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File 130715637929.png - (1.56MB , 1680x988 , 2011-06-03_21_41_20.png )
3268 No. 3268 [Edit]
Original thread: >>1

I figured that it's time for a new thread considering how long the old one is and how hard it is to find important stuff (such as the SMP server's IP) in that thread. So here we go.

Tohno-chan Minecraft server: (type it in manually, copying and pasting it doesn't always work)

This server is compatable with pirated copies of Minecraft, no need to fuck around with hamachi or anything like that, just punch the IP in and connect.

Concerning updates: The server is running on bukkit, and it takes a few days for a new stable build + plugins to be updated and released. I'll do everything in my power to update asap, but until I'm able to do so I highly suggest that you hold off on updating your client to the newest version.

To get ops (so you can use commands like /give and /warp): ask someone who can op you (people with red names, which is just about everyone) or ask in the thread. For a list of commands, use /help. It's a pretty fucking long list, and many of them aren't very useful, so I'll make a post with a list of the useful ones later.

Server rules: Don't be a dick. That's pretty much it.

And of course, feel free to talk about Minecraft in general in this thread as well.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2012, 4:03pm
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>> No. 3269 [Edit]
File 130715641718.png - (186.64KB , 740x770 , DataValuesBeta.png )
How to use /i (it's like /give but better, thanks Nem for reminding me that this exists):

Once you have ops, you can use the /i command, along with many other commands, so you don't have to spend hours digging up cobblestone and smelting it to get regular stone, for example. The syntax for the command is /i [item number] [number of blocks you want], so for a stack of stone it would be /i 1 64. For items/blocks with a subscript, it's /i [itemnumber:subscript] [# of blocks you want], so for blue wool you type /i 35:11.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2011, 9:11am
>> No. 3270 [Edit]
Any idea if/when weather might be turned off?
>> No. 3271 [Edit]
Somewhat important question: Recently I was thinking about taking down the current server map and starting over with a fresh one due to how inactive it was (until recently) and how fucking annoying all the goddamn snow is due to the map's glitched biomes. I'm not planning on doing this without the consent of everyone else here, because a lot of us have put tons of time and effort into building stuff on the server. I'll only do it if everyone agrees. However, if we do decide to change maps I'll upload the old one to Megaupload so everyone can download the map and do whatever they want with it. Just keep in mind that it's a 180mb file.

I'm also open to any other suggestions regarding the server map.
>> No. 3272 [Edit]
Actually, I just found a new plugin that should be able to do that. I'm skeptical of course, because the last few weather plugins I've tried weren't able to turn it off completely. Then again, I seem to be pretty terrible at editing config files.
>> No. 3273 [Edit]

If we're having a new map, could it be possible to activate monsters again? It makes things a lot more interesting...
>> No. 3274 [Edit]
Ok, new weather plugin worked like a charm, no matter how much I spam commands to make it snow nothing happens. Now all we have to do is use /thaw to get rid of the snow on the ground.

Yeah, I'll turn mobs on if we start a new map. I turned them off because monsters kept spawning in Moehole at night, even with torches everywhere, back in the server's early days. I then kept monsters off in order to make building easier.
>> No. 3275 [Edit]
On one hand a new server would be more interesting, but on the other hand I love our little minecraft world we have now. I could go either way

I should also add that maybe my opinion isn't that important because I've logged in like twice in the last month

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2011, 8:45pm
>> No. 3276 [Edit]
As someone that spent countless hours building on that server, I'd be mighty annoyed if it was cleared out.
if all you want is a fresh unbuilt on area, why not pick a direction and walk for ten minutes?
>> No. 3277 [Edit]
You have my vote for a new map.

Maybe this time we can have a moehole fortress with organized structures or even recreate that Ghibli world.
>> No. 3281 [Edit]
>> No. 3284 [Edit]
File 130716402529.png - (7.53KB , 371x243 , I am not paying for this so stop trying to make me.png )
Just spent five hours trying to get past this.

>> No. 3286 [Edit]
I honestly wouldn't mind a new map with mobs, just as long as we get to keep /give and all the other op commands.
>> No. 3287 [Edit]
I always liked the idea of everyone huddling in a shack while the mobs are out to play, though I can see how that could get irritating with building
>> No. 3289 [Edit]
Have you thought of a plugin like Multiworlds? You could have a zone with mobs on and even PvP, then one that is peaceful and more for passive building.
>> No. 3296 [Edit]
Yeah, that's what I was thinking about doing instead of my hamfisted idea last night before I went to bed. I'll get that set up today.
>> No. 3297 [Edit]
File 130720827887.png - (6.97KB , 544x544 , Arena Map Large.png )
Good news, everyone.

I'm planning to run a tournament. If there's enough interest (8 or 16 players), the date will be:

Monday, 1700 GMT.

The following items are permitted in combat:
- Diamond Sword (276)
- Bow (261)
- 30x Arrow (262)

The first one to die or fall into water (previously lava) loses. First to win 3 matches goes on. Brackets will be made at a later point.

Check out the arena with "/warp arena2". If there's a large enough interest for a second tournament, I might make more arenas.

If you want to participate, tell me (Tsadiq) on #tohno-chan on If you don't have an IRC client, you can use
>> No. 3309 [Edit]
File 130721346435.png - (134.01KB , 333x314 , 126083220992.png )
I give up on doing multiworld for now. It's too much of a headache for me at the moment.
>> No. 3310 [Edit]
The only downside to mobs is creepers will continuly fuck your stuff up unless you build a wall or moat or something. It's possible to set them to not explode nor damage blocks, but to hurt players.
>> No. 3311 [Edit]
>> No. 3320 [Edit]
People don't play on this server as much as they used to so making a new map now would probably not be a good idea since people are unwilling to build.
>> No. 3322 [Edit]

I think it's cause the server needs a few plugins to spice it up a bit. Plain old building gets boring after a while.
>> No. 3349 [Edit]
Minecraft is coming to xbox with kinect. I'm speechless
>> No. 3352 [Edit]
This also means Minecraft will pretty much be dead because he won't be able to make additions to the game anymore unless he doesn't give them to the xbox version as well (think TF2 on xbox)
>> No. 3354 [Edit]
There's no rule stating they have to keep the xbox and pc the version in sync
>> No. 3357 [Edit]
the amount of new content has already slowed to a crawl. I doubt Notch would bother at all if stuff wouldn't even be able to get to the xbox users
>> No. 3359 [Edit]
apparently hes going to add "adventure mode" for 1.7 but knowing Notch its going to be the complete bare minimum
>> No. 3360 [Edit]
Whatever he's going to do he has 6 months to do it, since that's when the game is "released"
>> No. 3457 [Edit]
What's the decision on a new map? I want to know before I start a project or two.
>> No. 3460 [Edit]
Keeping it.
>> No. 3461 [Edit]
>> No. 3464 [Edit]
File 130770754352.png - (17.53KB , 107x72 , pote.png )
Would someone mind getting on to op me(Kit)? Or point me to a large chest of colored cloth? Trying to make a Potemayo head.
>> No. 3465 [Edit]
File 130771954611.png - (1.10MB , 1440x838 , 2011-06-10_11_19_43.png )
Nevermind, someone op'ed me. Made a delicious Cirno instead.
>> No. 3466 [Edit]
File 130772354454.png - (744.62KB , 1440x838 , 2011-06-10_12_31_34.png )
Is this just on my end? If not, I feel bad for who ever made Yuno.
>> No. 3467 [Edit]
Yeah, it's a glitch in communications between the server and client that causes large columns of blocks to seem to disappear to the client. Just disconnect and reconnect and it'll be fine.

