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File 145075917895.jpg - (32.70KB , 800x524 , top-happy-new-year-2016-wallpaper.jpg )
19290 No. 19290 [Edit]
Do you have anything you want to improve on for her this upcoming year?
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>> No. 19291 [Edit]
File 145076484098.jpg - (77.46KB , 713x533 , NGE-remastered_ep23(Directors Cut)[A2000A][Divx-AC.jpg )
There is stuff I have to do, now or never, but I'm barely living by now to be honest. I'm drained of all energy, meaning and purpose, thus with almost no sense of time at all. I really don't have a good answer to give this time.
>> No. 19292 [Edit]
File 145077069150.jpg - (32.21KB , 235x291 , Kanako (10).jpg )
Not really..
>> No. 19296 [Edit]
More reflections coming at the end of the year, but for now I'll just say finish the current sequel to her series (she's my OC) and improve on the potbelly I got this year (just from being sedentary I guess)
>> No. 19312 [Edit]
I want to get into better physical shape.
>> No. 19316 [Edit]
File 145097420120.jpg - (161.47KB , 712x1252 , kagura_fan_art.jpg )
I want to get back into the swing of exercising, and hopefully I'll finally own some music making software to start making music again. I'd love to make some for her in the coming year.
>> No. 19349 [Edit]
File 145167235815.jpg - (446.61KB , 1200x750 , 50384745_p3_master1200.jpg )
I promised not to lie, not to plot against anyone, not to gossip, and not to act like a coward.

The last one will be really hard since it requires knowing when fear is affecting my decision-making.
>> No. 19350 [Edit]
I want to take part in a 10k run this year.
Perhaps joining one of those awareness races.
>> No. 19351 [Edit]
File 145176313215.jpg - (97.10KB , 529x728 , christmas_icon.jpg )
To get more involved in what I am passionate in, instead of just what gets me by.
>> No. 19362 [Edit]
I hope to get a bodypillow this year, I've been money and the company that made her may stop selling them, due too her being from an eroge. I also plan on going to WallMart and printing a few images (if I'm not too embarased) and framing them.
>> No. 19364 [Edit]
File 145206367398.jpg - (44.05KB , 484x534 , Asuka frown.jpg )
I feel you fellow Asukafag. Was going to respond way earlier. The ennui seems to be at an all time high.
>> No. 19377 [Edit]
I didn't really have any New Year Resolutions. Thinking about it now though, I would say it's the resolution I've always had: to love her more and more every day.
>> No. 19378 [Edit]
To concentrate on learning Japanese (so I can read my beloved's series in its original language), to continue to work on some creative projects for him and keep up my fitness.

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