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No. 16593 [Edit]
They're driving me insane. Seriously it's killing me. Ok so 2 months ago, new neighbors moved upstairs. Every time they're home I can hear their kids run, throw or drag shit around, or the mother is walking in her bitch ass heels. I've told em to stop twice already. The mother doesn't walk in heels late at night, but everything else is still the same. Their children are literally fucking savages and their parents don't scold them or anything. What kind of newfangled bullshit is this? If I did that when I was little my parents would get mad at me or beat me if I didn't stop. Kids are animals, there's no way but to beat education into their heads (bear in mind they are 4 or something, I'd say old enough to not run around like a retarded little monkey from day to night, old enough that parents can teach them).

I'm on my 20s, staying up late at night (and by late I mean 2am), you know, the works. Because of this I've had to re-adjust my schedule to theirs, so that I can get some sleep. I have to wake up when the kids do (7-8am), they drop something on the floor and I jolt my eyes open. And then it's the same fucking shit over and over again until they leave. By the time they do, I'm wide awake, with 7 hours of sleep, max, but usually I'll get 5. I can't even take pills because if I do I'll still wake up whenever the fuck they want and be even groggier than if I didn't. This has been my life recently, and it was in my previous home too, in which I lived 8 months and moved hoping I would find better neighbors. The first two months over here were great, neighbors upstairs had a baby but it was so nice, best people ever. Oh why did they have to move out... These are simply the scum of humanity.

I always do my best not to bother anybody. Never had a complaint. I don't even listen to music loudly, only headphones here. No dragging chairs at meals, much less anything else, and I mind my step.

I don't want revenge, I just want them to stop. Fucking normalscum, I hate them. So egocentric. Doesn't help that I love to read and this is like a nuke to your attention span. I wanna read so bad and I want peace. The only place where I can feel safe is now a hellhole. There's nowhere to run, I'm desperate. And it seems like they are planning to settle here for good. Fucking help.

You know one thing that would be make me extremely happy? If the neighbor on the 2nd floor moved out. I'd move upstairs, both managing to escape this hellhole and making their lives hell at the same time. It will never happen though. I wanna move out again (would be the third time this year) but I'm tired and money is scarce.

This is a big ass rant but I'm just at my wit's end. Sorry, I didn't proofread.
>> No. 16594 [Edit]
I forgot to add, in addition to sleep problems, listening to this thumping madness is really exhausting. I can't do anything which requires concentrating without it getting on my nerves. I like to make music but due to this my productivity has taken a nosedive.
>> No. 16595 [Edit]

invest $5 in a box (10+ pair) of industrial grade ear plugs from a local hardware store. For light sleepers such as myself, they are 2nd only to lying down after being awake for 40 hours straight in allowing me to sleep as deeply as the dead for 8 hours straight. As long as you don't rely on an alarm clock to wake you up at specific times, there shouldn't be any of those issues once you get used to them and stop pulling them out in your sleep.

also send the complaint to the landlord or property manager. kids being loud and annoying is a very valid reason to have them evicted. Chances are you aren't the only one complaining.
also #2, due to the noise they make, being above them just means you'll be using a broom to bang on the floor rather than the ceiling, because they are still going to be too damn loud.
>> No. 16596 [Edit]
I tried some ear plugs but I'm afraid that it'll damage my ear drums during sleep, specially on the side that my head is resting on. Isn't there a risk that it can be pushed inside or something? Takes some time to get used to the pressure but if only you guarantee that it won't damage my ears, I'm gonna get some asap.

I'll also complain to the landlord but I don't think they'll care. I've seen people online in the same situation and they're like "well they're kids, what do you want me to do? Tape their mouths? Make them levitate?" and toher such bullshit that the landlord will probably empathize with more than my situation, specially considering I'm on my 20s and my neighbors are grown adults. I dunno, not having a good feeling about this route.

Post edited on 18th Jan 2014, 5:59pm
>> No. 16597 [Edit]
>Their children are literally fucking savages and their parents don't scold them or anything. What kind of newfangled bullshit is this?

It's nothing new. This is what you get when child protective services have parents too scared to discipline their children. Kids have all the power over their parents and they know it. Then you have children having children. People who have no business raising kids and obviously can't.
>> No. 16598 [Edit]
>I always do my best not to bother anybody. Never had a complaint. I don't even listen to music loudly, only headphones here. No dragging chairs at meals, much less anything else, and I mind my step.

Well maybe you should change that. if talking to them wont do anything, teach them what they're doing isn't right by doing it to them.
>> No. 16599 [Edit]
you could maybe try something that goes over the ear like ear muffs or those headphones they use during construction or at gun ranges.
>> No. 16600 [Edit]
>Isn't there a risk that it can be pushed inside or something?

once the foamy thing foams up in your ear, try pushing it in.
it won't go in, it will just smush up against your ear, then go back to where it was (or come loose and need to be removed and then put back in).

If you have small ear canals, and it does press up against the ear drum, it will be quite uncomfortable, but it is nowhere near as dangerous as sticking a q-tip or something of that nature into your ear.

There may be options as to sizes and lengths of the ear plugs, and also keep in mind that they are foam and easily cut with scissors. Cut them too thin, and they won't block out as much sound as you'd like, too long and it either touches your ear drum or pokes out of your ear far enough to easily come undone when the ear it's sticking out of is pressed against a pillow.