I still can't believe notch has yet to fix the connection issues minecraft has...
>> No. 3476 [Edit]

Actually in most cases what you see is a chunk error; as in, that particular chunk has corrupted and is most likely lost unless you run Bukkit and some plugins.

However, the most recent build of Bukkit (which I presume OP runs his server with) has some issues which you get random chunk errors, only they're only missing client side, not server side. So yes a restart in most cases will fix it now.

It REALLY sucks when it turns out to be a server side chunk error though.
>> No. 3478 [Edit]
ever since 1.6 I get tons of client-side missing chunks and have to reconnect all the time
>> No. 3492 [Edit]
File 130782770175.png - (743.38KB , 1920x1058 , NASp1.png )
Notch is going to change the lighting so the outside light and light from torches "feel" different. Looks pretty sharp
>> No. 3493 [Edit]
Server's down for the moment, working on a few things regarding plugins. Installing new ones, getting rid of redundant ones, etc. Upgraded to RB 860 as well, hopefully that should fix the chunk error problem some people were experiencing. I should be done with everything in half an hour, hopefully.

Edit: I'm open to any suggestions regarding plugins at the moment, all I'm doing really is getting rid of Essentials in favor of Commandbook DISREGARD THAT ESSENTIALS IS IMPORTANT AND I'M A DUMBASS. Also, server has multiworld stuff now, along with this plugin: >>3311

If there's any plugins you folks want, speak up and I'll add them.

Post edited on 13th Jun 2011, 5:05am
>> No. 3494 [Edit]
Server's back up now

That Yuno is awesome by the way.

Post edited on 11th Jun 2011, 7:28pm
>> No. 3498 [Edit]
Is it still down? I can't log in, it gives me some timeout error. Not only me it seems.
>> No. 3541 [Edit]
Works for me. But are monsters/no health regen turned on on purpose? Worried about creepers destroying creations.
>> No. 3550 [Edit]

There was a debate last thread about turning the damage on. Maybe they did.

If so, I think the creepers should be made so they don't explode and do physical damage to anything. It's how we have it on a server I mod on.
>> No. 3551 [Edit]
That'd be for the best, I think. Monsters themselves can create cool gameplay elements on the server (battles, building defenses), but having creepers destroy peoples' work isn't fun at all.
>> No. 3574 [Edit]
Apparently they're including the piston mod this update. Also, slimeballs have a use now.
>> No. 3575 [Edit]
In my 10 months of playing minecraft I have never seen a single slime
>> No. 3647 [Edit]
File 130860499558.jpg - (40.10KB , 862x509 , fasasada.jpg )
It seems i can't connect now, everyting was fine yesterday.
Can Anyone op me? Nightmare
>> No. 3665 [Edit]

Really? They tend to spawn just above bedrock level and then some. So..maybe layer 13 and under they are generally prevalent.
>> No. 3667 [Edit]
File 130881029449.png - (587.85KB , 1920x996 , Minecraft-Underground-Ravines.png )
next update will include underground ravines. Also the new colored lighting really sets the mood
>> No. 3668 [Edit]
i hope he hasnt added a bright blue glow to water... unless thats diamond or something else
>> No. 3669 [Edit]
it's just lit up by torches.
>> No. 3670 [Edit]
oh i didnt notice the waterfalls there, i thought it was blue colored lighting
>> No. 3671 [Edit]
It would be neat if the new lighting meant you could have a wall of water with torches on the other side, and the light would be filtered through it and blue. I love aquarium lighting
>> No. 3672 [Edit]

Judging by the glow of the blue light I think you could pull that off, or something mimicking the effect at least.
>> No. 3717 [Edit]
File 130896078189.png - (183.21KB , 854x480 , IKc7E.png )
Notch tweeted this pic. I'm not really sure what's going on
>> No. 3718 [Edit]
>> No. 3721 [Edit]
Oh man, imagine what the sealab and the other underwater areas on the server would look like with that type of lighting. It'll be pretty sweet when it comes out.
It looks like he's standing on some sort Cool night shot.
>> No. 3741 [Edit]
Adventure update, to flesh out the game a bit and make exploration and combat more rewarding. Note that this is not Adventure Mode.

New features in the terrain generator; things which will only appear in new worlds/new generated areas.

Shift+Click on items will work correctly.

The Clay bug will be fixed.

Labels for items will be added.

Shears, will be the only way to harvest wool from sheep without hurting them.

They also destroy wool and leaf blocks faster than by hand.

Using Shears will be a legitimate way to obtain placeable leaf blocks.

TNT will only be activated by redstone or fire, so picking up TNT will be possible.

Wool particle colours fixed.

Multiplayer server list.


Sticky Pistons will be included as well. They will be made with slime balls.

Spike blocks, Jeb initially considered Spike Pistons, but then decided to make a Spike block that can be pushed by the Sticky Piston.

Player List - Press tab in multiplayer and player list comes up.

New "scary" mob added.
New improved lighting — day/night cycles will not require chunk updates. Lighting will be updated via a texture, whose coordinates are the block's sky light and block light levels.

Warmer light from torches.

New textures for cobblestone (and moss stone) blocks.

Torches placable on fences.

Possibly Experience Orbs. Has not been confirmed by Notch, but is a possible explanation for the twitter clues he's been leaving.

Other secret projects.

Huge Mushrooms.

Use for Slimeballs: Slimeballs have been confirmed to be used in the creation of Sticky Pistons.

Better Repeater and Redstone connection.

Improved server join screen: The server join screen will feature a list of servers.
>> No. 3742 [Edit]
Might be cool. I've been waiting for another big content patch before getting back into minecraft
>> No. 3743 [Edit]
I think my biggest put off on minecraft is the lack of reason to explore (due to nothing really interesting enough to find)
>> No. 3744 [Edit]

Even on our server?
>> No. 3745 [Edit]
If lighting changes the textures does that mean our texture packs won't work or what?
>> No. 3746 [Edit]
it doesnt change the textures
>> No. 3747 [Edit]
Oh there's going to be a light texture. I get it
>> No. 3748 [Edit]
>> No. 3792 [Edit]
Is it just me or is the server down?
>> No. 3797 [Edit]
It's never just you. If you can't connect the server is down at that moment, simple as that.
>> No. 3800 [Edit]
1.7 is out! And it sucks!

