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File 13980157655.jpg - (705.64KB , 1226x1437 , hitsugi-no-chaika.jpg )
19122 No. 19122 [Edit]
This anime; watch it.
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>> No. 19123 [Edit]
Her eyebrows aren't good enough to save the poverty of this show storywise in my opinion.
>> No. 19124 [Edit]
File 139803904147.jpg - (253.59KB , 1011x1271 , 414406.jpg )
>> No. 19163 [Edit]
>> No. 19164 [Edit]
Appearance Nyaruko comparison more accurate.
>> No. 19210 [Edit]
File 13989822226.jpg - (60.52KB , 1280x720 , [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_04_[1280x720_H_264_A.jpg )

She has scars you could also lick.
>> No. 19212 [Edit]
I kind of like the prospect of the main characters being the villains of the story with trying to bring about war and the good guys in hot pursuit (though I doubt it'll end up that way). If only the protagonist didn't look act and sound like a generic MC you'd find in a dozen other anime.
>> No. 19213 [Edit]
If you insist. I hope her eyebrows are more important to the show than the generic mc >>19212 described, otherwise, no deal.
>> No. 19214 [Edit]
scars on girls bother me to no end.
>> No. 19215 [Edit]
It wasn't till the third ep that the generic mc stuff really started to stick out to me.
>> No. 19216 [Edit]
File 139901882485.jpg - (1.54MB , 1280x6480 , ttt.jpg )
>> No. 19240 [Edit]
I'm liking this much more than I expected(which was not at all). Hope the MC won't ruin it.
>> No. 19241 [Edit]
File 139947471125.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0026.png )
So instead of a high-school harem starring a loser self-insert MC and a non blood related sister we get a fantasy setting double harem with high-school age children starring a loser self-insert MC, a non blood related sister and some airheaded potential rival kid.
Guess you can't demand much from a LN adaptation.

At least the double harem will get interesting once Gilette leaves the closet and joins Toru's harem.
>> No. 19242 [Edit]
It's not a harem when two people are attracted to the same person, that's just a love triangle.
>> No. 19243 [Edit]
It's a harem-in-making, dragon loli will become Toru's tsundere.
>> No. 19253 [Edit]
File 139969918963.gif - (421.07KB , 541x332 , unz unz unz.gif )
I can understand the dragon taking the shape of it's former master. I can also understand it taking the shape of a cat for some stealthy recon. What I can't understand is why the dragon would turn into a random little girl like it did.
I like cute girls as much as the next guy but that just makes no god damn sense. Did the dragon just assume he's a pedophile or something?

and don't give me any of that taking a smaller form to conserve energy after loosing a fight crap. If that was the case it would have gone straight into that form, not into the form of it's master first and even then it would have skipped the loli and went right to the cat.

and don't give me any of that wanting to make a new identity for itself crap. if that were the case it would have taken a much more convenient and practical form. Not a form that can't run fast, reach high, and gets no respect from others. It certainly wouldn't have picked a form that draws unnecessary attention to itself.

Dragon thought the guy was a pedo, that's the only explanation that makes any sense.

For that matter I can't really understand why the dragon tagged along with them, or what made that guy special. He's none sister was fighting it too. If anything the dragon seemed more interested in eyebrows before that out of nowhere out of character personality flip at the end.

>> No. 19254 [Edit]
File 139969981136.jpg - (214.60KB , 720x1620 , cool scars bro.jpg )
Magic scars that only appear for dramatic effect.
>> No. 19259 [Edit]
The dragoon joined the party for similar reasons as the protagonist - like him, it had nothing to do after the war ended and was just NEETing it up all day long. Fighting and talking to the party, mostly the protagonist who was in the same boat as it until before, inspired it to join the party in hopes of finding new purpose like the protagonist did.

