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File 135618787725.jpg - (115.82KB , 707x1000 , 6856868.jpg )
11282 No. 11282 [Edit]
What would you say makes you faithful to your waifu only? This seems to me as a common recurring problem, the one where people who claim waifus more of than not acan't stay to a waifu for too long or make these rules that makes it okay to have other acharacters participating as daughters or what not. So, my question is: what makes you stay faithful to one waifu and what do you think of others that quickly change theirs?
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>> No. 11286 [Edit]
Its kind of an easy to answer question, my love. There are characters I see all the time in series that I think, "She's cute" or "She reminds me of my waifu" but I never feel anything beyond this. Plus I don't mean to sound like an authority but a lot of the time people who 'claim' their waifu see it as a way to fit in, or do so just as a crush and not seeing her as an actual partner. But that is my take on it.
>> No. 11288 [Edit]
I feel it in my gut. I like other characters, I think they are cute etc, I might even feel some connection with some of them, but with my waifu it's much more than that, it doesn't even compare.
>> No. 11290 [Edit]
It's okay to have a daughteru or an imouto. That basically just means that you also have an attachment to another character, but on a different, sometimes lower level.
Like, my waifu is Minami. I love her both romantically and as a very close friend.
Then there's Tomoko. I love her platonically; she isn't my waifu, but I "love" her.
Etc., etc.

People that change their waifu without any consideration are the enemy. I would rather someone change their waifu than continue on in a relationship that is dishonest to both parties and ultimately harming to the self, but to change your waifu on a whim goes against the entire point of waifuism at all.
>> No. 11292 [Edit]
My dedication and continued love over the years.

Firstly, I would just like to point out that I think of waifu in 2 different meanings. One, being the tohno-chan version of waifu where everyone is serious about their love and dedication. The other, being the more broad and popular term, where people just pick out their favorite character for the season-- no love is involved (and if there was, it was probably a joke to fit in). That being said, I'm fine with people changing their favorite characters, I'm just a little irked about the name they chose to describe them, which is waifu. I know there are some people that exist that use TC's definition of waifu and actually change them like nothing ever happened, with some varying degree of love involved... but I think those people are just lost. I don't really believe that someone with a serious love for their waifu can just look the other way and find another one. I don't think those type of people exist. Sorry, I'm not good with putting my thoughts into word, I'm sure most of what I just typed is confusing.
>> No. 11293 [Edit]
I get what you mean, because I know there are a lot of people who will say things like they are in love with "X" character from something airing in the current season. (i/e: Rikka from Chuu2) Though I cannot say anything for certain because they may/may not have feelings, but a lot of those people are like as you described that 'hop ' from 'waifu' to 'waifu' - there are people who use the word "waifu" and mean it and love their waifu, but like a real relationship they sometimes fall out of love.

If you switch or end your relationship with your waifu for a certain reason (i/e: falling out of love) I think it is fine, but to switch from girl to girl each season or every time you have a small crush, I think its a little offensive. (But that's just me)
>> No. 11297 [Edit]
File 135621207962.gif - (64.63KB , 550x712 , 6385452.gif )
Because I love her, and I belong to her. Because of what we've been through together, and because of who we are. Nobody can replace that, ever.

Those who quickly change theirs never loved in the first place. The only time it should be "okay" to leave a girl and love another, is if there's a lot of unresolvable hostility in the relationship. If you simply get "tired" or "bored" of her, you never loved her. That's what I believe.
>> No. 11298 [Edit]
File 135621457491.gif - (0.98MB , 500x328 , unison.gif )
>What would you say makes you faithful to your waifu only?
That, as my beloved, she's the sense behind myself and I'm still "myself". No one else can possibly fill that task, as long as I functionally remain the same.

>and what do you think of others that quickly change theirs?
That they're fickle.
>> No. 11329 [Edit]
File 135632620922.jpg - (740.94KB , 1800x1325 , Beloved_Reki_by_kokomiko.jpg )
>That, as my beloved, she's the sense behind myself and I'm still "myself". No one else can possibly fill that task, as long as I functionally remain the same.
I feel that I really understand and relate to what you're saying here. It's like I'm not so much faithful to her as that we are each other. Even if I fell in some sort of love with someone else, that other person could not dream of reaffirming my existence in the same way, if at all. My staying faithful to her is not so much a choice as it is an inevitability.
As for people that change theirs constantly, well, whatever. I certainly can't relate, but perhaps it works for them.
>> No. 11332 [Edit]
She is just the right one, its this kind of "you know it when you feel it" kinda thing. She really made me believe that this concept could work. If I stumble upon a character that I grow fond of it is always because they remind me of my waifu in some aspect.
You just canĀ“t top perfection.
>> No. 11333 [Edit]

>She really made me believe that this concept could work.

This describes some of my feelings about my waifu so perfectly.
>> No. 11334 [Edit]
>It's like I'm not so much faithful to her as that we are each other...