First, don't try using pistons. They are crashing servers, corrupting maps and pissing everyone off:

Second, you can now have your account stolen very easily. GG Notch, you fucking awful awful programmer:

To top that, off just about everything that was supposed to be in 1.7 was pushed back to 1.8.
>> No. 3801 [Edit]
I really wish I could say I was surprised
>> No. 3802 [Edit]
As I expected.
>> No. 3804 [Edit]
This, this is the number 1 indie game of all time
>> No. 3811 [Edit]
File 13095568665.jpg - (352.20KB , 1920x996 , PqYck.jpg )
Picture of giant mushrooms and NPC villages.
>> No. 3816 [Edit]
Is the game safe to play again yet? and if so is the server updated?
>> No. 3818 [Edit]
Judging by what the version history page on the Minecraft wiki says I think 1.7 is safe to play without fear of your map getting fucked up by Mojang's QUALITY coding, so I'll be updating the server today.
>> No. 3819 [Edit]
File 130977923219.png - (138.39KB , 1680x988 , 2011-07-04_07_32_10.png )
>> No. 3820 [Edit]
I am turned on immensely.
>> No. 3821 [Edit]
I am turned on immensely.
>> No. 3824 [Edit]
does anyone have an updated item code list?
>> No. 3825 [Edit]
File 130980392047.png - (122.73KB , 740x821 , DataValuesBeta.png )
Comin' right up.
>> No. 3826 [Edit]
Yay, now I can dick around with pistons
>> No. 3827 [Edit]
pistons are depressingly limited

Post edited on 4th Jul 2011, 11:41am
>> No. 3828 [Edit]
Supposedly we have multiworld now, but when I try to use the commands /gworld and /gate, it says I don't have permission.
>> No. 3837 [Edit]
File 130983118395.png - (11.79KB , 345x280 , Ruylf.png )
I wouldn't hate him as much if he wasn't so damn stuck up. It's like he thinks he's a good developer or something.
>> No. 3838 [Edit]
File 130983149112.jpg - (28.41KB , 640x360 , notch own.jpg )
>> No. 3839 [Edit]
It should work now.
>> No. 3841 [Edit]
I wish someone who was a decent developer would make a minecraft clone that lived up to the ideas potential
>> No. 3842 [Edit]
Terraria would be everything I wanted minecraft to be if it were 3D. Only being able to walk in two directions makes exploring less fun to me
>> No. 3851 [Edit]
I'm loving this sky world.
>> No. 3852 [Edit]
File 130990586011.jpg - (290.98KB , 1600x823 , ukYfY.jpg )
There was already a mod that adds a skyworld-type place, but it was a lot more fleshed out with it's own appearance, items, and creatures (like rideable dragon things and sky whales). Unfortunately it looks like notch is just going to make skyworld the normal world, but with floating chunks
>> No. 3908 [Edit]
So I finally got a new computer and comcast sorted their shit out and nobody is there. ;_;
>> No. 3911 [Edit]
File 131040947624.png - (701.31KB , 1024x564 , 2011-07-11_15_17_02.png )
This is looking pretty neat. Of course, since it looks so nice it means it has a greater chance of being full of bugs
>> No. 3920 [Edit]

I just got around to checking this out, I feel your pain. Pretty cool stuff you guys have managed to make.
>> No. 3947 [Edit]
Just out of curiosity what's the purpose of "tobo1desert"? Do you guys plan on doing something with that place?
>> No. 3957 [Edit]
File 131091218423.png - (747.49KB , 1920x1061 , Pixel Arts.png )
Made some Pixel Art
>> No. 3958 [Edit]
It's like minecraft, only it's for Xbox and somehow looks even shittier!
>> No. 3959 [Edit]
>> No. 3960 [Edit]
i like the totally inappropriate dramatic trailer music
>> No. 3961 [Edit]
The best is the end, where the shitty looking mobs are attacking and it's just so goddamn dramatic
>> No. 3962 [Edit]
xbox's fanbase is not interested in games that aren't 'epic'
>> No. 3963 [Edit]
Nothing really, unless someone else has plans for it. It's just a spot I ended up in once while warping between worlds.
Funny thing is that it's licensed music too. That track was used in the trailer for Inception.
>> No. 3964 [Edit]
>That track was used in the trailer for Inception.

I thought it sounded familiar
>> No. 4013 [Edit]
File 131115165896.jpg - (70.91KB , 1016x668 , Minecraft.jpg )
I wonder why.
>> No. 4014 [Edit]
>> No. 4017 [Edit]

>> No. 4024 [Edit]
File 131124052270.png - (1.74MB , 1920x1061 , 2011-07-19_10_32_44.png )
Could someone at least edit my Nanako for me, I seem to have spotted a mistake.

Since I'm banned I can't do it myself.
>> No. 4025 [Edit]
I mean, did you do anything that might have gotten you banned? If not then it was probably a mistake and Rostran will probably unban you, it's happened before
>> No. 4027 [Edit]

I haven't done anything wrong/bad.
>> No. 4028 [Edit]
Sorry, I fucked up. I unbanned you a few hours ago.
>> No. 4030 [Edit]

>> No. 4040 [Edit]
File 131133058390.png - (1.52MB , 1600x900 , 2011-07-22_03_26_36.png )
Someone fucked up the church and spawn.
>> No. 4041 [Edit]
File 131133093476.jpg - (70.65KB , 1059x645 , Oh wow.jpg )

I'm actually still banned
>> No. 4043 [Edit]
I'd really love to know why the church always gets griefed whenever griefing happens on the server. I'm mad now, I knew today was going to be shit.
Shit. Ok try it now.
>> No. 4079 [Edit]
This looks awesome.
>> No. 4090 [Edit]

Probably some anti-religion message.
>> No. 4092 [Edit]
My guess is becuase it's so close to the spawn?
>> No. 4094 [Edit]
File 131170295454.png - (423.74KB , 1024x531 , K2AAN.png )
notch posted a screen of a new mob. They look like some sort of race of slendermen, and one of them is holding a block
>> No. 4095 [Edit]
Probably, but you'd think that they be more likely would go after the sprites scattered around the map. Or at least that's what I'd think they'd do, based on past experience.
>> No. 4096 [Edit]
Jesus Christ, how horrifying.
>> No. 4101 [Edit]

I love them.
>> No. 4102 [Edit]
File 131174757329.png - (28.49KB , 396x439 , minecraft nightmare fuel.png )
>> No. 4103 [Edit]
File 131174814269.jpg - (73.48KB , 569x761 , wha.jpg )
>> No. 4104 [Edit]
File 131176015691.jpg - (52.80KB , 800x400 , put those fucking blocks back right now.jpg )
But wait! There's more!
>> No. 4105 [Edit]

Notch decided to call them Endermen. After Slenderman.
>> No. 4107 [Edit]
Church will be griefed until the end of time

