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File 142985572671.jpg - (32.93KB , 343x228 , 14110199776.jpg )
19962 No. 19962 [Edit]
If theres nothing wrong with me then why is life so hard?

I'm doing nothing and its the hardest thing I've done in my life.
>> No. 19963 [Edit]
Just need to do it for harder and longer:

"I have never worked as hard as now. I go for a brief walk in the morning. Then I come home and sit in my room without interruption until about three o’clock. My eyes can barely see. Then with my walking stick in hand I sneak off to the restaurant, but am so weak that I believe that if somebody were to call out my name, I would keel over and die. Then I go home and begin again. In my indolence during the past months I had pumped up a veritable shower bath, and now I have pulled the string and the ideas are cascading down upon me: healthy, happy, merry, gay, blessed children born with ease and yet all of them with the birthmark of my personality."

-Soren Kierkegaard
>> No. 19964 [Edit]
life sucks and then you die
>> No. 19965 [Edit]
I don't know. I want to die but I'm too scared of the process. It's like I'm trapped here by that fear until nature takes care of it for me, probably more painfully than I would have.
>> No. 19966 [Edit]
If you are anything like me life is hard because I grew up thinking the world/society was different from what it really, and then you get older and its like WTF THIS ISN'T HOW IT WAS BEFORE, but the truth is it was, and no one told you how it was, so its this foreign thing that you don't know how to interact with.
>> No. 19984 [Edit]

Damn. Very true.
>> No. 19985 [Edit]
Would you care to elaborate?
>> No. 19988 [Edit]
You need a purpose, without purpose you are nothing.
>> No. 19989 [Edit]
That's not true.
>> No. 19990 [Edit]
The purpose can be Being Nothing.
>> No. 19993 [Edit]
Thats unrelated I think, I see nothing wrong with being nothing if thats what we actually are. We could still enjoy our life and what it offers, more so if you were given good cards since born ie richfag. Though I see the need for purpose when you lead a hard life in general where waking up everyday is a monumental task.
>> No. 20002 [Edit]
Then you're already dead.
We all share the purpose of keeping ourselves alive but for our complex minds this isn't enough. To be content with oneself, one must find their own purpose of being. Without purpose you'll fall into depression and you'll lose the will to live. Being rich does not have make you content with your life, but it will make you more comfortable. You can lead a hard life and still be content with your life.

So seriously just find a purpose that makes it all worth it so you don't kill yourself brohnos.

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