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File 139501906225.jpg - (199.18KB , 500x338 , 20140310_battle10.jpg )
18895 No. 18895 [Edit]
>shows that start off fun for the first seven eps and then have a "serious" arc at the end.
i don't like this

inb4 "who are you quoting" and other 4chan memes
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>> No. 18896 [Edit]
File 139502054395.jpg - (153.71KB , 999x1000 , 1393318190534.jpg )
please don't misuse the quote feature.
Also, the Original Poster can't inb4.

You could have saved 6 characters by typing out "I don't like shows that [...]"

I, personally, strongly dislike when shows that are overall light hearted as hell, and then at some point switch over to soulcrushing sadness.
Macademy Wasshoi's episode 10 scarred me with that one. Even when it was played off as a joke and everything was fixed the next episode.
That was really, really unfair what they did.
>> No. 18901 [Edit]
the thing about shows like that is that because the first 7 eps are good you feel entitled to expect that the last 4 eps will be good. if the last 4 eps suck, that should just make you feel even more lucky that you got to enjoy the good eps.
on most shows, every episode sucks and you don't even watch it at all.
>> No. 18902 [Edit]
ooops i didn't mean to kakusu

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