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File 129812090269.png - (275.77KB , 918x669 , 1294224327064.png )
1840 No. 1840 [Edit]
As I write this, rain is pouring outside my window. It’s really coming down. The sun fell hours ago. I have no lover. I have no friends. There’s nothing but me and time.

What do people normally do with time? I suppose they spend it with other people. Men and women have jobs, families, and friends. When they go to work (or school), they spend time with people they may or may not like. They have to take orders. They have to answer questions. When they get home, they interact with their families. A man might eat dinner with his newlywed wife. A daughter might go shopping with her mother, and tell stories of her day. In his leisure time, a boy might talk and hang out with his friends (be they tangible or otherwise). However, at some point, everyone faces the question of what to do when they’re alone. So, what do you do to fill that particular void?

Don’t ask that fox, Betty Sue, what she does when she’s alone. Not only will she think you’re an unpleasant guy (in all fairness, you probably are just a little creepy), but she just won’t have an interesting answer regardless (unless she thinks you’re coming onto her, and she likes it). That bitch could probably make friends and kiss boys with her eyes closed and arms and legs incapacitated (this is now my fetish). You don’t ask an English major to teach you Differential Equations. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger. And you don’t mess around with Jim (rest in peace, Jim Croce). However, believe it or not, far lonelier men and women exist than you, and some are even willing share their vast knowledge. So, you don’t know what to do, aye? Betty Sue is probably useless eye-candy (she’s still a damn fox though), but you can ask me; I’m a fuckin’ expert.

Let’s do this shit. Easy stuff first.

Music is somewhat of a gold mine for lonely people. You can listen to music or songs about people being alone if you want. If you’re not that into music, you just haven’t heard any that you really enjoy. A lot of things that can’t be adequately expressed in words can be expressed through music (I’m not a hipster or anything, but it’s true). Spend time searching for different types of music and artists to listen to. Don’t cut corners, because that defeats the purpose. You can waste a lot of time listening to music if you have a wide variety. Who knows, you might even enjoy some of that ruddy noise.

You can also play music to kill time. Some find this more fulfilling than just listening to arbitrary songs, but it’s definitely more challenging. It’s never too late to pick up a musical instrument, though. In just a few years, if you practice steadily, you can be pretty decent. You’d be surprised. Often times we tend to think of these things in terms of those who can and those who can’t, but we forget that everyone had to learn at some point. I’m not going to lie, though. It takes patience, and there’ll be times when you become frustrated with yourself. Stick with it. You’ll be great.

Getting tired f listening to songs all the time? Getting tired of playing a single instrument (at a time) all the time? A great way to make both of those more interesting is to sing along. It doesn’t even matter if you have a crappy voice. Singing can be a lot of fun. That drive to work in the morning can pass at lightning speeds if you throw in a few vocal tunes of your own (though maybe you don’t want to get there that quickly after all). Singing in the shower is great too. Even if you’re not completely alone at home, you can pass off singing in the shower as something not entirely unordinary. Singing is a cool way to kill time and enhance other time-wasters. Along with playing, it’s that next step to listening.

Dancing is also a fun way to kill time and enhance the other music time-wasters. This one’s the kicker of the group. You might not have thought of this if you’re not used to being alone. After all, most people think of dancing as a social interaction. It’s really just a cool way to express yourself though. If you’re tired of just listening, playing, and/or singing, dancing is the way to take it to the next level. Don’t be embarrassed to go all out — the sillier the better. Nobody’s watching you anyway (except big brother). Just have some fun. You definitely don’t need a partner to do that.

Watching Movies and Stuff:
This is a pretty well-known thing to do when you’re alone, but for good reason. It’s an excellent way to “live” life without actually doing much of anything. Be creative though. Don’t just always curl up in bed with a bowl of air-popped popcorn (you better not be buying those crappy microwaveable bags). Go out to the show sometimes. Yeah, this is another one that non-lonely people might not think of doing. You don’t need friends or a lover to go out to a movie! The experience of a dark theatre, a huge screen, and nice audio can be pleasing even if you don’t know any of the other people in attendance. Hell, it might even be better, because you won’t have anyone immediately breathing down your neck trying to figure out what you thought first, so they can safely say it was sucked.

I also might as well mention now that it’s a good idea to go out to the movies sometimes, because you need to occasionally be around other people in order to keep your mental health (I know this because I’m an expert, remember). You don’t have to interact with them or anything. You just need to hear their voices, see their faces, and be among them in some form or another. Television doesn’t cut it in this regard, sorry to say.

