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File 134622822873.jpg - (168.63KB , 640x480 , perfect-toyota-sprinter-trueno-ae86_akashi-bridge.jpg )
16602 No. 16602 [Edit]
Do you any of you own a car or have any interest in them at all?
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>> No. 16603 [Edit]
No, but I like motorcycles
>> No. 16604 [Edit]
hey that works too! come on in and join the party!
>> No. 16605 [Edit]
I used to have Ford but it broke down. I plan to buy car when I graduate and get steady job. It is pretty expensive to maintain car so I don't want to own one now.
>> No. 16610 [Edit]

>I used to have Ford but it broke down.

That's deep.

Not kidding, I honestly mean it. Think about it.
>> No. 16614 [Edit]
I'm planning on moving into London , so I doubt I'd need one.
>> No. 16615 [Edit]

Cars and motorbikes are all such a waste of money. I prefer my bicycle anyday.
>> No. 16616 [Edit]
Driving on empty roads is nice. I suppose I'll get a car after I have to stop being a NEET, though I don't have any strong feelings about brands or styles.
>> No. 16619 [Edit]
Cars are too expensive, I am going to end up a slave to paying for rent and groceries as is, and I'm not a monetary masochist. If you just ignore people, public transport is the way to go.
>> No. 16620 [Edit]
In many parts of the united states, public transportation has been all but abolished in order to prop up the automotive industry. leaving a person with little choice in the matter. you can't exactly ride a bike down freeways after all.
>> No. 16625 [Edit]
File 134628097749.png - (39.91KB , 452x102 , 4rd.png )
i own and drive regularly a ford, it has 130,000+ miles all of which i put onto it.
>> No. 16627 [Edit]
I own a renault but I don't drive much because I'm a fuckup
>> No. 16628 [Edit]
I own an Opel Astra but I don't have a license.
>> No. 16629 [Edit]
Get out. Just kidding.
>> No. 16631 [Edit]
Heh. Seems I wasn't good enough Ford driver for it.
>> No. 16634 [Edit]
I've got a crown vic, people give me funny looks becuase of the anime decals.
car has 160,000 milks on it, around 55k are mine, cops retire them for public use when they hit 100k.
dunno if it'll make it to 200k, might have to get a new car.
>> No. 16635 [Edit]
>car has 160,000 milks on it

you should wash it before it mildews!
>> No. 16640 [Edit]
I have absolutely no desire to drive. I'll try to get public transport if I ever get a job. And by the way I never got the ford driver references. Is it like some sort of inside joke here or something?
>> No. 16643 [Edit]
it's just a forced way to call normals.
>> No. 16644 [Edit]
Someone made a thread with multiple choices for ranking normality levels.
1st being true neet, 4rd being a normal.
people thought it was funny and started using it ever since.
>> No. 16646 [Edit]
I have a '96 Mercury Sable. Decent car for what it is. Technically a Ford, though.

I don't really have any interest in cars beyond making sure mine stays running.
>> No. 16650 [Edit]
File 134644335610.jpg - (262.69KB , 2400x1596 , Gunsmith_Cats_by_akane_no_Hime.jpg )
we're here
we're ford
get used to it
>> No. 16720 [Edit]
I can't drive, don't even have a learner's permit yet and I'm 21. At this point I just plan my life around not having a car so I live close to transit and shopping and I don't have a social life so I never really have to go too far for any reason. Maybe my desires will change but for now it works.
>> No. 26262 [Edit]
File 142372623147.jpg - (159.39KB , 800x533 , 1389223608847.jpg )
Cars are just expensive transportation tools and I don't care for them at all. This car is probably the only car I would like.
>> No. 26263 [Edit]
yeah, a 1990 toyota corona sedan. 2 liter manual. it's in pretty bad shape but whatever. I keep using it because it hasn't failed yet.

they're good cheap high mileage cars. still drive well because of the larger wheel base. still quiet. sedans generally only get light use so even when older they aren't as fucked as other car types/
>> No. 26264 [Edit]
File 142373300058.jpg - (21.24KB , 500x375 , grph6646%5B1%5D_JPG.jpg )
Exactly what I think.

