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File 134655079716.png - (16.30KB , 113x193 , sofia-rune-factory-3.png )
10266 No. 10266 [Edit]
Initially I was really perplexed by this board. I read through it out of curiosity and admittedly snickered to myself a bit. What I never expected is that I actually started to feel similar things. I don't know guys, what do? Teach me the ways of having a waifu. Pic related it's Sophia from rune factory 3!
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>> No. 10267 [Edit]
Don't think, feel, and you'll be waifuman.
>> No. 10268 [Edit]
>Pic related it's Sophia
We kind of knew her, already... >>280
>> No. 10269 [Edit]
File 134656364821.png - (528.07KB , 600x600 , 2132070.png )
Give it time.
Also, nobody can teach you "the ways" because it's (generally) entirely different from person to person
>> No. 10270 [Edit]
Although each person has their own ways of interpreting having a "waifu", there are many similarities that each share. I think the best thing for you is to just go with what you know and if things get confusing, lurk because there are a whole bunch of threads in here detailing most problems.
>> No. 10272 [Edit]
>We kind of knew her, already

Oh I see. What's the policy on sharing waifus?
>> No. 10273 [Edit]
There's no "policy". You just happen to love the same character as someone else. Nothing more, nothing less.
>> No. 10274 [Edit]
File 134661454318.png - (375.16KB , 600x889 , bf1c03b6288bf4907d34d6144edf9b3d-d3euhbm.png )

That's pretty awesome. I like the positivity.
>> No. 10277 [Edit]
Counterproductive: feelings are culturally biased (we're not jedi). Must work on your thought, a lot, to free your feelings.

Find your own definitions, OP; build your own world, follow your own path... Find if you can.
>> No. 10278 [Edit]
jedi had feelings to, the prequels showed they were capable of a wide range of emotions. you're probably thinking Vulcan.
>> No. 10280 [Edit]
Honestly I was just joking, since his advice reminded me of Yoda's word. However it is interesting because, disregard of the breed, Jedi live indeed between contradictory ways: the need to rely on their feelings over their thoughts at some degree, for the midichlorians to work, versus the need of finally keeping a cool and rational head not to fall into the dark side (while some pursue the discovery of the unifying force, as a form of balance that resembles some sort of zen/bushido stuff). In that way, and as the known joke stands for, I think many of us 2D lovers are closer to the dark side, since it is attachment, obsession, suffering and love where we get actual strenght from.

Vulcans, for this matter, seem to stand somewhere closer to Kyubey's race:
- "In our culture, the phenomenon called emotion is only a mental disorder."
...which is worth of consideration, as well.
>> No. 10290 [Edit]
File 134672489335.jpg - (578.80KB , 719x1000 , 1305676559363.jpg )
You fail to acknowledge that it's a false dichotomy. Why does it have to be a choice between feeling and thinking? Why does the one have to rule the other? True strength lies in letting thought guide emotion, and letting emotion empower thought. That is how my beloved lived, and as such, it is the path laid for me.
>> No. 10300 [Edit]

This. 'Waifu' is one of those terms that could potentially have as many definitions as there are people who try to define it.

Basically if you really hate Sophia she's your waifu, that's all there is to it, really.
>> No. 10302 [Edit]

I HATE her a lot.
>> No. 10303 [Edit]
File 134678255982.jpg - (120.32KB , 500x388 , Tumblr_llhwab9xIj1qzp9weo1_500.jpg )

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