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File 143278092482.jpg - (87.10KB , 542x450 , 1425475790945.jpg )
20175 No. 20175 [Edit]
I'd rather procrastinate myself to ruin than work on my assignment. Even if procrastinating causes me to fail classes, lose thousands of dollars and destroy my career. I read all the articles and advice on procrastination already. They keep telling me to do things like split up a large task into smaller ones but I'm too lazy to even do that.
>> No. 20176 [Edit]
theres some quote that when you procrastimate you'll be forced to take the worser option anyways. you'll lose more than thousands, at least tens of thousands as your salary is lower every year too.
>> No. 20178 [Edit]
There's no hope then, I guess. Well, aside from the fact that you're making the effort to share this with us, which implies that you haven't completely given up. Personally I wake up in the last minute to pull myself through. But leading up to that is a constant state of pushing and postponing. The pain is higher than the gain no matter how I look at it. I'm not proud of this trait.
>> No. 20179 [Edit]
>They keep telling me to do things like split up a large task into smaller ones but I'm too lazy to even do that.
When talking about not work specifically, I kind of use this to clean my apartment. I'm too lazy to regularly tidy it so this is the only way to go when my place starts to look disgusting, I guess.
>> No. 20181 [Edit]
Same here OP, it's ruining my life and I fear that the future I have painstakingly planned for myself will be just that, a plan, because I will most likely just procrastinate on it untill I die.

I've tried getting help for it, but it's all useless.
>> No. 20220 [Edit]
I procrastinated myself to ruin. Think I'm going to be catching the bus soon.
>> No. 20221 [Edit]
Same boat. Already went through a bunch of organization schemes, meditation, study techniques and whatever else, nothing sticks.
>> No. 20222 [Edit]
Catching the bus?
>> No. 20224 [Edit]

>> No. 20226 [Edit]
Good luck man.
>> No. 20231 [Edit]
Same here. I hate doing stuff everything feels so exhausting and I rather do nothing, plus I constantly feel tired. Mot of the time I just want to sleep. I hope I will be reborn as the God of Sloth.
>> No. 20232 [Edit]
I've drawn an online study course to two years. I can't get it done. I'm constantly tormented by brain fog and self doubt. Normies get this done because they can support each other.
>> No. 20233 [Edit]
>normies get this done because they can support each other

Not really, more often than not the smartest kids in my class were the quiet kids no one really talked to.
>> No. 20234 [Edit]
Do you think some of those kids ever end up here?
>> No. 20237 [Edit]
The smarter kids usually become depressed and burned out when they grow older.
Unless youre a fucking retard/idiot as a normie you shouldnt have problems with school.
I bet alot of them are now in the dumps.
>> No. 20238 [Edit]
Ha, I grew up in the suburbs with a bunch of rich Asians. Even if the smart ones make it all the way here and become parents I could see they were all dead inside during those family meetups.
>> No. 20264 [Edit]
I procrastinated myself to ruin already
Currently working as a laborer for my dad, but he's annoying so I'll try and find a shitty McDonalds or cashier job and ride on the minimum wage train until it crashes.
>> No. 20287 [Edit]
What are you afraid of OP?
Ive procrastinated until ive failed 4 semesters in a row and lost a lot of money but it helped dispel the illusions of life.
It is a game and you must treat it as such if you want to enjoy yourself.
>> No. 20290 [Edit]
The fox and the grapes.
>> No. 20291 [Edit]
>it helped dispel the illusions of life
Such as?
>> No. 20934 [Edit]
Same here. I'd really rather stare at a blank wall 24/7 than do even a minimal amount of work.

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