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File 141522930081.jpg - (273.54KB , 800x600 , 96495ff71aef8a38851899a9b6717c81.jpg )
16934 No. 16934 [Edit]
Do you guys have real-life waifu shrines? With posters, pictures, figures, whatever. I want to have one, but I can't until I move out in a few months. Any pics for inspiration?
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>> No. 16937 [Edit]
File 141525441094.jpg - (696.02KB , 779x2384 , Asuka stuff.jpg )
Not really a shrine, but I made a composition some time ago of the things about her I own. I need to update it, sometime.
>> No. 16941 [Edit]
Not exactly, at the moment the stuff I have is mostly scattered throughout the room. I did that so no matter where you're standing you can look at a nice picture of her.
Maybe I'll dedicate a part of the space on my walls to pictures of her only...
>> No. 16943 [Edit]
That's a pretty nice collection. I also like the butterflies.
Not a bad idea either.
>> No. 16963 [Edit]
If you guys have a sort of a waifu shrine or a lot of merchandises of her do people(I expect mostly your family members) react to it somehow?
>> No. 16964 [Edit]
File 141564226710.jpg - (153.15KB , 750x550 , 5137c673cbd9162588edb3c9455df1a2.jpg )
I had a tiny Miku shrine, really cheap figures and some prints (a lot of image files I printed myself at photo booths). But my mom made me get rid of them because she didn't feel like it was healthy. I intend to start collecting again when (if...) I get out of the house.

I currently collect pictures of merch I had/want to buy as a poor substitute. Pic is the most expensive and my favourite figurine I had and it will be the first I re-purchase.
>> No. 16965 [Edit]
File 141565749422.jpg - (227.50KB , 1600x1200 , 1408140242193.jpg )
I wouldn't say I have a shrine, I just keep the figures and plushies I have of her, with the other merchandise I have, around my desk.

My mum said she liked my figures, and my ones of Kagura specifically. My dad just dismisses them all as dolls.
>> No. 16966 [Edit]
I don't have enough merchandise to be considered a shrine but I keep what I do have on a shelf right above my desk.

>My dad just dismisses them all as dolls.
yep, my family does the same.

Post edited on 10th Nov 2014, 2:21pm
>> No. 16967 [Edit]
He has no official merchandise, but I used to fill a corner of my room with pictures (both by others and by myself). That was until a situation like >>16964 happened. The first thing I plan to do after moving out will be to put it all up again and get a custom daki printed.
>> No. 16968 [Edit]

I want a daki so badly... I already have the pillow and I try to use my imagination but I'm not very good at it.
>> No. 16969 [Edit]
I read somewhere about making one yourself with an inkjet printer and some iron-on paper. If you have a design you could try it.
>> No. 16975 [Edit]
File 141576211626.jpg - (1.46MB , 1920x1200 , 44341367.jpg )
My room is kind of like a shrine. I have two wallscrolls, two posters, a fig and a daki. I've commissioned my friend to draw four more dakimkaura covers;one for each of her skins. I'll be able to have 5 dakis of Ahri. (although that might be overkill)I'm so stoked for this.
>> No. 16977 [Edit]
That sounds awesome. Is that your shrine on waifu.pl?
>> No. 16978 [Edit]

Yes it is. It was a fun exercise trying to figure out HTML and web page design. Was rather difficult, but I'm proud of it for it being my first work.
>> No. 16981 [Edit]
Yeah, it looks really good.
>> No. 16992 [Edit]
File 141598620189.jpg - (621.53KB , 1200x900 , shrine.jpg )
I've got this.
>> No. 16993 [Edit]
That's pretty awesome. I like the plushies in the back.
>> No. 16996 [Edit]
I want to but mai waifu has no merchandise of her. I have two dakimuras but they are custom.
>> No. 16997 [Edit]
I've got her merch situated around an end table I have for my drum machine, although at this moment it's only one figurine and an animation cell of her, so it's not really a shrine yet
>> No. 16998 [Edit]
Yeah I'm in the same boat.
>> No. 17000 [Edit]
It really sucks. I thought learning how to paint them well and about getting garage kits of mai waifu but they are the some of the shittiest GKs I have ever seen. She isn't a background character or from an obscure show eithier
>> No. 17954 [Edit]
I have a Jurassic Park shrine with an "Ian corner".
>> No. 17988 [Edit]
Funny, back in 93 through 96 or so I had a Jurassic Park shrine as well. It was in/on the corner wall of my bedroom. 3d pictures with glasses and posters, toys and stuff. I was seriously obsessed with that movie for a few good years. Even right now the original JP movie poster is on the back of my bedroom door. It's moved from door to door over the years. All of the other things are packed away and for certain the toys are gone.
>> No. 17989 [Edit]
I don't, and merch of him doesn't exactly exist but I'd like to try my hand at making some of my own. Simple plush toys and the like.
>> No. 17991 [Edit]
Well, I guess I have one, but it's not to the standard I want just yet. It's just the waifu-tier of my case that has my figures and a signed Weiss Schwarz card that my sibling bought for me and framed for my birthday. I'd like to make a few improvements to it and wish I could get more figures, but I can't do GKs at all. I still have a few modifications I want to make to the case to make the waifu shelf look better.

I'm a bit jealous of all of the plushies. Supposedly, there is one of mai waifu that they made a long time ago, but I haven't been able to find it.
>> No. 17992 [Edit]
No shrine really, I just have her books on my beside table and a limited edition version with a special cover with her on it.
She's just now starting to get merchandise because an anime for her series got announced, but right now it's just keychains and buttons.

I want one eventually, but right now the only way for me to buy them would be to buy the whole set which is like 70 bucks, and it leaves me with a bunch of characters I don't really want
>> No. 17993 [Edit]
That's awesome!
>> No. 17996 [Edit]
He doesn't have enough merchandise for anything fancy, I just put a few knickknacks and books from his series around a framed photo. Sometimes I'll add in seasonal decorations for a little variety.

I've thought about doing the same. Do you think you'll alter some existing pattern you find or are you going to try to draft your own from scratch?
>> No. 17997 [Edit]
I'm going to draft one from scratch, it shouldn't be too hard considering he's pretty much already a chibi.

Though considering i haven't sewed since middle school i may go and look over patterns of similar looking characters if i can find any.
>> No. 18009 [Edit]
I used to but I had to pack it away when I lost a place to put anything. I keep a framed picture out at the moment.

I've been trying to find a decent way to display the one official keyring I have and a couple of tankobons. Everything seems to be made for large amounts and commercial displays (or just doesn't look good).
>> No. 18678 [Edit]
I've got one, by my bed on a dresser, I have her manga and a poster and a figure of her standing on top of the manga set, along with various posters/pictures/a pillow/figures around my room

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