I’ll give you this tip for watching movies at home though. If quality isn’t a great issue for you, check out some local yard sales asap. If you go to the poorer neighborhoods, a lot of times you can find people getting rid their old VHS stuff for next to nothing. It’s a goldmine for solo time wasting. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

T.V. and movies are great for escapism, but reading is that next step. Unlike the temporary alleviation of boredom that is move and television watching, all fictional books were made with escapism in mind and at the forefront. They’re a lot more detailed, and you get far more entertainment time for money spent than with a movie. I recommend checking out local thrift stores in your area — places like the Salvation Army. The other day I picked up a hardback book that had four different Charles Dickens novels at a local thrift shop. It only cost me $2. You might be able to pick up some stuff at local yard sales, but it’s rarer to find anything decent at those.

You don’t have to just read fiction though. Since you’re not doing shit else, you might as well learn something. Studying can be fun. Do you like history, but don’t really know that much? Nothing is fucking stopping you, pal. I know that you’re so busy, but now’s the time to read up on those things that you always wanted to, but never got around to. Read a book about a programming or scripting language of your choice, and code some useless shit that nobody (even you) cares about. You’ll be sure to waste some days away like that. I promise.

Read some news articles online. T.V. news and local papers are usually shit. I recommend the CNN website. You don’t have to be completely oblivious to what’s going on in the world just because you don’t have any friends or anyone to talk to. Shit, this’ll increase your chance of not looking like an uncultured, awkward dick on the off chance that someone strikes up a conversation with you. Look into RSS feeds and readers.

Reading is little girl shit, right? You’re ready to take it to the next level with writing. Fuck, I’m wasting hours of my life writing this shit right now. If you suck like I do, it’s even better, because you spend even longer trying to figure out grammar (unsuccessfully) and/or rewriting not-so-greatly written masterpieces. Another cool thing to do when you’re alone is to keep a diary. It sounds fucking gay, but just do it. It’s cool. If you’re too cool for that, you can keep a dream diary as well, then read through all of your entries later and shit bricks at how insane you are while you’re sleeping. It’s also a great way to figure out what you subconsciously see as important, since your dreams often have something to do with various things that have happened to you or that you’ve recently thought about (I am sorry, English language).

If you suck at writing, but want to write fictional stories for other lonely guys (or gals) like yourself, you’re probably going to have to read and study some shit, and that’ll waste even more time. Can you see how a lot of these things can tie together? That’s a good thing. You’ll waste days, seemingly get nothing of value done, and subsequently wonder where all that time went. That’s just what we like to see. It’s the little things that get us through the day.

Operating systems come with single-player games preinstalled. Play that stuff. My dad is pretty boss at solitaire because he didn’t have anything else to do for a while. You might want to explore long single-player games like RPGs if you’re into that sort of thing. There are also numerous single-player games that you can play online that are super addictive.

Fun fact: You can play Tetris on the bittorrent client uTorrent if you open the About window, then press Ctrl + t.

This might be a little weird to some of you that are used to having company of some kind, but you can even play multiplayer games by your lonesome! Pick up a Mancala board and have a go at yourself. It’s pretty easy to do alone. If you really want to do something interesting, try to have a serious game of chess with yourself. To make it a little more like you’re playing someone else, you can set a delay time between moves.

Exploring things:
Did you ever want to be an explorer when you were a kid? Now’s your chance. You don’t know the town you live in nearly as well as you think you do. Have you ever driven by some road and just wondered where it went? Next time, just take it and find out. I’ve found some pretty cool places by driving down streets that I don’t normally have to. To put a twist on things, you can also try walking or riding a bike to places that you normally drive. I once walked down the main road in my town most of the way across town. Although I’d driven that road hundreds of times before, it was like my first time ever going there. Even if you’re looking, in a car, you just don’t notice a lot of things that you would if you walked. It’s sort of interesting to explore what you thought you already knew.

Holy shit, this is taking too long to write, and I haven't even gotten to any of the good stuff yet. Will write more when I unlazify myself.
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>> No. 1841 [Edit]
Jesus Christ. This is longer than my last college paper.

Still, good job.

Are you the same guy who's been trying to motivate people, by any chance?
>> No. 1842 [Edit]
Pretty sure you're thinking of someone else.

There’s no rule that says you have to be unhealthy just because you’re a shut-in. Exercising is a great way to kill time. When you exercise regularly, not only do you feel physically better, but you feel mentally healthier as well. Maintaining mental health is always a struggle for people that don’t have many significant interactions with others. It’s so important though. That’s why I highly recommend exercising along with the occasional trip to the movies.

Step up your walking exploration game by going jogging instead. Try to get some routines going. Set some goals. I’ll list you a few cool websites that you can use to get started.
You can work on those, and it’ll cost you nothing at all.
Order a cheap pull-up bar that you can put in your doorway and give this other site a shot.

If you’re unsure about what to eat, the Harvard School of Public Health has a pretty cool website that was a lot more clear-cut than anything else I could find.

I guarantee that you’ll be able to take the crushing boredom and loneliness better if you take better care of yourself.

