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File 132072251560.jpg - (1.09MB , 1870x2262 , winter-2011-v2-series.jpg )
7104 No. 7104 [Edit]
Everything looks so lame.
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>> No. 7105 [Edit]
"Another" looks interesting.
>> No. 7106 [Edit]
I wouldn't say that, there looks to be a few cool shows there, like black rock and milky Holmes 2.
Didn't think we'd get those so soon.
seems they changed the school designs in black rock..
kind of surprised to see another season of amagami there, that should be interesting.
and how can one not like natsume?
>> No. 7107 [Edit]
kill me baby looks cute, maybe
>> No. 7108 [Edit]
Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai = Ichigo Mashimaro + Oreimo?

Another could be interesting, I agree.

And maybe Kyousogiga.
>> No. 7109 [Edit]
  There's Milky Holmes season 2. That alone is enough to make the season good for me. There's also Kyousogiga, which is arguably going to have the best visuals of the season since Mononoke's art director is working on it. Video related.

And then there's Kill Me Baby, of which I like the manga but since it's being done by JC Staff, it could really go either way. Should be decent at the very least though.

And finally, there's Black Rock Shooter. I never did have the patience to finish watching the OVA but if there's one reason for me to pick this show up, it's motherfucking Imaishi being listed as the CG battle director. Though I'd much much rather prefer Imaishi staying away from CG, it was well integrated with 2D back in PSG so I'm hoping things will still look good.

Looks like a good enough season for me, especially compared to certain stretches back in '09 and '10 when I dropped everything I picked up.

Post edited on 7th Nov 2011, 8:02pm
>> No. 7110 [Edit]
Recorder sounds so god damn absurd the description actually made me laugh. It sounds like...kind of genuinely interesting, though.

Another seems like my kind of show, grimndark and edgy. And I mean c'mon: ronery drawing eyepatch character? Pretty damn cute. I'm actually a little excited to see how this one plays out~ And it's from an actual book? Insanity.

Kyousogiga is definitely going to be worth it. It sounds vaguely SMT-ish, just plus that absurdity factor that I tend to gravitate towards. And the Mononoke art director? Mononoke, as in, the single best anime, art-wise that anybody can watch? Hell yeah.

Those are the three that stand out to me. I find every season is kind of a contest to see which series I stick with to the end. I usually end up loving one series over all others, and the rest take a backseat...

Oh, and I noticed that Papa (...) has Sayaka in it~ Might have to see how that one goes as well, but it seems too...sugary for my tastes. Then again, if I'm gonna follow 'Recorder'...
>> No. 7113 [Edit]
Personally, I think it looks like the best season in a while.
>> No. 7114 [Edit]
I'm already looking forward to the 4th season of Natsume Yuujinchou.

The other shows look kind of average though... I'm probably going to give Amagami SS+, Nisemonogatari and Another a shot.
>> No. 7115 [Edit]

>Everything looks so lame.
>Natsume S4


I'm gonna watch Natsume and uh... Kyousogiga and uh... ... Yeah.
>> No. 7116 [Edit]
Kyousogiga could be interesting, but the description is written (translated?) so badly I can't tell what the hell it's about. Natsume S4 is good too, but I need to catch up.
>> No. 7118 [Edit]
File 132077005532.jpg - (113.11KB , 704x396 , 1315980534015.jpg )
Recorder looks entertaining.
Kyousogiga seems like it might be too. (Even has Rie)
Black Rock Shooter anime is a given, same with Amagami ++.
Milky Holmes s2 will probably be the same mess it was the first season (Meaning I'll be watching)
Not looking forward to killing brain cells on Zero s4 though, but I've got to watch.
Inu x Boku has an goshuujin-sama type of girl, so I'm all over it.
Pirates might be interesting.
All in all, season loo-

>Kill Me Baby
Wh-what is this?
Am I dreaming?
>> No. 7119 [Edit]
I'll give everything a shot like always.

Kill Me Baby sounds like it'll be hilarious.
>> No. 7120 [Edit]

Looking fabulous
>> No. 7121 [Edit]

>> No. 7325 [Edit]
Milky holmes is the only thing I will definitely watch in that list.

