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File 132709672177.png - (1.49MB , 1280x720 , grab25769.png )
8242 No. 8242 [Edit]
Why no thread for this show?

Loli everywhere!
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>> No. 8244 [Edit]
I think someone made a thread for it the day before yesterday, but it got deleted becuase OP was a fucktard.
>> No. 8247 [Edit]
Cocktease, cocktease
>> No. 8291 [Edit]
File 132746123034.jpg - (44.27KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - 03 [.jpg )
All I want to see is cute girls doing cute, fun things, why is this show so depressing? Goddamn it Japan, this is the biggest bait and switch you've pulled on me in recent times.
>> No. 8292 [Edit]

It is impossible to have a cute girl SoL without at least one shitty "drama" episode.
>> No. 8293 [Edit]
Yuru Yuri's drama episode was funny, because of the ridiculousness of the drama and the fact the solution was to beat the shit out of Kyoko
>> No. 8294 [Edit]
But they usually save those for the last or second last episode. A SoL that begins with drama is quite new for me.
>> No. 8302 [Edit]
File 132755486083.png - (1.17MB , 1280x720 , grab30585.png )
This show is oddly depressing yet fulfilling.
>> No. 8345 [Edit]
I just catched up with this.
Very promising.
>> No. 8767 [Edit]
File 133117770134.jpg - (100.49KB , 547x298 , papa 8.jpg )
A date with a pretty and joyful (yet melancholic) 11yo girl, just eating, shoping, hanging out and playing around... this episode was *THIS* close to be enjo kousai. I loved it.
>> No. 8775 [Edit]

Poor Nimura, he hanged out with her all day long and in the end he didn't score...

Also, it's funny how Sako calls Miu's voice 'angelic'. Damn right Sako, Kitamura Eri is the loli voice.
>> No. 8780 [Edit]
File 133133706390.jpg - (81.62KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - 09 [.jpg )
Oh man I love this show

I could barely handle all this Miu, the episode was so pleasant with no bullshit cliffhanger to make me depressed.

I'm also extremely pleased with Nimura, wasn't really expecting it out of him for some reason
>> No. 8802 [Edit]
Is Baka-Tsuki intentionally holding up the release v2c2 translation ? They have translated up until v3c1.
>> No. 9080 [Edit]
File 133287594830.jpg - (81.55KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - 06 [.jpg )
I like this show.
>> No. 9094 [Edit]
File 133298848893.jpg - (145.76KB , 585x316 , at last 0.jpg )
Wow, not the end I expected (they sure trolled us good with the episode's preview)...

It wasn't Clannad, to compare it with something else around the (alleged) subject of family; but it was a nice series to watch. Also: of course, goddammit! that was the first part of the solution; give them their house back...

Anyway: thanks again, Japan, for all the loli.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2012, 7:36pm
>> No. 9104 [Edit]
File 133312777137.jpg - (294.53KB , 1280x2160 , TiV3.jpg )
I did it again. I watched another subpar show just because Kitamura Emi was voicing some character.

I do it once a year every year and just one season into 2012 year I've already donne my quota. On top of that last year I promised not to fall for the same trick in our OniiKoto thread. I made the same promise in 2010 after Highschool of the Dead. This, OniiKoto, HotD, I'm-too-lazy-to-check-what-it-was-in-2009, Toradora. Should've dropped all of them, I didn't drop a single one. Oh well.

>give them their house back

I wonder if it really solves the problem. I don't remember how much he was paying for his old apartment (they mentioned it somehwere in the series - 70k?) but I imagine the bills will be bigger in a bigger house (although the margin might not be big if they will save money properly), commuting cost will rise (for Yuuta) and they couldn't even keep a small place tidy.

Well, whatever.

Also, I'm pretty sure they never explicitly stated the girls' parents are dead. From what I gather they sort of wnet missing. Basically they were involved in a plane crash (IIRC) and that's all we've ever heard. Nothing about recovering their remnants or anything. I mean come on, we had people survive falls from planes exploding at 10000m altitude - wierd stuff happens every once in a while.

I'm saying this just in case the author plans to use a ZOMG-WHAT-A-TWEEST scenario in the final 'chapter' (not literally, I know this is based on LNs) of the series. If that really is the case the publishers should make him commit sudoku after he'll be done with the series.

Oh, and here's a bonus for TiV.
>> No. 9125 [Edit]
File 133319931166.png - (4.33KB , 369x369 , 6a00d83426b77b53ef00e54f5937388834-800wi.png )
>make him commit sudoku

thanks for the smile.
>> No. 9160 [Edit]
Why didn't the relatives simply give them money so he wouldn't have had to work?
>> No. 9163 [Edit]

Because it was the logical solution.

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