I haven't logged into the server in months, I wonder if that one dude who always messes with it (removes blocks, adds gold ore) has done anything since then
>> No. 4113 [Edit]

How many fucking Minecraft clones do console players need!?
>> No. 4114 [Edit]
As long as they can make money off it, they'll keep doing it.
>> No. 4115 [Edit]

>at least you can make them stop teleporting by looking directly at them now.
>> No. 4116 [Edit]
They're probably to lazy to go to far.
>> No. 4117 [Edit]
File 131188936470.png - (29.02KB , 546x373 , wz6dn.png )
>> No. 4127 [Edit]
New infos on Mr. Spooky
>> No. 4158 [Edit]
It's beautiful...
>> No. 4168 [Edit]
Behold, Meidocraft.
>> No. 4215 [Edit]
I wanted ops privileges but I always find myself alone in the Tohno server. My name is hrth if anyone can do it. Also, is there any time that is common for people to play in the server?
>> No. 4219 [Edit]
File 131266464977.jpg - (473.10KB , 824x1628 , 43twgsgrty4.jpg )
It is not how the reference was but I quite liked it.
>> No. 4221 [Edit]
IP changed to
Updated OP

You have op privileges now, and no there really isn't a common time for when people play on the server these days, unfortunately.
>> No. 4223 [Edit]
File 131272248551.png - (1.34MB , 1680x988 , 2011-08-07_08_57_37.png )
Also, squids and accidentally making a new thread when trying to post in this one.
>> No. 4224 [Edit]
poor little guy ;_;
>> No. 4276 [Edit]
Interesting looking mod.
>> No. 4277 [Edit]
There's a minecraft convention in November and it costs 100 dollars to go.

100 dollars to get into a convention for a game about blocks
>> No. 4278 [Edit]

This sounds like an awful idea.
>> No. 4279 [Edit]
I finally started playing Minecraft today; it would never work before for some reason. I'm already addicted.
>> No. 4280 [Edit]
I was addicted to it pretty hard for a few months. Now whenever I try to play after a new patch or something I get bored after 10 minutes
>> No. 4284 [Edit]
File 131361193032.jpg - (133.77KB , 1280x720 , edgeworth point.jpg )

Bethesda is suing notch for using the name "Scrolls" for his new game; Notch responds by challenging them to a Quake 3 match
>> No. 4285 [Edit]
>suing for using the name "Scrolls"
It never fails to amaze me how petty most people are when it comes to money.
>> No. 4288 [Edit]
I heard from a guy who heard from a guy who heard from a guy from /v/, so take this information with a few grains of salt of course that the full name of Scrolls is actually Elder Scrolls, so that lawsuit miiiiight just have some merit.

I do like Notch's idea of settling it over a Quake 3 match though, it would be amazing if it actually happened. Highly unlikely, but amazing.
>> No. 4289 [Edit]
>the full name of Scrolls is actually Elder Scrolls

If that's true then notch is a moron who really shouldn't be surprised they have an issue with it. I don't think it is, though
>> No. 4294 [Edit]
Server seems to be down.
>> No. 4295 [Edit]
>> No. 4299 [Edit]
First Mojang game by a third party developer, Cobalt, announced today for this fall on Windows, with Mac and Linux releases following after.
>> No. 4301 [Edit]
File 131373261264.jpg - (403.76KB , 1920x1058 , 3EEGJ.jpg )
Notch posted this picture of the new randomly generated rivers. Looks like when I finally start playing this again I'll have all sorts of stuff to check out
>> No. 4316 [Edit]
oh man
>> No. 4392 [Edit]
I'm so happy all you guys get to play but I'm also jealous. I'm poor and can't buy Minecraft, and the only one I've been able to pirate is a very very old one, so I can't do the same levels of creations that you guys do.
>> No. 4393 [Edit]
What's your account name bro? I barely play the game anymore but I'd be happy to buy you a copy.
>> No. 4394 [Edit]
File 131404852644.gif - (50.93KB , 800x800 , 1199426256784.gif )

Well either way, here is a gift code. If someone uses it then I hope they enjoy.
>> No. 4395 [Edit]
thank you for your great solidarity.
>> No. 4485 [Edit]
This is it, we have reached peak autism
>> No. 4486 [Edit]
The system that that runs in: Holy shit.
>> No. 4487 [Edit]
It's like you got autism running inside autism which runs in a machine running in a machine.
>> No. 4489 [Edit]
I watched explanation tour video it is even more crazy.
>> No. 4518 [Edit]
This is a lovely server and I don't know why I didn't go on it sooner. Please can I be an op? Username is wingpie.
>> No. 4603 [Edit]
1.8 was "leaked". It's a rather buggy version though from what I hear, and the real release is in a few days anyway, but if you're bored you can mess around with it I guess!
>> No. 4606 [Edit]
i like the new creative mode, and the lighting
havent seen any structures yet
>> No. 4608 [Edit]
I haven't seen any structures either. Same goes for NPCs.

Not sure if they'll be in the full release or if they'll be delayed. I expect the latter, to be honest.

Hopefully whatever multi-world mod this server uses will be able to support a creative world and a survival world simultaneously. It'd make the server even more fun.
>> No. 4609 [Edit]
NPCs won't be in the villages until later
>> No. 4610 [Edit]
File 131561277520.png - (151.32KB , 854x480 , vx2o3.png )
From the pics I've seen biomes look a lot better now that they are bigger. Now plains actually look like plains
>> No. 4614 [Edit]
File 131567752523.png - (305.34KB , 854x480 , gkZ1W.png )
I can't wait for the real patch to come out, this looks great
>> No. 4615 [Edit]
I can not wait to make the plain a chilean mine(mine from the surface down)
>> No. 4617 [Edit]
To the server owner: considering the IP changes every so often - though still rare - have you ever considered just using something like ? To redirect to the IP.

It will act as a fake domain in a sense, redirecting to the IP, and then it changes, you can just log in and update it in a few seconds.
>> No. 4619 [Edit]
I'll check it out.
>> No. 4621 [Edit]
File 131569249355.png - (210.25KB , 1440x861 , Untitled.png )
Server crashed ?
>> No. 4633 [Edit]
>rather buggy
>> No. 4635 [Edit]
hahaha, oh wow
>> No. 4647 [Edit]
Here's a video of a stronghold, one of the new things in 1.8. Looks pretty neat
>> No. 4648 [Edit]
if there's only one stronghold per map, and the maps are infinite, how are you spposed to find it
>> No. 4649 [Edit]
They're changing that in 1.9. Why they thought one in a map was a good idea in the first place I don't know, but there you go
>> No. 4651 [Edit]
I think they figured that if it worked for Terraria it would work for minecraft.

Kind of ironic in a way.
>> No. 4659 [Edit]

They're only upping it to 3, actually.

Anyways, here is the latest pre-release that just came out, including the server client.

