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File 132384892281.jpg - (51.96KB , 700x292 , RELIC.jpg )
7547 No. 7547 [Edit]
In order to be with your waifu (the actual one, the one in your mind), you'd really have to give up everything you know as "The World" and live entirely into a dream, say, à la Matrix or Abre los ojos/Vanilla Sky...

My question is: would you do it? are you ready to turn everything into the -now- frontal lie of a world of convenient signs, just to be with your actual love (to really meet love at all)?
>> No. 7551 [Edit]
If I could keep my memories, pesonality, my consciousness as-is (not just a copy of me that keeps going, but me myself, untouched), and hopefully live in a world where my body can be sustained/improved/modified with steel and sythetics, to live with my waifu?

How could I refuse.
>> No. 7553 [Edit]
yeah sure, why not?
>> No. 7554 [Edit]
I don't think so, because I have issues with that. I believe my waifu really exists in, say, another dimension (the Second), which humans of the third dimension have created through our creativity. If I were to put my third-dimension body into a dream world to ``be" with my waifu, I don't feel I would be with her, but simply having a pleasant mental delusion of being with her. From there, the question turns to not whether I would want to be with my waifu (because I don't think this would qualify as that) as to whether I would wish to supplant this broken world with a dream world in which my needs are essentially met by my own mind. I would refuse this on principle.

If it were the case that I could actually be with my waifu, and not just my mental projection of her through me forsaking this world, I would accept the offer so long as it did not hurt anyone currently in this world or harm this world in some way.
>> No. 7560 [Edit]
I might be different than other brohnos but I actually enjoy this world. It's full of intresting and fascinating things. I am happy I was born here and I absolutely don't want to wipe it all away. I believe my current situtation with my waifu is the best I can ever have. If we would exist in same dimension, in same universum, it wouldn't ideal anymore. It wouldn't be the same thing I am in love with.
>> No. 7561 [Edit]
Of course. Why on earth wouldn't I? To live in a perfect world, with 'meaning', 'love' and 'beauty' in my life...I believe that to refuse such a world would be a grave sin. It's what I'd want - To be with the one I love.

This world is okay in my eyes, but it could be so much better. If I have to exchange it for a world of superficiality and my ideal place to be, so be it.
>> No. 7562 [Edit]
As much as I love my waifu, and as much as I hate the condition of the real world, I would be miserable in an illusion. Sure, we could go all philosophical and argue about what is truly "real", but this perfect world would be artificial. A perfect world would probably be very boring as well for someone so used to a flawed one. She wouldn't be any more real by my doing this anyway, I would just be less real (whatever that means).
>> No. 7565 [Edit]
I would be a hard decision no doubt and i am not sure what i would really choose if this opporunity is given.
It´s tempting beyond every measure to be with her, or live in an convincing illusion with her.
But what gives me faith in her and our love is, in fact, this harsh world, everytime i go outside, meet people or just walk along the streets i am glad to have her at home to ease the harshness of the outside world.
Without this world, i fear that i would start to forget how much i owe her.
>> No. 7577 [Edit]
I enjoy this world too. I've had, and will continue to have, many profound and fulfilling experiences.
But I don't see there being anything I'd want to do here that I couldn't do in this realm with my waifu, so the choice is obvious.
Even if I had to give everything up and exist in some sort of complete stasis with my waifu, I'd do it. I'd maybe want a couple of years to finish some things up here first, but I'm kind of getting on in years already.
>> No. 7581 [Edit]
I would. This is assuming you're in control of this "world" and that your physical body is safe from harm (just in case). I have to admit though, I like my situation now, but if I had the ability to peer back and forth I think it's a definite yes. Permanently, I'd also do it, but there would be some doubt in my mind. Very interesting idea, though.
>> No. 7582 [Edit]
It depends, what happens to the real world?

Sure, why not.
>Not destroyed.
Well now it depend if she know the fact that is a fake world.

>don't know
>she know

Basically, if I can really live a fulfilled life with her, without her knowing that the world is fake/a dream, yes I would.
But if she knows that I sacrificed my life and my family for her, she'll take it badly and she'll never forgive me...
My choice is really egoiste, isn't it?
>> No. 7587 [Edit]
I've been thinking about this scenario lately as well.

It would be hard not to accept the proposal. Leaving everything behind would be tough but it'd be worth it to finally meet her.
>> No. 7594 [Edit]
Our worlds are pretty damn similar. Hers is prettier though.
>> No. 7595 [Edit]
I would swim through 50m of pirhana-infested waters with two 45kg dumbells tied to my nutsack with someone's fart as my only source of oxygen just to eat a seafood dinner with her on skype over a dial-up internet connection.
>> No. 7633 [Edit]
I wouldn't accept.
Because I will create memories with my waifu which are the true ones. I would not want to be a masochist that could not fully enjoy the fact of being with her because the world wasn't a true one.
In short, I prefer to fully love her in an imperfect way than loving her perfectly but in an unfulfilled way
>> No. 7644 [Edit]
where is the op pic from ? is it from some videogame or a movie or what ?
>> No. 7647 [Edit]
It's from the animatrix.
>> No. 7650 [Edit]
Oh, that's a relief! A search told me Bible Black, and I didn't like that hentai. Good. The picture piqued my interest.
>> No. 7654 [Edit]
>the animatrix
>the second renaissance

Probably the only one thing that was worth the entire Matrix franchise.
>> No. 7727 [Edit]
That would be a bad end though.
I brought them to my side from nothingness with the promise of bringing them to reality in a physical sense.
Joining them in a phantasmal existence would be betraying them..Not that they wouldn't understand and forgive me though.

So no I might want to but this Reality or World is the one we love and desire to live in, for their sake(mine really) I will continue on here if given the choice.
>> No. 7744 [Edit]
i would do it without a doubt
i dont have anything in this world that its worth to say no.
>> No. 9188 [Edit]
Do I get to keep my memories? As, would it really be me without my memories? Without your past, you don't really have a present... as faggy and pretentious as that sounds.

Also, I'd like to know what happens to this me. Would I just die? Would time go back to make it so I never existed? Or would I be in a coma for the rest of my life? I'd prefer the second; I wouldn't want to hurt those who care about me, and make happy those who hate me.

If I got to keep my memories, then it's a definite yes. I'd prefer to have never existed (still retaining the memories, though). And I'd prefer to have false memories, where near the end of my actual memories, I found a big machine that took me to my waifu's world or something, so I have a reason as to why I'm with her, but I'd still be okay with it if I knew it was just an illusion.

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