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File 133566429584.jpg - (2.87MB , 2816x2112 , DSCN1341.jpg )
6577 No. 6577 [Edit]
Free videogames. They are not in mint condition, of particular note is that Deus Ex only has the box and disc, and StarCraft is already registered with B.net2.0.

Email me your address and what game you want, and I'll send it. I'll pay shipping, unless you live in some place where it takes like 20USD to ship to.
If someone ninja'd that game, I'll email you and tell you which ones are left.

Deus Ex - Box and game only. This was how I bought it. I was mad.

StarCraft - Already registered with B.net2.0. You can still play it online, you just can't associate it with your account. I called and they said they couldn't remove it. I'm not going to play it again though. The version of the battle chest is the one with the miniature guides and no physical manual.

God of War - Heavily scratched. I don't have a ps2 around to test it on, but I'm pretty sure it still works. Also, one of the pegs that holds the manual is broken.
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>> No. 6578 [Edit]
starcraft is taken
>> No. 6579 [Edit]
if you can't see the picture, the games are:
Crash Bandicoot
Final Fantasy Tactics
Tekken 2
God of War
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Gran Turismo 3
Deus Ex
Far Cry
>> No. 6580 [Edit]
cool games dude
>> No. 6581 [Edit]
Claimed games:
Crash Bandicoot
Final Fantasy Tactics
Gran Turismo 3

Also, I just found a Super Mario Sunshine disc sitting around. So that's available, too. It's just the disc, no case or manual.

I forgot to mention, the console games are NTSC-US.

Post edited on 5th May 2012, 9:41am
>> No. 6583 [Edit]
You are a very kind man, even though I won't take any games I'd like to thank you on behalf of the community of people too poor to own many games.
>> No. 6584 [Edit]
It's not that, it's just that these are the games that didn't sell on ebay and some people didn't pay.
(I didn't put starcraft on ebay because of the B.net2.0 thing)
>> No. 6585 [Edit]



You might try your best to downplay it but it's still a very nice thing to do.
>> No. 6590 [Edit]
Thanks a ton OP! Didn't expect to get the game so quick.
>> No. 6639 [Edit]
I threw the rest of the games away. A mod can delete this thread or whatever.
>> No. 6640 [Edit]
Just wanted to say, you're awesome bro!
>> No. 6659 [Edit]
Wow. That choppy, weirdly translated version of Tactics was my damn childhood. I hope whoever got it treats it well, and can laugh at the mistakes of the programmers.
>> No. 6660 [Edit]
l.i. .l.e m.o.n.e.y
>> No. 6688 [Edit]
File 133777590764.jpg - (1.46MB , 3264x2448 , 230520121334.jpg )
FFT just arrived.

It's mint and awesome, thanks a lot bro!

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