>> No. 4660 [Edit]
3 for the updated 1.8, infinite for 1.9
>> No. 4692 [Edit]
the default version was updated to 1.8 today.
try to log on the server.
>Communication ERROR
>Connection lost
>End of Stream
>Outdated Server
>> No. 4693 [Edit]
I'll update as soon as the 1.8 compatible version of Craftbukkit is released. According to their twitter they're 50% done.!/Craftbukkit

Also, take it easy on the greentexting please.
>> No. 4694 [Edit]
File 131602461130.png - (494.03KB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-14_14_21_45.png )
Speaking of the server, what happened here?
>> No. 4695 [Edit]
File 131602474046.png - (0.96MB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-14_14_22_08.png )
My guess is that someone got carried away with world edit and replaced all the torches and signs near the spawn with sand blocks.
>> No. 4696 [Edit]
File 131602481380.png - (590.52KB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-14_14_22_23.png )
I need to start keeping a closer eye on the server again, and maybe restrict the use of world edit a bit.
>> No. 4697 [Edit]
be inspired after watching "Adventure Update 1.8 video" pack backpack with expensive armor,swords,bow and arrows.
Got lost in the woods, darkness fast approaching step into a spider nest they kill me in an instant,die. Get mad and start mining alone again.

Post edited on 14th Sep 2011, 11:38am
>> No. 4698 [Edit]
powerfully weak man
>> No. 4699 [Edit]
People shouldn't have access to world edit in the first place imo. Were you able to set everything back?
>> No. 4700 [Edit]
Is anyone else unable to log in?

Also, does anyone have a link to that site that lets you upload pictures for paintings?

Post edited on 14th Sep 2011, 12:08pm
>> No. 4701 [Edit]
Yeah, I know. I was just too lazy and not interested enough in Minecraft to properly set up permissions for it to limit access to myself and a few others I can trust with it. I intend to fix that.
>> No. 4703 [Edit]
File 131604761728.jpg - (87.53KB , 643x711 , kyoko x.jpg )
Well, it turns out it wasn't working since the game got a new launcher since I last played, and I found a link to the painting thing in the old thread. My day's problems are solved!
>> No. 4704 [Edit]
File 131604988597.jpg - (447.20KB , 1395x985 , waterfall.jpg )
within my first 5 minutes of playing 1.8 I found this big cool mountain with a waterfall in it. Maybe my base will go up there
>> No. 4705 [Edit]
Weren't endermen supposed to be rare? I look off my balcony and I usually see quite a few of them milling about
>> No. 4719 [Edit]
After too much of a delay, I've set up a temporary map for the 1.8.1 update for those who want to mess around with the new features and all the wonderful bugs that come with them in multiplayer. Once a proper Bukkit build + plugins for 1.8 are released I'll switch back to the usual setup.

Holy shit chests are animated now.

Post edited on 15th Sep 2011, 10:17pm
>> No. 4720 [Edit]
File 131615208763.png - (231.79KB , 742x927 , onepointeight.png )
And here's the new data values chart. Use /give yourname itemid amount for now. /i doesn't work with the vanilla commands unfortunately.
>> No. 4728 [Edit]
File 131622779999.png - (439.63KB , 1397x987 , smurf.png )
Big red mushrooms are just big enough to have a cozy little house inside
>> No. 4744 [Edit]
Anyone else getting an "outdated server" error?
>> No. 4745 [Edit]
Fixed it, old version was running for some reason.

Still no updates for the plugins the server uses...
>> No. 4748 [Edit]
File 131638947076.png - (797.63KB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-18_19_43_17.png )
It seems that pigs have a habit of spawning on top of trees now.
>> No. 4749 [Edit]
He looks terrified!
>> No. 4752 [Edit]
Do you have a bug with the painterly textures where endermen and spiders are white? I'm getting that and I have no idea why
>> No. 4753 [Edit]
File 131639661543.png - (501.84KB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-18_16_07_41.png )
Yeah, it has something to do with the default lightmap option. Try using the other two options. I switched it to the blood moon lightmap and spiders show up fine at least, haven't seen any endermen yet to confirm that it works for them too.
>> No. 4754 [Edit]
Hm, switched to the bloodmoon one and spiders look kind of like they should, but they still have a sort of transparent white color over them. Hope this gets fixed soon somehow
>> No. 4760 [Edit]

Apparently MCpatcher was supposed to fix it, and while it did make my spiders look normal endermen still look all milky.
>> No. 4773 [Edit]
File 131653098010.png - (680.24KB , 1367x768 , minecraftoutskirtsofmushroomkingdom.png )
I found a abandoned mine under my treehouse with lots minerals unfortunately it goes through a other mine but follow the downstairs and you will find it. Put some iron in the box(under treehouse or in the treehouse) in return ."Diamonds is everyone's to share equal"

>Road instructions: it is in the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom follow the river

also why does it always say "Connection Error" when it is working fine ,stupid Markus.
>> No. 4776 [Edit]
File 131658215941.png - (2.06MB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-20_17_00_42.png )
I just realized that I forgot to set online mode to false so people with pirated clients could play on the server. Fixed it just now, my apologies to anyone affected by my oversight.

Still waiting on those goddamn plugin updates, once at least Essentials and Xcraft are updated I'll switch back to the good old Tohnochan map we all know and love and add the current map to the multiworld setup
>> No. 4777 [Edit]
File 131658316693.png - (2.57MB , 3072x1888 , onepointeight_world_normal_north.png )
Generating some maps because it's been a while.

Top down view of the current map.
>> No. 4778 [Edit]
File 131660939471.png - (126.95KB , 1367x768 , sweetsweetgoldhahaha.png )
sweet gold, got lost in the Kiruna Canary Cave for over a n hour but it was worth it.
>> No. 4783 [Edit]
File 131665376358.jpg - (220.41KB , 1395x985 , room.jpg )

Finally, my room is perfect
>> No. 4784 [Edit]
File 131669527590.png - (1.90MB , 1440x838 , 2011-09-22_14_37_34.png )
Ehh... Rostran, when regular server will be back, could you block TNT ?
>> No. 4785 [Edit]
1.9 is released today!!/notch/status/116848037707513856
>> No. 4786 [Edit]
Why does this always happen when I'm asleep? Oh well, banned the faggot who blew it up, and I'm installing new plugins right now, which brings me to:
Wonderful, the 1.8 reccommended build for Craftbukkit was released just last night too...
>> No. 4787 [Edit]
File 131671315128.png - (238.29KB , 854x485 , NPCprerel.png )
NPCs look really weird. He should have just made them regular pigmen,since they already exist in the code and it would explain why hell has zombie versions of them
>> No. 4789 [Edit]
File 131672789372.png - (940.97KB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-22_17_36_51.png )
I've re-enabled multiworld on the server, the original map and its accompanying nether map, the skyworld and the 1.8 map are now available. I also disabled monsters in the original map and the skyworld, and anything that explodes has been rendered mostly harmless. Not really, explosions will still hurt. They just won't do any damage to the terrain or buildings.
>> No. 4790 [Edit]
File 131672811911.png - (876.57KB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-22_17_32_50.png )
The skyworld does look a little strange if you're below the snowcaps now. I think it has to do with the new lighting system.