Incidentally, during the dinner conversation Tooru stated he was after the remains for someone precious to him; with the parallols between the dragoon and Tooru, it's not unlikely that the dragoon would have similar reasons for joining the quest. Which is to say that it wants to fuck the protagonist, which is also the reason it took the form of a little girl similar to Chaika, whom he stated to be "someone precious" just earlier.
>> No. 19260 [Edit]
K, works for me. ty.
>> No. 19287 [Edit]
File 139996975085.jpg - (163.51KB , 914x798 , yElf.jpg )
>> No. 19299 [Edit]
After seeing ep five I feel fairly convinced Frederica was shoehorned into the series in the later stages of the material's production. I'm guessing that dragon was originally meant to die during that battle and stay dead. Not spontaneously transform into a loli who'd tag along. Almost as soon as it joins the team it disappeared for no reason and stays gone the whole ep without question, missing a fight it could have really changed the outcome of and probably enjoyed too. If my theory is correct that dragon will never be seen intervening in anything plot relevant for the rest of the series and only be seen interacting with characters in a way that could have been edited in without effecting anything. like that fight in the ally it broke up. I thought it was an amusing scene but I bet it was originally written so the mc takes care of the thugs.
I could easily be wrong of course, just guessing here after all.
>> No. 19304 [Edit]
File 140024251355.jpg - (32.54KB , 250x248 , yfw.jpg )
Season 2
Upcoming figurine
>> No. 19307 [Edit]
why? Its so average in every way.
>> No. 19308 [Edit]
It didn't stay gone the whole episode - it came to the town for the hostage exchange masquerading as Akari. And it drove the car. And hung off a tree.

No idea why it didn't join either fight on the road. Still, the preview makes it looks like it'll be seeing some action in the next episode, at least.
>> No. 19309 [Edit]
So that means I'll probably have to endure two seasons of that to have any hope of a sense of closure for the plot. Lame.
>> No. 19310 [Edit]
My sentiments exactly
>> No. 19382 [Edit]
File 140074994531.jpg - (111.85KB , 610x902 , ychai.jpg )
<- Sonico Upgrade
>> No. 19383 [Edit]
Throughly disgusting.
>> No. 19384 [Edit]
Seriously those wooly bears are way too small.
>> No. 19390 [Edit]
File 140083162129.jpg - (658.96KB , 1280x720 , [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_06_[1280x720_H_264_A.jpg )
I see now you were talking about ep 06, which I wasn't. The character decided to join the group at the end of ep 4 and was nowhere to be seen for all ep 5 after a brief appearance at the beginning of the episode. After seeing ep6 the character does feel slightly less shoehorned in, but still seems to be a huge walking plot hole. The whole hostage thing probably never would have happened if she intervened. Why she didn't intervene is beyond me. she seemed extremely eager enough to jump into a fight with those random thugs at the start of ep4. I'm also not sure why the cat ears and tail were showing when she took on Akari's form, she didn't have that problem with her other forms. One could argue she wasn't taking the situation seriously, but I think the writer had a hard time figuring out what to do with the character. For that matter, why did the cat tail tip off the sniper? How did the sniper know that would be unusual for Akari?
>> No. 19407 [Edit]
Why didn't red accept white's offer to join their group, then kill white latter on in her sleep or something and take her shit?
>> No. 19414 [Edit]
Because then the show would end there?
>> No. 19415 [Edit]
I'm just saying, MC was commenting during one scene about how much smarter red seemed compared to white but she can't be that smart to overlook something so simple.
>> No. 19422 [Edit]
If she did try to do something like that Tooru & Akari would stop her. They don't seem like they'd ever let their guard down.
>> No. 19461 [Edit]
I think they'd be too busy fucking eachother
>> No. 19469 [Edit]
Wooly bears?
>> No. 19490 [Edit]
File 140142284036.jpg - (587.98KB , 1280x720 , [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_07_[1280x720_H.jpg )
To hell with flowers and chocolate. What girls really want is severed body parts.
>> No. 19493 [Edit]
File 140143484941.jpg - (126.25KB , 1287x725 , how to train your loli.jpg )
I'd take ride on Fredrica if you know what I mean.
>> No. 19516 [Edit]
I just noticed about 90% of this show's places and families are named after big, western, corporations. Mostly in the automotive industry.
Makes it all the more sillier.
>> No. 19517 [Edit]
File 140155226363.gif - (1.19MB , 540x370 , chaikachaika.gif )
Fuck me, I have no heart.

File ended way bigger than I expected.
>> No. 19566 [Edit]
File 140180057315.png - (303.66KB , 640x360 , shot0040_res.png )
Why must it always be performers? I'd like to see the heroes claiming to be a football team for once, maybe travellers attending a funneral, hell, they even have a coffin.

>how to train your loli.jpg
The funny thing is I shunned Dragonar because I thought it was going to be just like that. Must be karma.