Although, as impractical and uncomfortable they look I'd still kill for a Romi-Isetta.
>> No. 26269 [Edit]
I have a licence but not a car. I hate cars because they destroyed most New World cities and did a number on most cities of Europe and Asia also.
>> No. 26282 [Edit]
File 14237818414.jpg - (22.32KB , 350x244 , 04swift_1-1.jpg )
My beast of a car. Mine is blue though.
>> No. 26348 [Edit]
File 142429117177.jpg - (32.81KB , 500x315 , 1997_lincoln_continental_sedan_base_fq_oem_1_500.jpg )
I got a 1997 Lincoln Continental two months ago or so. It has some real break problems where they kinda give out randomly, seems it's related to the abs sensors.
Not sure if I'll be holding onto it, my mom keeps bitching me out to sell it because of the mentioned problem.
Other than that it's pretty decent, few years older than my 2000 crown vic but has a lot more features and is in much better condition.
>> No. 26358 [Edit]
Nice, I'd like to get myself a station wagon if I bought a car.
>> No. 26403 [Edit]
>break problems where they kinda give out randomly

Uhh that sounds extremely dangerous. Did it even pass inspection?
>> No. 26404 [Edit]
you might be able to turn off ABS
>> No. 28302 [Edit]
File 145465882569.jpg - (533.20KB , 1200x675 , mai new whip.jpg )
Got this today, late xmas present from my mom.
Took me a while to realize it had a manual mode which I was driving in while thinking it was auto lol. shakes a lot when in idle too, which I think might be a engine mount problem.

Drove my mom to the local casino in the evening to take it for a spin, and forgot to turn the head lights off (my lincon has auto lights) and the battery died. Took forever for the place's security to eventually help us out, pretty sure they saw us and ignored us a few times lol.

might be a bit late, but what inspection? we just gotta worry about smog in cali and breaks don't really effect that.

one of the first things I tried was pulling a fuse for the abs, but that disabled a number of other things in the car such as power steering and the speedometer.
we did eventually get the abs disabled though, even since there there's been an abs light on the dash.
>> No. 28304 [Edit]
File 145469236513.jpg - (213.34KB , 991x643 , 0.jpg )
Yakuza ojiisan wants to be an otaku too?
Why would you want to be like those you despise though?
>> No. 28306 [Edit]
Thats a real gangsta car
>> No. 28308 [Edit]
thats a cool car, want to make a pile of money in domestic drug smuggling?
>> No. 28312 [Edit]
Thanks, not sure what you mean about drug smuggling though.

Recently I've been growing concerned about the car truth be told. I'm starting to find out these particular cars are really high maintenance and can be pricey too, so I'm not really sure if I'm up for that kind of responsibility or not.
>> No. 28344 [Edit]
File 145566221583.jpg - (33.39KB , 600x392 , 0.jpg )
Paper cars for paper people.
Scrap numbers onto paper.
The price of soul and blood.
>> No. 28378 [Edit]
Fucking cheap ass Honda mirror actuators god damn.
>> No. 28383 [Edit]
Barbarian from south think have best engineering rather than nippon?
>> No. 28385 [Edit]
Sometimes auto makers cut corners to save a few bucks here and there. It's not hard to find poorly designed stuff on any car. There's even a lot of planned obsolescence built into cars with proprietary parts that can only be replaced by a dealer for insane prices.
I went to a dealer a few days ago with my newly purchased car. a replacement visor alone was said to be $220, for something that's $10 worth of plastic with a mirror and a small light in it. it's a common issue with cars like mine and I decided to repair the one I already had. Thing uses a horribly designed system with no leverage and places tons of stress on a small point but shouldn't have to, it's almost like they want the thing to break over time.
Then there was the $500 price tag they put on a part of the dashboard which cracked and split open just on it's own over time.
auto manufactures don't want cars that last forever, they want repeat customers. nippon is no exception.
>> No. 28403 [Edit]
File 145633263492.jpg - (6.52MB , 4872x2361 , 3525.jpg )
I own a 2005 Cobalt and a 1984 Pontiac Fiero. The Fiero needs work though it runs but barely.

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