Also, did anyone actually build anything on tobo1/tobo2? I remember there being a trap on tobo1 somewhere, but that was pretty much it as far as I remember.
>> No. 4795 [Edit]
apparently npcs will only spawn in newly generated villages, so any villages you have discovered pre-1.9 will still be empty. Stuff like this kind of makes me afraid to explore or really get settled down, knowing I'll probably have to roll a new world
>> No. 4796 [Edit]
the world generator will probably change again in 1.10
>> No. 4797 [Edit]
File 131676406378.jpg - (122.53KB , 854x480 , squidward.jpg )
>> No. 4798 [Edit]
now I want a spongebob texture pack
>> No. 4799 [Edit]
File 131680186354.png - (6.53KB , 64x64 , farmer.png )
I'm sure it exists somewhere.
>> No. 4801 [Edit]
Here's a thing. It's like minecraft in space, where you (and some other people if you want) can build spaceships and explore a randomly generated galaxy.

I haven't played it yet, and probably won't unless it gets more fleshed out, but it seems like it has potential
>> No. 4805 [Edit]
File 13169880127.png - (278.10KB , 854x480 , minecraft-beta-1_9-pre-release-version-2-animal-br.png )
I will finally have my own slaughterhouse.
>> No. 4813 [Edit]
File 131717169742.jpg - (245.18KB , 1397x981 , giant.jpg )
>> No. 4814 [Edit]
File 131717174412.png - (1.06MB , 1397x981 , giant2.png )
>> No. 4884 [Edit]
File 131809640219.png - (215.37KB , 854x480 , GxLF4.png )
>> No. 4885 [Edit]

That's off

They have a lot of cool furniture ideas actually.
>> No. 4899 [Edit]
So today I figuratively got my lazy butt up and setup a proper hostname for the server like >>4617 suggested.

All you have to use now is and you don't have to worry about having to change it whenever my IP changes, like it did this morning.
>> No. 4900 [Edit]
So today I figuratively got my lazy butt up and setup a proper hostname for the server like >>4617 suggested.

All you have to use now is and you don't have to worry about having to change it whenever my IP changes, like it did this morning. Fucking Verizon
>> No. 4914 [Edit]
File 131884543260.png - (834.76KB , 1680x988 , 2011-10-17_05_53_57.png )
I though moehole could use a bit of a facelift after eight months of everything being made of cobblestone. I'm just replacing some of the blocks and adding onto some parts of the town.

Here's what I've done so far.
>> No. 4916 [Edit]
File 131887779759.png - (8.69KB , 530x80 , vNkqC.png )
>> No. 4997 [Edit]
File 131907902476.png - (295.54KB , 1280x750 , minecraft chicken.png )
>> No. 5003 [Edit]
Does this mean 1.9 is coming out soon?
>> No. 5029 [Edit]
File 131927109476.png - (677.71KB , 1680x988 , angry ghast holding sign.png )
>> No. 5030 [Edit]
File 131927115175.png - (295.22KB , 1680x988 , 2011-10-22_04_09_11.png )
>> No. 5031 [Edit]
File 131927119333.png - (1.49MB , 1680x988 , 2011-09-22_18_02_31.png )
This is pretty neat by the way.
>> No. 5032 [Edit]
File 131927141918.png - (472.29KB , 1680x988 , 2011-10-22_04_15_20.png )
>> No. 5034 [Edit]
And then a Creeper comes and blows both of you up.
>> No. 5316 [Edit]
wait what
>> No. 5318 [Edit]
here's the text. I cant even read through it all, it's so pretentious
>> No. 5319 [Edit]
Notch is the worst game developer of all time
>> No. 5320 [Edit]
He's gonna be assassinated at minecon next week, by my hand
>> No. 5322 [Edit]
File 132107733660.png - (19.34KB , 544x266 , notch.png )
I guess that ending was supposed to be a joke, since notch said this a month ago
>> No. 5418 [Edit]
Minecraft is officially released today.
>> No. 5419 [Edit]
File 132165821536.jpg - (68.84KB , 720x480 , THE SWEAT.jpg )
The pictures from minecon are pretty much the best thing ever
>> No. 5420 [Edit]
File 132165912483.jpg - (67.93KB , 576x720 , coolest man in the world.jpg )
Here they are, by the way (sorry about WHERE they are, but it's the only source)
>> No. 5424 [Edit]
oh, this link died. oh well
>> No. 5447 [Edit]
Haha ow wow
>> No. 5448 [Edit]
lol, nice
>> No. 5449 [Edit]
as much as I loved minecraft for the month or so it was interesting to me, it's nice to see a review that isn't pandering garbage.
>> No. 5450 [Edit]
>Wow, a best gamers review that was actually serious for the most part. Holy shit.
>> No. 5583 [Edit]
Say, I wonder when the server will be updated...

It's still up, that's for sure. Waiting for mods to update?
>> No. 5602 [Edit]
I just updated it, was waiting on a bukkit release.
>> No. 5629 [Edit]
Pretty amazing what's been done with the new update so far. Someone even beat the dragon!
>> No. 5632 [Edit]
that's just a bug with the game, happened to me before too
>> No. 5968 [Edit]
File 132773092449.jpg - (79.65KB , 500x375 , legocraft.jpg )
Seems Mincraft might be getting official Lego sets in the future.
>> No. 5969 [Edit]
>> No. 5970 [Edit]
But, Minecraft is already lego...
>> No. 5971 [Edit]
I dunno, maybe so people can continue the autistic experience offline.
>> No. 5972 [Edit]
i don't need legos for that
>> No. 6022 [Edit]
Speaking of autism, someone made Hyrule (links are in the description)
>> No. 6043 [Edit]
wow the guy even made a good chunk of the water temple. I wish I had that much dedication to anything
>> No. 6079 [Edit]
What's the deal with the server at the moment? Connecting to "" gives me a message saying the server is outdated, but I don't think there were any recent updates. So am I connecting to the wrong thing?
>> No. 6080 [Edit]
I've been getting the same message for a while now.
>> No. 6089 [Edit]
You have to be using version 1.0 still. This might or might not work:
>> No. 6091 [Edit]
I've been neglecting the server due to lack of interest lately, I'll have it updated and back up today.
>> No. 6103 [Edit]
here is another downgrader
>> No. 6104 [Edit]
>> No. 6111 [Edit]
The server's back up.
>> No. 6121 [Edit]
File 132942026130.jpg - (53.07KB , 610x623 , Minecraft-lego-1.jpg )

It looks so unfun
>> No. 6122 [Edit]
and pointless
>> No. 6123 [Edit]
the whole point of minecraft is building things and most of those legos have no connector thing on the top.
>> No. 6124 [Edit]
$35 dollars for that? I mean lego prices have always been outrageous but come on.
>> No. 6125 [Edit]
lol yeah, good point.
but also the scale of it, Minecraft maps are infinitely large.
I wouldn't be surprised if that was for each of the four parts, sold separately.
>> No. 6126 [Edit]
Legos were Minecraft before Minecraft existed, so this seems kind of appropriate, but also pointless.
>> No. 6144 [Edit]
Can't wait for cats.
>> No. 6145 [Edit]
File 132972652984.jpg - (22.10KB , 600x250 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 6149 [Edit]
Now there's something I haven't seen in years...
>> No. 6153 [Edit]
>> No. 6167 [Edit]
Uh oh, server's down.
>> No. 6169 [Edit]
Fixed, had to update the IP for the hostname.
>> No. 6188 [Edit]
Update is out whatever..

