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File 140303358014.png - (1.29MB , 1080x1080 , eb5920475c92f8faa2a93217ea6b41b3.png )
15798 No. 15798 [Edit]
Know how you start enjoying something less when you realise a or several persons likes that thing way more than you do? Like a game or an anime show.

Ever felt like that about characters which other people have as their waifu?

Edit: Changed "dislike" to "enjoy less".

Post edited on 17th Jun 2014, 5:43pm
>> No. 15799 [Edit]
No, not really. If I truly like something, I'm not going to be affected by popular opinion.
>> No. 15800 [Edit]
Not really. There have been times when I thought a character was shitty annoying or what have you only to find they become someone's waifu. If nothing else it just makes me think there might be something to the character I overlooked.
>> No. 15801 [Edit]
I've never disliked a character because she's someone's waifu, if anything it makes me take a second look at the character.
>> No. 15802 [Edit]
Quite the opposite. In fact, whenever I see a character I like I usually find myself thinking "Hope I'll find someone who has him/her for his/her husbando/waifu someday."
>> No. 15803 [Edit]
Opposite, I usually like a character more when people express their love for them. For example I hated Azusa from K-ON until I met a friend who had her as his waifu and I appreciated her a lot more.
>> No. 15805 [Edit]
If it's a character I didn't find particularly interesting to begin with, I might get intrigued if I discover that someone feels a special way about that character. It's almost like I'm thinking: "good for her" (read: the character).

However if there's a character I feel strongly about, but not in that kind of way, I'll often get annoyed - like I'm some overprotective friend or family member.
>> No. 15886 [Edit]
that's a lot of shows...
>> No. 15890 [Edit]
I've thought that as well. It was rather pleasant to feel that way about a character and then discover somebody who was in love with them. Said character really deserved it in my opinion.

There's some others who I'm just surprised I haven't seen anybody say they love them yet -- could easily be loved by somebody who would rather keep it to themselves or somebody I haven't found yet.

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