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File 139702471913.jpg - (10.46KB , 259x194 , 139646237058.jpg )
23911 No. 23911 [Edit]
I am Haruhi Damn Sick of every company I do business with thinking they have the Haruhi given right to my phone number, date of birth, address, and employment information. What the actual airwolf. I don't want to marry you, I just want my airwolfing laptop that I'm paying for with my money.

The culture of privacy invasion people are creating by mindlessly spreading the inanities of their lives all over the everything is destroying my rights and I'm sick of it.
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>> No. 23912 [Edit]
Airwolf? I haven't heard that in a while.

Anyway, yeah, those freemasons can airwolf themselves.
>> No. 23913 [Edit]
We live in a really Airwolfed up age. I for one just give fake phone numbers and one of my dozen or so emails based on weather or not I want them sending me messages and how likely it is they'll sell my information to spammers and the like.
>> No. 23914 [Edit]
has your privacy been invaded? if they contact you, you can request to be taken off their mailing list. honestly this is one of the dumbest things to be mad about.
>> No. 23915 [Edit]
File 13970370577.jpg - (264.71KB , 964x1268 , youdontunderstand.jpg )
>> No. 23917 [Edit]
What the fuck is airwolf
>> No. 23918 [Edit]
I'm mother airwolfing tired of these mother airwolfing companys getting all up in my mother airwolfing personal information!
>> No. 23919 [Edit]
If that was how spam worked I wouldn't have 400 messages a week from horny marred women looking for a fun time, discount auto insurance in my area, and 'paypall' login requests. Yeah the dehumanizing practice having your personal information harvested and sold off to whoever thinks they can make a buck off you like a commodity is really something silly to get upset about.
>> No. 23942 [Edit]
Raw Daog you are insane
>> No. 23944 [Edit]
you actually get spam? it all goes to my junk email folder. the only things that end up in my real mailbox are emails from reputable companies that you can unsubscribe from.
>> No. 23945 [Edit]
>it all goes to my junk email folder.
So you do too.
>reputable companies
spam is spam, don't matter who it comes from.
>> No. 23959 [Edit]
> culture of privacy invasion

I hope you don't use FB then (google "top ten reasons you should quit facebook")
>> No. 23960 [Edit]
I sincerely doubt anyone on this website uses facebook
>> No. 23966 [Edit]
I don't get spam often and if I do it's just from websites I'm actually or the odd actual spam message from anywhere which goes to the junk folder. I also don't use gmail anymore which is probably even better for me.

I think google respects your privacy as much as facebook, in other words none of the big companies like that do. I mean you really can't get away from it all since data harvesting is everywhere, someone somewhere is going to have easy access to information on you no matter what.
>> No. 24036 [Edit]
>spam is spam, don't matter who it comes from.

when I say 'reputable companies' I mean companies that are sending me email for a reason, like I bought something from them and they decided to send me their newsletter but it actually has an opt-out link.

as opposed to the other kind of spam which is about nigerian prince, viagra, oakley sunglasses, you won the lottery etc.

>someone somewhere is going to have easy access to information on you no matter what.

nobody cares about your information specifically. its not like there is a guy at Facebook HQ who walks into his office each morning, goes to the filing cabinet, pulls out Anon's file and has a chuckle about which websites he visited today. they only want to target advertising to you, which isn't the worst thing in the world. the fact that the NSA are doing this worries me a lot more.
>> No. 25049 [Edit]
I only need one.
Not OP but anybody as paranoid as OP wont use facebook, and probably doesn't use google either.
>> No. 25053 [Edit]
Not wanting the company you're working for to know where you live isn't being paranoid
>> No. 25062 [Edit]
If they place you on any sort of mailing list or send you any sort of newsletter or anything else that is not directly concerning a transaction that you made with them that you did not explicitly opt in to with a three-way handshake for confirmation then it is spam.

And anyways, a lot of spam has an "opt-out" link that leads to a malicious page or just serves to confirm that your address is valid and that there is a human reading mail there.
>> No. 25063 [Edit]
If thats how you want to define spam, sure.

But there is a difference between a business sending promotions to their customers (which is legal, at least where I live) and the other kind of spam (viagra, nigerian prince, SEO bullshit etc.)

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