>New jungle biome
>Added ocelots
>Added cats
>Added iron golems
>New AI for mobs
>Tame wolves can have puppies
>Villagers will have children if there is room in their village
>New map height limit (256 instead of 128)
>New items and blocks
>Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone
>Added rare drops for mobs
>Many other minor tweaks and fixes
>> No. 6197 [Edit]
"New AI," huh...

At least cats are in. When the server updates, I'm spawning some near my house.
>> No. 6198 [Edit]
The "Iron Golems" sound interesting.

I'm gonna test them out when the server is updated.
>> No. 6200 [Edit]
File 133073873843.png - (555.68KB , 1024x768 , Torii.png )
I can hardly wait to replace my 64m tall torii with a 192m tall torii!
>> No. 6201 [Edit]
I can't wait to build a floating castle high above the clouds!
>> No. 6203 [Edit]
tried Sonic Ether mod yesterday it was truly glorious.
>> No. 6205 [Edit]
I think the server's down again.
>> No. 6208 [Edit]
Use for now, somethings up with the hostname
>> No. 6209 [Edit]
Shit, and here I went and downloaded and tried five different versions of minecraft trying to connect.
>> No. 6210 [Edit]
Reminds me of when I first tried to play Minecraft online. I really thought that the error was on my side. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 6211 [Edit]
It's taking too long for me to log in. Is it because I updated?
>> No. 6212 [Edit]
Sorry about that.
Server's still running 1.1, you'll have to downgrade in order to play on it.
>> No. 6217 [Edit]
how do i downgrade
>> No. 6219 [Edit]
By starting to search thread and the interwebs.

>> No. 6226 [Edit]

Thank you, I don't use the internet very often
>> No. 6393 [Edit]
>The video itself explains that its overall size is more than 5 million cubic meters -- just over 250 x 250 x 100 blocks. It provides 14 functions, BCD input, 2 BCD-to-binary decoders, 3 binary-to-BCD decoders, and 6 rapid BCD adders and subtractors. It also contains floor after floor of live decoders for quick conversions, a 20 bit (output) multiplier, 10 bit divider, a memory bank and additional circuitry for the graphing function.
>> No. 6427 [Edit]
That is amazing. I cannot even begin to imagine how you could do trigonometry in minecraft.

In other news, the entire server - including all the associate worlds - seems to have become one big snow biome. The snow is quite nice and scenic, but could something perhaps be done about it?
>> No. 6467 [Edit]
Any chance people will start playing on this again soon?
>> No. 6468 [Edit]
I couldn't get a cracked version to work, and I'm sure as fuck not paying for this.
>> No. 6473 [Edit]
I feel the same way.

For now, you have to get version 1.1 since the server isn't set up to support the newest version yet.

Can we update to the newest version yet, Rostran〜?

I want to put some cats on the server〜.
>> No. 6477 [Edit]
the yogscast guys are making their own minecraft game
>> No. 6478 [Edit]
Updating everything right now. I'll have it up soon.
>> No. 6488 [Edit]
It was up but it just crashed
>> No. 6489 [Edit]
The server has been doing that a lot for the past couple of weeks.
>> No. 6534 [Edit]
File 133527275748.gif - (755.24KB , 256x256 , Dodecahedron.gif )
Why does Minecraft not support all platonic solids? It would be mindblowing.
>> No. 6535 [Edit]
Too much work for Mojang.
>> No. 6566 [Edit]
I've been trying to revisit this server for months just to see if it looks different from a year ago and it never works
>> No. 6567 [Edit]
Maybe you need to update your client thingy.
>> No. 6607 [Edit]
File 133623469467.png - (2.44MB , 1920x1018 , 2012-05-05_10_29_19.png )
Somehow the dragon spawned on the server again.
>> No. 6679 [Edit]
Mod Spotlight - Red Power 2 PR5 - Computers

>> No. 6838 [Edit]
I hope it's gonna be back up soon so I can make more videos!
>> No. 6841 [Edit]
It's back up and working now.

Took me far too long how to access my new router's settings to forward the damn port.
>> No. 6923 [Edit]
New minecraft uppdate in August first

Minecraft 1.3: The Good

>Lots and lots of bug fixes and new features. Players who mainly play in multi-player on servers should enjoy a smoother and more stable experience, as this has been our focus of the development. We’ve looked over the network packets and added encryption to prevent session stealing. Dinnerbone has updated the chatting screen, to allow for easier editing and clickable links.
The single/multi-player merge has added the possibility to share your single-player worlds with friends who are on the same local network. It has also enabled players to use multi-player-like commands in single-player (such as /gamemode and /give), but only if cheats are enabled.

>We’ve added emeralds, emerald ore and a trading system that makes it possible to buy items from villagers. Villagers will add and remove items depending on what you buy.

>We’ve added the possibility write in books and leave stories for other people.
We’ve added new terrain features, and you can choose to begin the game with a “bonus chest,” to get you started quicker.
>We’ve added tripwire, so you can create new traps and contraptions.
We’ve also added new stairs, new half-slabs, cocoa plants and tweaked dispensers, leaves, cauldrons, levers, gravel, pressure plates, cookies, buckets, boats, minecarts, ice, furnaces… Plus you get magic orbs from mining and smelting (and not just killing monsters)!

Minecraft 1.3: The Bad

>Since single-player has been turned into a shell on top of a background server, the game’s resource requirements have increased. When playing single-player, the game needs to be able to both simulate and emulate the world, which take many more CPU cycles. We’re working on optimizing rendering, but those improvements will not be included until Minecraft 1.4.

Minecraft 1.3: The Ugly

>A couple of problems and expected features have been pushed to Minecraft 1.4. The most notable problem is the lighting issues causing black regions in the terrain. We’re looking into ways to solve this, but lighting is a very expensive calculation and we are struggling with finding a solution that doesn’t hurt framerate.

>And the most notable missing feature is the modding API. Throwing out single-player was the first step in order to make the API possible, and that’s done now. We decided to release 1.3 without the API, because otherwise it would be an even longer wait for a Minecraft update.
We’ve also added an extremely basic version of “adventure mode.” We’ll work more on this in future updates.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2012, 2:29am
>> No. 6925 [Edit]
Wouldn't be a Minecraft update if it didn't make most folks feel so conflicted.
>> No. 6926 [Edit]
Looks like a wonderful update! I can hardly wait.

