, as if the magic returned to my life (things haven't felt magical in about two years), but it was also accompanied by paranoia and stress. Kind of a good stress, though.
>> No. 21137 [Edit]
File 145086125524.jpg - (90.86KB , 900x1440 , smug.jpg )
That's good to hear anon
>> No. 21138 [Edit]
File 145086837556.png - (167.29KB , 500x281 , e2b600fd0e0f57f9a3c3a03cf6472261.png )
whole life
last two years

I was a happy kid with flowering fantasy, friends, a reliable older brother and some family issues. My parents got divorced and argued a lot and I got separated from my brother for some years.

Two years ago I got seriously depressed for the first time in my life. It was like falling into a pit. Since that time everything became confusing and bleak, every action seemed like a mere duty to prevent trouble. All hopes and dreams I once had crumbled to an overwhelming mountain of obstacles. Childhood finally was over.
>> No. 21141 [Edit]
>manic elation
I hope it lasts you or you're able to get some sort of left over reslove from it. That feeling you've described has almost always ended up in leaving me feeling slightly worse than before.
She doesn't look all that smug.
>> No. 21142 [Edit]
Did you really fall into depression just because childhood ended or were there some deeper issues? Just curious and I tend to overanalyze things on my end.

I feel like even when I was a kid I had trouble expressing feelings and being happy with friends/family, most of the time being lost in fantasy.... Right now maybe the only difference is that fantasies have more love interests and the fights are a bit gorier and even darker themes perhaps.
>> No. 21212 [Edit]
Popped open Excel and did some number-crunching, rated each year in my life from 1 - 5 starting at age 3, then used the ratings to assign points to good/meh/bad scores.

Final percentages ended up being 14/57/29.
>> No. 21266 [Edit]
Pretty much the same here.

At the time I thought it was a winter depression, but stress was probably the major factor. As a kid I lived happily and carefree inside "my world". Nowadays there are just so many things you need to come up to. You forget a single one of them and everything becomes unstable, you get punished and suffer from regret or even the punishment itself.

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