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File 142372234821.png - (1.20MB , 1366x768 , int.png )
26253 No. 26253 [Edit]
Do you have any hobbies outside of the computer?
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>> No. 26254 [Edit]
I'd probably be into guns and cars if I could but I don't have the money for either and one is pretty much banned, unless you want to spend thousands to buy a shitty 9mm
>> No. 26255 [Edit]
hobbies cost money.
>> No. 26260 [Edit]
I play guitar but don't really practice anymore after I failed an exam for it last year. Sometimes when I don't know what to do I just play stuff randomly for awhile.
>> No. 26261 [Edit]
File 142372605645.jpg - (48.66KB , 865x233 , 1421880542598.jpg )
Looking at it objectively, not really.
>> No. 26265 [Edit]
All my hobbies are tied to the computer somehow, so no, not really.
>> No. 26267 [Edit]
Well, I techically play consoles as well.

I would say 'books' but lately when I read something I read it on my PC. So no, not really, my life begins with my PC and it ends there as well.
>> No. 26268 [Edit]
I grew some chillies. Guess that's not really a hobby though given that it doesn't involve doing anything.
>> No. 26271 [Edit]
figure collecting and i also buy physical manga when i can. i also like playing games on my ps3 and portable consoles. if you mean "time away from a screen", then it's only really the physical manga. i also try a lot of different types of tea, but i do that while sitting at my computer.
>> No. 26275 [Edit]
what anime is that?
>> No. 26276 [Edit]
I think it's from the black lagoon ova.
>> No. 26278 [Edit]
yep, black lagoon omake 1st ep
>> No. 26281 [Edit]
Figure collecting, fine liquor, various forms of tobacco.
>> No. 26289 [Edit]
it would be a stretch to say the computer/internet is a hobby for me.

I used to bicycle a lot. bike's broke and I want to get a new one. but the one i want is quite expensive. i could buy it but can't justify it in my mind. so like most aspects of my life i'll just do nothing instead.
>> No. 26290 [Edit]
I like to bike too, but its a bit cold for me to do that now
>> No. 27064 [Edit]
I exercise, read and sometimes play the piano.
>> No. 27067 [Edit]
I like to read books on psychology and philosophy, and I write a lot of things.

I also occasionally make computer games and edit music.

Outside of that, nothing much.
>> No. 27165 [Edit]
I used to fish a lot but I haven't done it recently
>> No. 27184 [Edit]
I like to grow plants.
>> No. 27186 [Edit]
Like other anons here, I'd like to shoot guns, drive around, travel, and even try out the piano. But all that requres money, I'd also like to decorate my room and even buy a daiki of my waifu, but that also require privacy and I don't have that either. Hell, I would even lift weights if I was allowed to change my diet.
>> No. 27187 [Edit]
You can travel very cheaply, but it requires good knowledge and organisation skills.
>> No. 27188 [Edit]
I'm aware, too bad I don't even have a penny to my name, I'd get a job if I wasn't attending college.

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