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2014, 6:06am
>> No. 19592 [Edit]
File 140198030830.png - (388.97KB , 768x432 , shot0041_res.png )
Almost died laughing. Sugarpaws has blood on his hands.
>> No. 19599 [Edit]
File 140201531815.jpg - (138.84KB , 1290x725 , sure bro.jpg )
You know, they really should have suspected something was up as soon as these guys revealed they had a princess hanging out in a backroad shack/tollbooth.
>> No. 19601 [Edit]
Well, the MCs themselves have a princess hanging around on a shitty horseless carriage travelling the country like a fucking hippie. And they've seen another one on simmilar conditions.
And at the end of the day Chaika was the only one who really bought into it. Toru was pretty skeptical about them right from the beginning.
>> No. 19609 [Edit]
Toru didn't suspect anything until that raiding party brought back a bunch of loot.
>> No. 19610 [Edit]
He censored Chaika when she paid the toll and whenever she talked with them and was quite suspectful of their castle.
>> No. 19615 [Edit]
I think that was just being cautious and something he may had done in any situation. offical tollbooth or not waving around tons of money is probably never a good idea. Besides giving them a reason to rob you, there's alternatively making them suspect that you're thieves.
>> No. 19679 [Edit]
File 140263889645.jpg - (574.10KB , 1280x720 , [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_09_[1280x720_H.jpg )
I know it was supposed to be a dramatic scene but when she finally spoke all I could think was 'haha wow, that's the voice you gave her?!'

>Fuck me, I have no heart.
You and me both bro.
>> No. 19724 [Edit]
File 140287955865.jpg - (442.17KB , 1280x720 , Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_09-1876435645882.jpg )
It was nice to get some back story and insight into the main character for once. Too bad the flash back was like something out of Naruto. I expected a prison camp style complex that relentlessly and brutally trained an army worth of children to be soldiers for the war, not some ninja wannabe playing with kids in the woods.
>> No. 19725 [Edit]
You really were expecting something serious behind that cheesy incantantion they sing to get into edgy mode?
>> No. 19727 [Edit]
At this point I don't really expect anything from this show.
>> No. 19729 [Edit]
First time I heard it I expected them to teleport to a world of unlimited blades.
>> No. 19741 [Edit]
"edgy mode" seems like a good name for it. Their combat ability don't seem to noticeably increase. From what I can tell all that happens is they put on some red eye contacts with some bright face paint.
>> No. 19754 [Edit]
Shit's got grimdarker than ever.
>> No. 19763 [Edit]
Not like it wasn't morbid from the get go. Show is about a labrat clone something or other collecting her dad's scattered bodyparts after all.
>> No. 19764 [Edit]
It was. But now it's just trying to be black metal.
Anyway, I keep wondering what kind of silly stuff memory-powered magic can bring about. Can a wizard forget the spell he is casting during incantation? Will we eventually have some masochist mage that can get himself fueled just by hurting himself? Do magical explosions happen when people get amnesia in that world? Oh the possibilites.
>> No. 19765 [Edit]
I'm just wondering why no one thought to build forms of transportation that aren't powered by magic. Where's the sense in building cars so only a select group can use them?
>> No. 19769 [Edit]
maybe they wanted to have some kind of social class divide and give the magic users all the privileges?
>> No. 19771 [Edit]
I would think the more privileged would have their servants do the driving. because the cars seem to have been built for war mainly it seems like they never stopped to think the drivers might get killed and someone else would need to take over.
>> No. 19772 [Edit]
I think you guys are over thinking a really trivial detail.
>> No. 19773 [Edit]
I'd hardly call it trivial when they're looking for fuel in every ep and eyebrows uses her memory for fuel when they run out.

I've gotten that impression long ago just from the op/ed. I went into this fully expecting the possibility of try hard edgy themes and immature violence/gore.
>> No. 19791 [Edit]
I got that a bit too, but bratty kids that like to rape and mutilate women is what really makes it edgy
>> No. 19816 [Edit]
I'm a bit behind on the show but seriously? That'd be an auto drop for me.
>> No. 19833 [Edit]
I think it's just kind of implied is all.
>> No. 19853 [Edit]
File 140374975543.png - (513.67KB , 960x540 , chaika.png )
And it's over. I'll take the second season as a second chance at making the right decision and not pick this show up.
But I'll probably screw up and watch it. Because that's what true brohnos do.

