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File 136518937057.png - (588.79KB , 708x945 , ede197d134e0a017b4a9850982da215e.png )
14742 No. 14742 [Edit]
Second season of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.
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>> No. 14746 [Edit]
I hate the characters so very, very much.
>> No. 14751 [Edit]
How nice of you to share that.
>> No. 14780 [Edit]
I sort of agree, Nyaruko is the only likable character in my opinion.
>> No. 14793 [Edit]
Exactly my opinion on the matter. Hasuta and Kuuko just serve as annoyances and obstacles in Nyaruko's way really.
>> No. 14803 [Edit]
File 136536788958.jpg - (154.86KB , 1280x720 , kuko mib.jpg )
This show didn't miss a beat.
>> No. 14804 [Edit]
The new OP is catchy as hell. I might prefer it to the first season's OP.
>> No. 14856 [Edit]
You don't even know how many times I listened to it before this show aired, it is extremely catchy.
>> No. 14861 [Edit]
Yes, I agree as well. I have a tab open with it that I've been listening to every 15 mins for the past few days.
>> No. 14877 [Edit]
Why don't you just download it? It's much more convenient that way.
>> No. 14882 [Edit]
I'm too lazy...
>> No. 14990 [Edit]
Someone care to remind me why everyone loves Mahiro so much?
>> No. 15003 [Edit]

...but I still want a gay horse gay horse, I wanna gay horse.
>> No. 15249 [Edit]
I'm just wondering becuase it seems the entire universe loves the guy with aliens sneaking their way onto earth just to see him or whatever.
Even Cthuko the lesbian rival who hated him before seems to have a thing for him now.
>> No. 15251 [Edit]
Because he is a harem MC. Every girl is automatically after his dick. Although I wouldn't technically call it a harem since it is obvious who will win, if MC stops being a raging faggot.
>> No. 15795 [Edit]
The EDs for this are really fun and great.

>> No. 15811 [Edit]
Thats a given that should go without saying, I'm talking about in the anime universe reasons.
>> No. 16200 [Edit]
File 137205738314.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , red rocket.png )
Red rocket! red rocket!
>> No. 18274 [Edit]
I prefer the OP
Surrounded by all those guys.. so brazen!
>> No. 18297 [Edit]
3rd season- when?

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