Only questionable thing is the new gravel texture...
>> No. 6927 [Edit]
Wasn't minecraft already really CPU intensive?
>> No. 6928 [Edit]

It doesn't look anything like gravel now.
>> No. 6929 [Edit]
Who uses the original textures anyway
>> No. 6931 [Edit]

I do, and I bet most people that do pixel art use it too.
>> No. 6954 [Edit]
this was kinda cool
>> No. 7022 [Edit]
File 134396343537.png - (1.92MB , 1902x673 , 2012-08-02_21_12_38.png )
oh my god sonic ether you winner
>> No. 7029 [Edit]
Is the server working?
>> No. 7080 [Edit]
Seems to be broken again. I keep getting "Connection Lost: End of stream" when I try to log in.
>> No. 7081 [Edit]
It's working now I think.
>> No. 7100 [Edit]
Heh, heard Notch and his 3D broke up today.
>> No. 7101 [Edit]
It took her that long to realize that he was a shitty coder?!
>> No. 7103 [Edit]
File 134505524842.png - (8.92KB , 508x66 , notch marry.png )
Haha, yeah. He becomes a millionaire and gets married, then his wife leaves him after almost exactly a year, shocking
>> No. 7107 [Edit]

Also I heard his wife was someone who he dated and broke up with before, then after he became successful she suddenly came back into his life. Notch is dumb
>> No. 7173 [Edit]
So starting tomorrow evening EST the server is going to be down because I'll be moving. I don't have any idea when exactly I'll have it back up, but it will be back as soon as possible.

Sorry about this.
>> No. 7174 [Edit]

I forget since I haven't played this in a while: do you use an IP for people to connect, or a domain? If it's just an IP, I could give you a subdomain on one of mine to re-direct, that would make it easier for people to remember.
>> No. 7175 [Edit]
I've been using a domain name for a while through a free service someone recommended ages ago, but thanks for the offer.
>> No. 7176 [Edit]
Don't worry about it.

I hope you have a good time! Even if moving is a lot of work.
>> No. 7277 [Edit]
How soon is the server likely to be back online? I don't mean to sound selfish, but I was in the middle of a large project before it went down and I'm eager to continue. Hell, it's even started appearing in my dreams...
>> No. 7279 [Edit]
I'll put it back up for tonight and tomorrow while I still can. In fact, it's up right now. Same address as usual. I'll be moving for real this week, hoping to get out to Colorado by this weekend and to have an internet connection again shortly afterwards.

Like I said before I won't say when I'll have it up again, because I don't know yet, but I'll just now that I plan to have the server up and running once more as soon as possible.

Now, in the event that I can't get internet at my new place within a week or two I'll see if I can use a hosting service to run it, or something.
>> No. 7287 [Edit]
Just shut the server down. Packing up my computers now.

See you soon, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 7288 [Edit]
See you soon, Rostran!

I hope you have a safe trip!
>> No. 7305 [Edit]
File 13474816139.png - (643.94KB , 1920x1028 , 2012-09-12_21_01_04.png )
I changed the villager model and skin and made them into touhous.
>> No. 7306 [Edit]
>> No. 7308 [Edit]
That's pretty cool. I wouldn't be able to use it, though. I'd hate for a stray fireball or something to kill them.
>> No. 7314 [Edit]

Since villagers can have kids, does that mean there will be lil baby patchoulis running around?
>> No. 7316 [Edit]
File 134756680725.png - (369.32KB , 1920x1028 , 2012-09-13_21_03_12.png )
>> No. 7317 [Edit]
File 13475671011.png - (678.51KB , 1920x1028 , 2012-09-13_21_05_57.png )
Iron golems are scary in this texture pack.
>> No. 7399 [Edit]
Anyone ever considered starting a Tekkit server? I'd do it, but my only spare computer is way too old.
>> No. 7400 [Edit]
I've thinking about using Tekkit on the server for some time now, but I wasn't sure how the regulars on the server would feel about it. Would certainly give people more things to do.
>> No. 7401 [Edit]
My main worry is whether or not we get to keep our worlds. That and some items, like nukes, can be really destructive.
>> No. 7402 [Edit]

I'd probably start playing again if you did.
>> No. 7403 [Edit]
It'll still be running Bukkit, so yes we'll be able to keep the current worlds. I believe the more destructive items in Tekkit can be disabled too.
>> No. 7404 [Edit]
I can't connect to the server. I used to connect to it just fine when I played last year. Oh well
>> No. 7407 [Edit]
Speaking as a "regular", I'd love to have Tekkit on the server.
>> No. 7409 [Edit]
Right now it's offline. Scroll up some and you'll see why.
>> No. 7410 [Edit]
whoops, I only saw >>7279 and thought it was still up, not looking at the date
>> No. 7432 [Edit]
So assuming we do get Tekkit when the server comes back up, what items will be allowed?

I'm hoping that we can use turtles, or at least just the non-mining kinds. I know that some servers ban them because you can code them to dig or build on people's property.
>> No. 7468 [Edit]
I just tried tekkit and good lord there's so much extra stuff I dunno where to begin.
>> No. 7471 [Edit]
Gather lots of resources to begin with; you'll need redstone and plenty of iron before you can build anything interesting. I'd say the most useful things to build are a macerator hooked up to a generator, and an energy condenser. You can find the crafting recipes on the Tekkit wiki.

Also, any chance of the server coming back online any time soon?
>> No. 7474 [Edit]
This fucking game. I can't stop playing it. It's like legos times one million.

I hope the server comes up soon so I can see it.
>> No. 7615 [Edit]
Markus being a huge faggot like usual but the Raspberry Pi got minecraft that's cool
>> No. 8121 [Edit]
The new update 1.5 is out if anyone cares anymore

the team also made a video to justify their "hard work"

800+ days of Minecraft in 8 minutes
>> No. 8122 [Edit]
The server is dead, so it isn't like it matters.

Soon this game will die and become irrelevant, just like Spyro and Circuit City.
>> No. 8276 [Edit]
I found a pretty cool minecraft-esque game "build a world"
>> No. 10737 [Edit]
Anyone have the old tc map download?

It was never provided publicly but I thought maybe someone that still lurks/posts might have it.

Used to have a lot of fun walking around and seeing stuff people had built on it.
>> No. 10740 [Edit]
File 140576261027.jpg - (1.65MB , 1920x1061 , 2011-08-21_17_57_03.jpg )
Shameless necro-bump.

I'd like to have the map too if there's anyone around that has it. I still have so many fond memories of this server. It would be great being able to see everything we built.
>> No. 10741 [Edit]
If anyone would have it, it would be Rostran. I don't think he posts here any longer but you could try and contact him through the steam group
>> No. 10742 [Edit]
I think we had two maps if memory serves correctly. First one got fucked up by never ending snow.

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