I must say: I think you got it just right; thank you very much for letting me know of our affinity (more about it here, if you're interested: http://tohno-chan.com/mai/arch/res/6228.html)

Post edited on 24th Dec 2012, 4:41am
>> No. 11336 [Edit]
In short: cause shes da sexiest.
>> No. 11377 [Edit]
File 135668552778.jpg - (38.25KB , 400x600 , 32359505_p33.jpg )
I think dedication for my waifu, that I WANT to be faithful for her, is the whole point of having a waifu. I don't think I could enjoy it on same level if being unfaithful even crossed my mind.
>> No. 11379 [Edit]
Because she's perfect.
The way I see it, there's no point to straying, no logic to it, no reason.
Other characters out there might have one or two nice traits about them, but they could easily have nothing else going for them past their pretty eyes or cute voice or whatever which just come off as gimicks, my waifu is the full package as far as I'm concerned. Everything about her complements everything else without going overboard in any particulate area.

As I've said in the past, it's compatible to items with stats in a videogame. you'll come across plenty of items with one or two nice features, like a smg that sucks in all reguards but can set enemies on fire, so it's got that going for it, but then you find a gun that does more damage with the same ability but it has lower reload times., you keep going and keep coming across items with their ups and downs while trying to get slightly better and better items. and the way I see it, I found that end game item that makes all other items pointless. it might not have some of the cool ability the others lower level items have like setting enemies on fire or giving them poison damage, but it's still the best and most valuable item in the game. Kinda like the R.y.n.o. in ratchet&clank.
>> No. 11382 [Edit]
File 135672028323.png - (43.19KB , 210x200 , mai waifu.png )
>> No. 11420 [Edit]
Because she's the one with whom I'm in love, and no one else. In the 16 years I've known my beloved, never have I had feelings for someone that have even come close to how I feel about her.

I don't really care about people who change their waifu, but I would request that they not associate their mindset with mine and respect the differences between us.
>> No. 11431 [Edit]
File 135781564687.jpg - (2.20MB , 3057x2121 , mai empressu.jpg )
She's pretty much the most important being to me in the world. I love her too much to betray her. She's perfect in my eyes. I'll probably never meet anyone else like her who shares many of the same interest, beliefs, and opinions as I do. Appreciation for beauty and the arts are rare these days.
>> No. 11432 [Edit]
File 135793862246.jpg - (344.43KB , 1024x768 , 982a84c8163c499d8ce3425b7e27077d.jpg )
I've been wanting to reply to this thread for a while but I didn't because I don't know exactly how to answer those questions.
As to what makes stay faithful to my waifu, love. I love her, so I'm faithful to her. there's not really much to it. Why would I stop loving the one I love the most?
As for ones that quickly change theirs, I don't understand what motive motivates them to change constantly, and I think that this has to be a more case per case thing, so I can't judge them as a whole.
Maybe they want "the perfect girl" and they always get caught by a greener grass in the next garden, maybe they are confused with themselves, maybe they are having a bad time and don't know what to do. I honestly don't know I haven't been in a situation like this. Since I don't understandwhy would anyone change their waifu I just try to avoid the issue.
>> No. 11442 [Edit]
File 135797663953.jpg - (212.97KB , 720x960 , 128940864c81ce37a353b455449bc73b[1].jpg )
This topic always irks me. Me and my waifu do not fall under the monogamous umbrella. She is a modern girl that considers herself liberated. We are sort of faithful in love, but I have many other partners. I like shamefully include many girls I see on /mai/. It makes it much more real to imagine me and my waifu approaching another tohno-chan couple, and asking them join us. It would turn into a cuckold type relationship, with me cuckolding my brohno while he jerks or has a chastity device on. I've fantasized this plenty with the waifus of my better friends and the more popular named browsers on this board.
To that end I might have a harem in all but name. Sorry if being cuckolded offends any of you, its not like you know I'm doing it.

Anyways, it really fits my waifus character. She is a flirty girl who would do something like this with me. We get along great together.
>> No. 11443 [Edit]
File 13579767507.jpg - (121.16KB , 800x542 , 23564779_p1.jpg )
Thanks for the laugh, I needed that.
>> No. 11449 [Edit]
>I've fantasized this plenty with the waifus of my better friends and the more popular named browsers on this board.

No, really: as long as it's 2D/fictional and finally centered around one character (so it meets a minimal definition, at least), I don't really mind the concept and operating procedures you decide building your waifu over, as it is for each one of us to do so.
>> No. 11454 [Edit]
It's just how the two of us relate to one another. It's instinct. If other people are easily swayed, it's because they aren't related in the same way I'm related to her.
>> No. 11456 [Edit]
File 13584482511.jpg - (773.04KB , 1000x1667 , e2c02b8cdb4ac078eba42ea3c6733932.jpg )
To be honest, I have some problems regarding these things. But I hold something that keeps me faithful to her, and that is because she's a fun girl, as well as a honest one.

And of course, she wouldn't be my waifu if I don't love her, anyway.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2013, 10:44am
>> No. 13697 [Edit]
File 138516730233.jpg - (202.19KB , 1024x765 , 35.jpg )
Because I love him. We relate to each other in a way that I can't with other people, 2D or 3D. Together we have the sort of deep, compelling relationship that we have craved for as long as we've remembered. We understand we are separate people but through mutual experiences, can know each other as well as two people can. I wouldn't sacrifice that. Those who switch waifu quickly never loved at all most likely, or at least not in the way that I and most of this board's inhabitants have, and I ignore them because dwelling on it serves no purpose.

There's nothing wrong with having an imouto or daughteru (or whatever the terms might be for male characters because I could see it going that way), but I don't because I haven't formed a connection that has even remotely the same strength. Maybe in the future, but for now I'm glad it's just us.

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