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File 141608266045.jpg - (58.21KB , 600x400 , Clever-Quotes-43357-statusmind_com.jpg )
25432 No. 25432 [Edit]
This fits in a variety of other boards so I'll post it here.

I need help, I'm not sure what I currently think is really the truth. I have my suspicions that I'm being deluded and biased about an anime and manga series that I love so, so, so much. I know it's really good but I can't/don't wanna think about it's flaws and negative aspects, it's not healthy. What's likely causing this possible bias is my deep love for the main character as she is my waifu. I know how to solve this though, by looking at each episode more critically and taking notes dissecting each notable parts, I've done it before, it not only works but I'm also good at it.

My problem is that because I love it so much, I'm actually scared to go out to find and acknowledge it's flaws (granted, also along with is positives) because I'm worried this will make me like it less, which is a huge deal for me because of the relationship I have with the series and it's main character (who practically makes the series anyway). Is that possible of happening or am I just worrying too much? Did you guys have a similar experience? If so how did you resolve it?

There's no doubt I am gonna do it anyway, I just need something that'll put me at ease.
>> No. 25435 [Edit]
Just because a show is flawed doesn't mean you can't enjoy it for what it is.

I have no idea what show you're talking about so this may not be true in some scenarios, but I don't think you have to like the source material in order to love your waifu. I view those things as relatively independent from each other.
>> No. 25436 [Edit]
>Just because a show is flawed doesn't mean you can't enjoy it for what it is.
>but I don't think you have to like the source material in order to love your waifu.
I am very aware of both these points, however what I'm concerned is that if I acknowledge it's flaws, would I be love the show and/or my waifu less? Only one way to find out I guess.
>> No. 25437 [Edit]
Eh, your opinion on stuff is bound to change with time anyway. Doesn't matter if you don't consider it as highly today as you did once. If it really left a mark in you at some time, then it will always mean something special for you.
>> No. 25438 [Edit]
Love is pretty irrational, even if you found flaws about your waifu you would still feel the love when you look into her eyes.
>> No. 25439 [Edit]
You're right, there are many ways something can impact someone in a special way. The way I see it is that this thing can go in 2 ways, either will leave a mark.

Also right, unless I was in love with a totally different version of my waifu, there's no way I could love her less enough that I could not feel any love with her anymore.

With all that said, I realize it was kinda silly to make this thread as the only way to find out is to actually try it. I'm going to follow through the plan and post my results here. Thanks guys.
>> No. 25441 [Edit]
OP here, I just finished my marathon of the whole anime series

Turns out I wasn't being deluded about it, It was just a good, if not better than what I remember. It was better then expected, but also underwhelming, it hardly healed that pressing feeling in my chest that reacts to the show and/or my waifu as I originally thought. As for my feelings towards my waifu, it's more or less the same, I think.

Anyway, sorry for making such a shitty thread, I would delete it if I could/knew how.
>> No. 25442 [Edit]
Don't worry
>> No. 25443 [Edit]
By the way, what anime is this?

Something that can elicit such a powerful epistemological fear seems like something worth watching.
>> No. 25448 [Edit]
It's Watamote, the fear had more to do with my waifu than the actual show, but I guess they're the same thing because Tomoko, like I said, practically IS the show.

Another thing that's worth mentioning about it is that there are many misconceptions about what the show actually is, you really have to have the right mindset when watching it. I made a fairly big entry about that topic in my "Journal". It's just really interesting that your type of personality will determine how much you'll enjoy Watamote. It's unlilkely, but I hope you enjoy the show more than or just as much as I did, cheers.
>> No. 25456 [Edit]
Watamote is my favorite anime (and manga) of all time. Only flaw I can think of is that the manga is becoming less relatable because the authors have all but exhausted their repertoir of jokes about the sort of awkward situations that socially inept people like us often face
>> No. 25457 [Edit]
The author of Watamote would be rolling in her grave if she could read this
>> No. 25458 [Edit]
Grave? Did she die?
>> No. 25461 [Edit]
And here I thought I was the only one, made my day anon, thanks a bunch.

Yeah, this stuff is pretty embarrassing, I wonder if anybody who posts here can look at their own posts years down the road and keep a straight face.
>> No. 25468 [Edit]

> I wonder if anybody who posts here can look at their own posts years down the road and keep a straight face.

This is why I only post on anonymous imageboards now. The thought of somebody rummaging through posts I made a decade ago to use against me is terrifying. When I do post on a traditional forum I use a different screenname every few weeks.
>> No. 25470 [Edit]
they don't think it be like it is but it do
>> No. 25724 [Edit]
Don't listen to Karl Marx. He's a Jew.
>> No. 25859 [Edit]
>Did you guys have a similar experience?
These last couple of weeks have been like that. I'm actively avoiding to look at the threads. I can't even properly argue against opposing opinions (if there are any) or express my feelings because of the language barrier. It feels cowardly to avoid them like this. Maybe I should just go and say that I like the series and apologize for not replying when we were having a discussion.

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