Don’t just eat things. Cook things. It takes a lot more attention and time if you’re cooking a full-course meal for yourself rather than just poppin’ something in the microwave. Hey, it’s actually kind of fun. Try following recipes for things that you’ve never cooked before. It won’t always be a success, but it makes life just a little more interesting. It even gives you an excuse to explore the grocery store a little more than you may be used to. Along with going to the movies, wondering the grocery store is a great way to get that personal contact with people that we so dearly need.

Observe things:
What is the lumpiest wall in your house? I bet you don’t know. Spend some time to get acquainted with your surroundings on an even deeper level. You’ll find you get an odd sort of satisfaction out of this. See how good your neighbor is at parking in the exact spot each day. You can even watch grass grow (seriously). Measure how fast blades of grass in your yard grow. Things like these are kind of interesting. The more routines you can set up for yourself to do each day, the faster the day will go.
A common, but great, thing to observe is the night sky. If it pleases you, don’t be afraid to dish out for a telescope. I like to take note of where the moon is on different nights. The sky is really amazing. I’ll link you to a couple cool things.
Wikipedia and Google are always your friends.

You don’t have to just observe inanimate objects though. You can observe people.
Cruise around for some people that you like, and join their communities. There’s a cool wiki to help if your Japanese isn’t the greatest.
Check out the Nico Nama Alert. It’s pretty useful if you like following specific broadcasters.
>> No. 1843 [Edit]
you should write a neet survival guide and sell it on amazon
>> No. 1844 [Edit]
To intrude for a bit, if you've always wanted to know some of the awesome moves you see in martial arts movies, you can look up tutorials on youtube and practice them. Some users (like kwonkicker) go into a ton of detail for every little step, which makes it a lot easier to do properly.

You won't be an expert without someone there to correct your mistakes, and you can't learn stuff like defense or grappling very well, but you can learn spin kicks.

Also, even just striking the air properly can be pretty tiring and gets your heart rate up, so it counts as a form of exercise.
>> No. 1846 [Edit]
Good point. I once used the internet to learn some karate strikes, and wasted some weeks practicing that shit. If you're willing to invest some money, punching and speed bags are pretty cool too.
>> No. 1847 [Edit]
>You don’t ask an English major to teach you Differential Equations. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger. And you don’t mess around with Jim (rest in peace, Jim Croce).

i love you.
Also drawing, thats what i do.
>> No. 1848 [Edit]
You can also play an online game if you're alone but still enjoy competition
>> No. 1849 [Edit]
This is a very nice thread. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this, much appreciate it.
>> No. 1851 [Edit]
A good way to kill a half hour or so is to just go stand under the hot water in a shower. You can do this as many times a day as you want. Three times is pretty much my max though. That’s a good two hours wasted if you consider the time you take getting in and out and dressing yourself. They’re pretty relaxing too. It gives you time to think and unwind. The next time you’re waiting for your favorite T.V. show to start, and you have some time to burn, go enjoy the hot water of a shower or bath. If you’re like me, and can’t be bothered to bathe for long periods of time, your family might even approve of this one.

They aren’t just for babies. Naps are a good way to kill some time too. You don’t even really need to be tired or fall asleep. Just get comfortable and close your eyes for a while. I recommend listening to some sleep-aid hypnosis tracks on your mp3 player while doing this, or even some relaxing piano tunes. The Aria piano collections are pretty soothing.
>> No. 1852 [Edit]
gotta be careful with naps, that can make your internal clock all kinds of fucked up
>> No. 1853 [Edit]
I spend hours every day listening to podcasts. I had to cut down because there arent enough hours in the day to do all the stuff I want.
>> No. 1854 [Edit]
What kind? I'd love some suggestions so I can listen to them on my 2 hour commute each day.
>> No. 1855 [Edit]
File 129819406825.jpg - (632.82KB , 1680x1050 , 01253_silence_1680x10.jpg )
You might find great books in the library too, and you don't even have to buy them to read.

Not only great a exercise, but gives an opportunity to watch the sky, the plants, the animals, the seasons. Then you can record, review, research, compare, interpret, predict your observations. Quite inexpensive, you need only a bottle of water and a map.
>> No. 1856 [Edit]
the only i have listened to are DnD podcasts.
even if you arent there it is so much fun just listening to it
>> No. 1857 [Edit]
My favourite is Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. I really like his politics podcast as well. I listen to a few other left wing things like the David Pakman Show, Blast the Right, Best of the Left (the host is a jerk).
For anime theres Anime World Order, Ninja Consultants, ANNcast, a bunch of others that mostly suck. Some local sports stuff. I used to listen to a lot of video game podcasts, now its just Wakeup SRK, Active Time Babble and Eurogamer. Retronauts and A Life Well Wasted are pretty good but they dont update anymore often or at all.
theres a few other things like Jim and Them (highly recommended), This American Life (it seems to be obligitory for anyone who listens to podcasts) and Radiolab (pretty much the same thing). I listen to a lot of skeptical podcasts; Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Skeptoid, The Reality Check, Skeptic Zone, Dogma Free America, Rationally Speaking, Reasonable Doubts. Whatever youre into there are podcasts about it.
>> No. 1858 [Edit]
I don't get how people need ways to fill time. I have so much to do every day I can't finish anything.
>> No. 1859 [Edit]
When I get bored I just play TF2, even if I don't particularly want to
>> No. 1860 [Edit]
Sorry @ OP:

But i am too apathetic to do anything, i don't even have motivation to play games, though i downloaded XX gigabytes worth of games.

Thus i don't even have the attention to read your text properly.
>> No. 1861 [Edit]
Pretty good at typing? Not anymore. Start all over by learning to type in different keyboard layouts. Check out Dvorak and Colemak. When you get good, start alternating between them for mild amusement.
>> No. 1874 [Edit]

I've considered learning dvorak before, to anyone that has done this before how difficult is it to use coming from the usual qwerty layout? Best things to use to learn it? I imagine it'd be simple after remembering where the keys are but I could be wrong.
>> No. 1875 [Edit]
File 129833119962.jpg - (19.55KB , 303x317 , mike2.jpg )
u gonna have to rearrange your whole house on some feng shui shit. its not easy to go back either. basically surround yourself with as many keyboards as possible and sleep with a keyboard. the road is long and hard, many have died needlessly.
>> No. 1876 [Edit]
Colemak is easier to transition to from QWERTY because most of the character keys are in the same spots. For the most part it's just the letters that are moved around.

You can compare them here:
>> No. 2212 [Edit]
Bumping cause i spent half an hour looking for this thread
>> No. 6066 [Edit]
We need to build a compendium of the knowledge laying around on TC before it's lost for good.
>> No. 6069 [Edit]
everything gets archived automatically on /arc/
>> No. 6071 [Edit]
I know an archive exists. A compendium is different. A compendium would have everything organized by topic with very pieces of writing by different anons about each one available to be read. Basically I'm thinking that we just make a text file and organize useful and informative posts by topic and start collecting things for general use. It would be a useful group project to work on.
>> No. 6072 [Edit]
We tried making a waifu wiki before, everyone hated the idea.
>> No. 6080 [Edit]
That's the most useless thing, mindlessly mining posts people don't care about. It's not like we have anything to talk about, so let's just repeat ourselves anyway. Besides, who the hell needs a guide on what to do...? You're doing whatever, aren't you? If you don't have any desires, you won't start doing something just because you read about it--that is, if you have the motivation to even finish reading it.
>> No. 6085 [Edit]

Yeah, no. Most people don't realize there's something they want/want to do until they hear about it. That's what adverts are for you know - to make sure you realize product X is on the marker and to make you want to own it.
>> No. 6103 [Edit]
You know, I really want to do some urban exploring (if it wasn't so damned dangerous). Maybe if I could get some people to... wait... nevermind.
>> No. 6104 [Edit]
I would also like to do that as there are old abandoned houses on the outskirts of where I live and I bet there are some interesting stuff inside in case it hasn't alredy been taken or looted by homeless people.
>> No. 8348 [Edit]
Thank you for writing this all OP
>> No. 8350 [Edit]
Does anyone here even use Dvorak? This is my first time hearing of it. Might be cool to learn just because QWERTY is too mainstream.
>> No. 8351 [Edit]

I'd love to do it as well, I guess you could blame all the RPGs I play but I love exploring in real life and abandoned urban areas, missile silos, etc... really interest me. Too bad they usually have people hanging around them, the sort no one wants to be around.
>> No. 8352 [Edit]
I already do some of the things on this thread.

Exploring the Minecraft server also counts as exploring.
>> No. 10678 [Edit]
Using drugs, masturbating, and self-harming are also great ways to pass the time. No friends required, but it makes it easier for drugs!

On a slightly more serious note, I find reading and writing to be great ways to pass the time. Reading lots of great books and writing about those things you're passionate about will change the way you think and the way you see the world. With computers, it really costs nothing to do either... so there's not really any reason not to.
>> No. 10681 [Edit]
>So, what do you do to fill that particular void?
I watch anime and read VNs.

But everyone would pirate it?
>> No. 10697 [Edit]
Dare I say it? Explore....

Second Life?
>> No. 10698 [Edit]
>> No. 10700 [Edit]
>> No. 11387 [Edit]
I actually tried this, thanks for suggesting. It was an 8 hour time sink and I didn't get much out of it. I wouldn't say it was bad, but it certainly wasn't good. Perhaps if Second Life wasn't so much like the real world with worse scenery.

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