Now to eagerly wait for the Chaika orgy doujins.
>> No. 19857 [Edit]
Count me in too. This show was a steady decline of suck.
>> No. 19860 [Edit]
So is this show worth watching or not? I'm only itnerested in the anime because of the cute girl with the amazing electric eyebrows. I also like the fantasy setting.
>> No. 19867 [Edit]
If you have high tolerance for shitty LN adaptations aimed at horny angsty 15yos you might be able to overlook the bad parts.
The cute girl is annoying as fuck and the fantasy setting is not even that great besides the monster designs.
>> No. 19868 [Edit]
Her eyebrows aren't enough to save this piss poor show.
It started out interesting enough: antihero protags, interesting designs, cool monsters, with a mysterious and potentially interesting plot with some adventure. However the quality goes downhill with each ep, shit just got too dumb for something that trys to be so dark and edgy. what's his face turned out to be a another generic MC and the show became way too focused on his harem rather than the plot.
>> No. 19869 [Edit]
Dropped this after seeing ep 11. The anime was tolerable up till then but got too guro and dark for my tastes.
>> No. 19870 [Edit]
Should've seen 12 at least. Makes for an amusing contrast, if anything.
>> No. 19872 [Edit]
File 140385337714.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_07_[1280x720_H.png )
well that's what had me finish the ep at least, Shit's just so ridiculous. While I don't much like guro I found it funny how the only main character to die up till that point was the character who couldn't be killed anyway, but then in the next ep she randomly shows up again out of nowhere in a weird place/scene for no reason only to get murdered for reals like five seconds after appearing. stuff like that is is just so bizarre and almost comical.

Not like I didn't expect to see blood and gore in this show, but when they do it in such a over the top and childish way in a anime that is essentially a dumb harem adventure it just becomes so annoying. When they have a happy little boy rounding up a town's worth of young girls so he can torture them to death in his flying castle...
stuff like that comes off as trying WAY to hard to be dark and edgy and they're just groaners to me. It reeks of desperation in trying to shock the audience in an otherwise very unremarkable anime. Besides eyebrows what does the show even have going for it? Some of the people who do the writing in this industry really have no self restraint what so ever do they? It's like they think the only way to draw any emotions out of a viewer is to beat them over the head with dead lolis till they cry.
>> No. 19873 [Edit]
File 140385469922.png - (485.27KB , 548x740 , akari best everything.png )
>Besides eyebrows what does the show even have going for it?
Two pairs of things.
>> No. 19874 [Edit]
what would those things be? Is it related to your image? All I see is a close up of someone's butt and chest. I don't understand.
>> No. 19881 [Edit]
>It's like they think the only way to draw any emotions out of a viewer is to beat them over the head with dead lolis till they cry.
lol that is what I have been saying for years!
>> No. 21509 [Edit]
I have to say that the final episode was the best episode of S2.
>> No. 21510 [Edit]
Eyebrows and various female features. Why should I watch this again?
>> No. 21512 [Edit]
You shouldn't, it's crap.
>> No. 21513 [Edit]
>> No. 21529 [Edit]
I tried watching this because the girls are hot, but it was the worst anime I have ever seen.
>> No. 21530 [Edit]
How the hell did this shit get a second season anyway?
>> No. 21531 [Edit]
Because people watched the first season.
>> No. 21569 [Edit]
You haven't seen much anime. This one is pretty good, decent amounts of everything you could really want, what actually more could you want from it?
>> No. 21570 [Edit]
I have seen over 300 anime to completion. Perhaps i'm no anime expert, but I've seen enough to know this show is terrible.
>> No. 21571 [Edit]
>what actually more could you want from it?
A less generic main character.
Less over the top grim dark bullshit for the sake of being edgy.
less moronic plot lines that feel like they're making shit up as they go alone.
None of this harem bullshit.
elements in the anime to be practical and make sense in the universe they inhabit and not just there because some dumb prick thought it looked cool.
Taking serious subject matter seriously, the creators of this shit came off as being really childish and immature.
>> No. 21597 [Edit]
File 141954465815.jpg - (250.49KB , 552x581 , 246.jpg )
>> No. 21691 [Edit]
Wow, to be able to list all that stuff and yet still to have had watched this show anyway; it's a great achievement to be this stupid.
>> No. 21692 [Edit]
It's not like the show hits you with that crap all at once. It actually did seem kinda promising for the first few ep. The quality of this anime can be measured with a downhill slope. I ended up dropping this near the end of the first season.
>> No. 21693 [Edit]
That's a nice opinion you have there.

For me it was good all they way through.

What I call your stupidity is your not being able to discern shows you like from shows you hate from the style. You saw a little girl with a gaint coffin on her back, you expected mature manly man stuff from that?

It is obvious this show wasn't made for you. They make it obvious in their style and art choices. Yet you were incompetent enough to think that it was.
>> No. 21694 [Edit]
Cool assumptions bro.
>> No. 22139 [Edit]
this anime; don't watch it.
>> No. 22140 [Edit]
File 142378899916.jpg - (63.85KB , 1280x720 , [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_~Avenging_Battle~_02_[.jpg )

it's a bit late for that.

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