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File 143727763411.gif - (937.56KB , 500x281 , 1430609913355.gif )
27282 No. 27282 [Edit]
Do you think jacking it when it's dry harmful?
Will I lose sensitivity?
I recently started putting some water on it for these cases but sometimes I just seem to forget about it
I want to have my penis as healthy as possible
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>> No. 27284 [Edit]
I don't know what's up with your dick but when I'm dry I can just sit there with an erection that is borderline hurting for a lot of time, and it doesn't really feel good.
When it's not so dry I will cum in a couple minutes if I'm not careful, assuming I like the material and I actually need to fap
>> No. 27285 [Edit]
I've done it dry my whole life and haven't had any issues. Honestly I didn't even know people ordinarily used water or lube at all for a long, long time.
>> No. 27286 [Edit]
Lube is only used by those people who got it mutilated at birth and now they don't have the foreskin to keep it soft and moist, but if you fap a lot you will get dry even if you still have it so it's a good idea to to wet it a bit so it feels better, slides smoothly and doesn't have so much friction
>> No. 27289 [Edit]
when your dry and the skin surface starts ripping then what do you do?
finnish in a flurry of blood, cum, pain and pleasure?
>> No. 27330 [Edit]
I'm cut a birth and I've been masturbating since I was 10. 100% dry all the times, no such problems. I cum way to fast though.

There was one time where I stroked it fast enough I burnt/damaged the skin on my tip.
>> No. 27361 [Edit]
Personally I've never jacked it any other way than dry, and I have never had any problems. A couple of times I've spat on my hands first but that's about it. Does using lotion or lube or something similar really increase the pleasure by that much? I've never quite been motivated enough to try, which I guess is kind of pathetic when you think about it. Anyway, no I don't see how jacking it dry is going to cause problems, unless you're doing it an awful, awful lot, in which case you might have chaffing or skin irritation to deal with.
>> No. 27695 [Edit]
File 144311120398.jpg - (87.77KB , 490x700 , 1440205962451.jpg )
Honestly, I think you should a damp small towel soak it with water then sub it up sparsely with soap an water(like if you were going to wash your face with it) an apply the moisture from that to your penis before wanking it, it's just something I do if Its to dry down there also try taking a long soak in the tub then wank there its quiet refreshing, just be sure to do so right before you get out the tub an are about to drain it don't want to be sitting in your own stew....

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