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File 143370758411.webm - (2.21MB , プロモーション用クリップ.webm )
23262 No. 23262 [Edit]
Okay so I have this kino no tabi doujin album I downloaded from bakabt a few years ago, called "Sound Sketch Reverie" by little wing, it was released in 2002
Since it used to be on bakabt I thought you could find it anywhere but searching the title and a few of the filenames now I could only find japanese sites to buy it from, shitty youtube links, russian torrents, a 73KB zip file and a dead mediafire link. I also checked a few private trackers
Should I reupload it somewhere, would anyone be interested? It's 100MB, complete with scans etc. Don't know of any good reliable sites to upload it
This webm is converted from the mpg PV
>> No. 23275 [Edit]
I'll take that as a no
I would've uploaded it without asking first but that would make my internet unusable for like half a day so I didn't want to do it to have no one downloading it

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