I might watch "another" if the animation is decent. It sound like Tosogare otome x amnesia.

Kill me baby I might watch if I hear its good around episode 4 still. I actually like JC staff.
>> No. 7420 [Edit]
File 132221268728.png - (5.75MB , 1810x4394 , 1319809611862.png )
Updated chart
>> No. 7429 [Edit]
Kyousogiga seems kinda kinda interesting. TOEI is generally good at doing anything that isn't long running Shonen.

Kill me Baby sounds like it has potential to be epic.

Milky Holmes is a must watch for me.
>> No. 7434 [Edit]
What's the opinion on brave10?
>> No. 7439 [Edit]
The manga is ok. Nice art. Storywise it is pretty generic
>> No. 7453 [Edit]
After more time I've decided on watching these: Recorder, Rinne no Lagrange, Another, cute boys doing cute things the anime, Inu Boku SS (it seems lolis with purple hair are the thing now), Mouretsu Pirates, Ano Natsu, Papa no Iu Koto. Plan to watch Amagami, Zero, and Nisemonogatari once I finally watch the first seasons.
>> No. 7487 [Edit]
Almost every, single, one, is all xxx is a normal highschool (boy/girl) who suddenly has something (abnormal/magical/suddenly aliens/paranormal) happen to (him/her) and that's the whole damn plot. That's it.
I know more and more anime is just this nowadays but this season it's practically all of them.
>> No. 7488 [Edit]
Would it make much of a difference if it was a not-so-normal working class (man/woman)?
>> No. 7491 [Edit]
Yeah it would actually
>> No. 7492 [Edit]
I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss things since I've always favoured the view that execution triumphs over basic plot/premise. I do understand your sentiment, of course, and I'm sure I would also stay away from the type of shows you'd avoid.
>> No. 7501 [Edit]

Almost none of those are original anime projects, though. They are just adaptations. And no matter how you look like it's hardly something new.
>> No. 7513 [Edit]

You have a good point. I especially miss shows that are more science fiction based than fantasy. I also enjoy action shows, but find too many of them lean toward being shounen. I kind of miss the ultra violent shows we had a couple decades ago.
>> No. 7696 [Edit]

No,no,no......3D has come to 2D to defile it.
>> No. 7697 [Edit]
Well, at least it's not American. Right?
>> No. 7698 [Edit]
File 132382417871.gif - (238.27KB , 156x189 , MilkyHolmes58.gif )
Milky Holmes S2 probably won't be too bad. Though enjoyable, the series has nowhere to go but up after S1.

I see an all girl cast in that Senhime Zesshou Symphogear. Perhaps I'll get my Koihime Musou fix from that series. Other than that, I'll just be catching up on old shit.
>> No. 7703 [Edit]
File 132388077973.png - (7.25KB , 399x501 , Tilt_of_SHAFT.png )
Captain Harlock, Zero No Tskaima F, Dragon Age, Nisemonogatari, Another and Kyousogiga sound interesting.
>> No. 7824 [Edit]

>I might watch "another" if the animation is decent. It sound like Tosogare otome x amnesia.

The joke? They just announced it's getting adapted too, expect it'll air in the Spring season.

No matter hwo I look at it that's pretty retarded.
>> No. 7829 [Edit]
What's the problem?
>> No. 7835 [Edit]

I love Daisuke Ono
>> No. 7836 [Edit]

Huh, I was sure TOxA has been publishining for years and it's only been 3 years. Feels like it's been twice that much.

So one of my points is void but still, it's pretty weird timing. While I haven't read Another I always thought it sounds like it's really similar to Another.
>> No. 7882 [Edit]
Just announced

New KyoAni production, not much more info released:

Eureka 7 sequel:
>> No. 7911 [Edit]
mouretsu pirates and kill me baby look badass as fuck
>> No. 7913 [Edit]
Then just copy&paste character archetypes and throw in some fan-fiction level plot and there you have it. This style often found in light novels is the worst thing to hit anime. Shana? OK. Haruhi? OK. 6 years later and 40~ shitty light novel adaptions later and I'm fucking sick of it.
>> No. 8727 [Edit]
File 133072413574.jpg - (384.21KB , 600x746 , zafira.jpg )
Got a problem with that?

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