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File 139089049289.jpg - (47.36KB , 468x678 , nyantype-gou-chin.jpg )
18574 No. 18574 [Edit]
Fujoshi around the world are rejoicing at the news that KyoAni’s beloved manly swimming anime Free! is now confirmed as returning for a second season (not that this was in any real doubt), though the announcement seems likely to provoke mixed feelings amongst the studio’s traditional fanbase.
Dates for the new series are not yet released, but the last season ended with the unsubtle warning “see you next summer.”
Some of the latest disc sales figures seem to show Free! as actually being Kyoto Animation’s 4th best selling anime of all time, narrowly beating Clannad and Lucky Star – although if sales were all that motivated KyoAni presumably their output would have degenerated into a stream of K-ON! and Haruhi spin-offs and successors:
(2009) 43,883 K-ON!
(2006) 42,525 Haruhi
(2010) 39,385 K-ON!!
(2013) 30,601 Free!
(2007) 29,146 Lucky Star
(2005) 24,436 AIR
(2007) 24,808 CLANNAD
(2009) 19,602 Haruhi New
(2006) 18,170 Kanon
With a second season even K-ON! may be in danger of losing its primacy at the studio.
>> No. 18595 [Edit]
I'm really suppressed to see that AIR did better than CLANNAID'S after story and did just about as well as the first season. This when considering how people jizz themselfs over clannaids like it's the best thing ever and hardly ever even mention air.
>> No. 18604 [Edit]
>K-on! and Haruhi spin-offs and successors

But this is what I want
>> No. 18605 [Edit]
agreed, another season of k-on would be rad.
>> No. 18606 [Edit]
I'm surprised, too. I'm one of the people who thinks Clannad's the greatest thing ever, though.

Haven't watched anything from ol' KyoAni in a while now.

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