>I'll also complain to the landlord but I don't think they'll care.
You've been there longer, and if you've been there significantly much longer, it will carry a good amount of weight. Keep in mind that the management (most management, anyway), generally won't tell you that you've recieved complaints unless it's chronic or they plan on evicting you anyway.

don't do what >>16598 suggests. Stooping to their level just means they have justification to complain about you, in addition to losing any moral high ground.
>> No. 16606 [Edit]
Get some earplugs. I share a room with my father and he snores extremely loud. I also live in the basement with him so I too am used to the those thumping sounds. After so many years, you get used to it.
>> No. 16607 [Edit]
Op, tell me something more about your neighbours. Maybe there is some kind of less legal way to scare them out? Think about it... maybe you could turn their life into hell just as they turned your? If you are silent and peaceful type of person, you know... never caused troubles ect. nobody should suspect you.
>> No. 16609 [Edit]
OP here. Gonna buy earplugs and more pills today. I've been trying to adjust my schedule to the kids', so that at least I don't go without at least 7 hours of sleep. It sucks because sometimes I'll feel like I wanna work at night, like I usually do, but now I can't do it anymore. Sleeping is top priority though.

I've complained to the administrator of the condominium, who will in turn talk to their landlord. He sided with me, I'm hoping the landlord takes it more seriously this way and warns them accordingly. I'm not hoping they'll change because these are the kind of people that simply don't change, but who knows. Now time will tell.

And yeah, no revenge here. There's this saying I like: "Anger is like drinking poison and hoping it'll kill the enemy". I believe the stress of revenge would affect me more than them. Plus, I'm really a nice guy, it can't be helped.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2014, 3:12am
>> No. 16630 [Edit]
Neighbors and roommates are why I never want to move out. Dealing with this
>> No. 16635 [Edit]

>> No. 16642 [Edit]
>There is nothing for social services to do because there is no abuse going on.
It's not hard for a kid to give himself some bruises.
>> No. 16647 [Edit]
OP is in his 20s. Who the hell is angry about not having kids in their 20s? Maybe he will die alone but that doesn't seem like it has anything to do with his anger.
>> No. 16649 [Edit]
>OP is one of those people who never had kids and dies alone so they take out their anger and jealousy on people who have kids.

Comedy gold. The majority of children today are the results of unwanted pregnancies and only make their parents miserable.

I'm guessing you're a bitter parent getting insecure and defensive over what OP said because you've been called out on being a shitty mother or father before. Spoilers: Children are your responsibility, whether you wanted them or not. You don't let your spoiled brats throw tantrums and knock over shelves in stores because that's "how children are" and put on your transparent tough guy act when people rightfully complain about it.
>> No. 16650 [Edit]
This is /tc/, nobody here is supposed to be procreating or maturing at all.
>> No. 16656 [Edit]

Hello, OP here. I have a little sister with whom lived before moving out. I obviously don't have kids since I'm nerdy, as you well described, and on my 20s, but I know how it works, more or less. My mother educated her not to run in the house at certain hours and guess what, she actually learned. Creating a routine in which, at certain times, they are allowed to run, and then they have to do something else, is a way to go about things. Alternatively, teach them that outside is a place where they can run, jump and even encourage that behavior, then tell them that they can't do it inside. They'll cry for some time before they learn it yes, which is why many parents don't even bother, but one day they'll eventually turn out to be mindful people.

Also, I'm not getting minimum wage these days, but it's my first time living on my own, I gotta test out the waters you know? Still learning how to cook and other stuff, so I'm living in a place close to my mother's house, and there are only apartments in here (I often bring back food in tupperwares, haha). Maybe in the future I'll get a better home, who knows how this job will turn out, but that's not the point. This is actually a good neighborhood. The other guys upstairs were so nice. One time I was hanging my clothes out and they dropped a shirt on me, and immediately rang my door bell and apologized even though they didn't need to. Funny, this time something similar happened. I gave back their clothes but they didn't say so much as thank you (and this was before I complained). You can tell a lot about somebody's character by things like this, either it be stomping or something silly as dropping clothes.

So don't be upset at me man, I just want some peace and quiet for sleeping, working (I do a lot of that from home and need to concentrate) and reading. Other than that, I have headphones on usually, so it doesn't even matter.

Anyways, a good update! I almost felt like not posting not to jinx it. Things are so much better right now, I didn't even have to use ear plugs. The administrator talked to them and I can barely hear them right now. The occasional bumping which is just natural, but so much better. I guess they finally understood the message. Here's to continuing like this.

Post edited on 26th Jan 2014, 2:03pm
>> No. 16684 [Edit]
Hmm, back to the same old hell. I'm not a genius but I have a pretty good guess of what's going on. One of the members of the couple living upstairs is married a second time, and has kids of another person. These kids sometimes go to the other parent and sometimes they'll come and stay here. When things were peaceful, they were probably spending time with the other parent, and now... yeah.

This is even worse, because parents in this situation don't want to scold their kids as they're afraid they will like them less than the other parent, effectively screwing up any chances of educating their kids properly. My mother suggested the situation in this paragraph and I agree with it.

So basically I'm at times fucked and other times peaceful, randomly. So help me Haruhi.
>> No. 16696 [Edit]
Before my Mom got divorced my step father, he used to listen to music above me. It was so loud, did it for years, it is like he had no concept that sound traveled through walls, you could literally hear it anywhere in the house, but it was loudest above me. It even continued when I got my job, which is at night, so I had to "sleep" through it, because I could no longer rest at night.

Those rubbery ear plugs are hard to sleep in, maybe those ones that are like over the ear headphones might work,

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