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File 138744093492.jpg - (544.13KB , 550x825 , Ahri (156).jpg )
13890 No. 13890 [Edit]
I just got out of a game with Ahri, where I got dominated in lane, fed really hard, was worthless the entire game, and got carried to victory. I had to hear her die countless times, because it was all my fault that I made mistakes with her. And she suffered for it.

But that's the cost of being able to interact with her in what I feel is a closer way than just watching anime or reading a VN. Her and I working together to achieve a common goal. It feels incredible when I win with her. A trade-off that I am willing to accept, no matter how much it hurts at times.

I would like to ask, would anyone else want that opportunity? To be able to play their waifu as a character in a video game, perhaps? But with the risk of failure while playing your waifu. Being responsible for her deaths, Hearing her in pain, because of your mistakes. But at the same time, having the chance to win with her and achieve a goal together. Would you say the opportunity is worth it for you?
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>> No. 13893 [Edit]
File 138745746885.png - (222.83KB , 640x480 , 2013-12-19 04_46_56-BattleMoonWars‹â.png )
There are actually a few games where I can play as her. Battle Moon Wars (SRPG based on SRW) is one, Fate/Unlimited Codes (fighting game) is another.

I never thought of it as us working together, that's an interesting idea. I approach it more like a spectator watching her fight since the notion of controlling her is just too strange for me. Sure, there's a risk of losing and seeing her hurt, but since she's canonically immortal and she has a hell of a fighting spirit I am never overly worried about her. Failure just means I need to try harder next time.

I am awful at video games but I've practiced just to be able to see her win. It really is a great feeling to see her emerge victorious.
>> No. 13895 [Edit]
File 138746127044.jpg - (74.67KB , 430x530 , s - 206426 - arayama_reiichi arms_up bat_wings chi.jpg )
Been there, done that. Whenever she's a playable character in a game I tend to use her a lot.
Also end up playing against her oftenly.
>> No. 13896 [Edit]
File 138748354646.jpg - (374.61KB , 800x600 , LostSagaShot_120322_173858.jpg )
Lol, I once made a Homura reskin in Lost Saga XP
>> No. 13899 [Edit]
File 138749831438.jpg - (32.60KB , 454x360 , Azumanga Fighter.jpg )
There is actually an Azumanga Daioh fighting flash game, though I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I've considered downloading her for Mugen, though I feel I would hate to lose as her, much like you do.

I did try to replicate her on Saint's Row, although that game is so wacky I didn't really feel that hurt if things went wrong.
>> No. 13900 [Edit]
Oh yeah lol...
You guys ever use 3D Custom Girl or Custom Maid 3D (shex games that allow you to custom?) There are mods and all... CM3D is better although I couldn't find the Homura one and would still prefer imagination.

I wanna create my own damn fighter someday. Have my waifu beat up my OC and vice versa e_e
>> No. 13902 [Edit]
File 138751811660.jpg - (52.04KB , 1000x600 , togainu poker keisuke attack.jpg )
For me it's a double-edged sword, I suppose, if I was able to play as Keisuke. I'd love to have more insight about him, always, but the cost might be high. The one scene in his canon that was from his point of view, while it was also the one that made me irrevocably fall for him, was emotionally devastating for me. I love my partner so much but there's only a certain amount of pain a man can take (as he himself shows...)

On the other hand, I'd love to play (casual, non-lethal) games against him. I have always loved playing games with people I am extremely comfortable with, it's fun watching their strategy and trying to best it, but whoever wins it's always a lot of fun for me. I was overjoyed when I opened the omake section of the PSP game and there's a little poker mini-game you can play and he's the first opponent... my heart almost couldn't take it, he looks adorable as a chibi and the little catchphrases he has are so cute. I haven't had the heart to beat him yet even though I have had the chance. I'd post a screencap but I haven't gotten around to installing capture software on my PSP, so have one of the game assets instead.
>> No. 13903 [Edit]
File 138754873587.png - (174.72KB , 640x480 , Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble.png )
You just reminded me, there's a Puzzle Bobble game for AzuDai as well. It's got some nice artwork, and the sprites are so cute I don't think I could be mad if I lost.

Post edited on 20th Dec 2013, 4:09pm
>> No. 13904 [Edit]
File 138755164373.jpg - (223.84KB , 1280x960 , 9389a3b77804198c5aac620df04d763a.jpg )
Although I find it fascinating that you can interact with her in a more in-depth fashion that I can with the Clannad VN (I deny the existence of the Tomoyo After VN), I do not want any fighting/violent game with her. It just doesn't suit our relationship. Also, I have already enough trouble surviving the game of life with her

But something like Love Plus would be utterly amazing.
>> No. 13905 [Edit]
File 138755389814.png - (1.12MB , 1000x1412 , ふーま - 伊織ちゃん - 39479190.png )
That is the essence of playing [email protected] An actual dating stimulator where the choices you make are vital to the game. The aim of the game is to make your idol reach the goal of being the best idol she is and that is making her achieve the highest rank as possible, the higher the better.

The game itself is not a simple game where you can date and just be done with it. It's more than that and I think this is supposedly why it's popular. Other than the mini-games you have to practice a lot, you are a manager, you must be completely proficient into time management. You have a few choices, do communication links (or promotions) with her, do lessons and if you're confident enough, let her perform on concerts. If you want to be successful at this game, you must balance everything perfectly otherwise you have a bad ending to the game.

Problem with me and this game is that I am a perfectionist when it comes to being with Iori. And because the official games makes it canon, I want to make sure that nothing would ever hurt her feelings. Ever. Which is why every time I have a normal or good communication, I reset myself to the point that I achieve perfect communication with her. Because I want to have the best ending for her, I would hate to see her suffer. That's my weakness and I remember I felt weak the moment Iori felt depressed in her [email protected] route. I want to comfort her and make her smile so big that she can prove herself that she is the best person on earth.

So if I have the chance to play as Iori, I want to play without the risk of failure. I want to play that it IS guaranteed that Iori doesn't suffer and/or die. Because it aches me to see her suffer because of the stupid choices I make and I don't want to see that. Which probably means I am less likely to take that opportunity.

More to the fact that I am also bad at gaming as well. Particular MOBAs.
>> No. 13910 [Edit]
File 138756784664.jpg - (63.44KB , 758x887 , 80ca054674e03fffc8f06146cb453d90.jpg )

Hell I played Grief Syndrome over and over back in the day haha. I really can't care too much about games, in in relationships in general there are going to be problems anyhow... I don't know I still think there's some line between making your waifu happy and spoiling her excessively.
>> No. 13912 [Edit]
So you never played Homura Combat?
>> No. 13917 [Edit]
e_e no even over winter break I have picked up other things to do.
>> No. 13927 [Edit]
Thats a nice picture. It makes her look like a character from Chinese mythology.
>> No. 13937 [Edit]
Wow it's been a while since I've seen this brought up!

It was/is a computer game, and has 2P mode as well, a full opening animation, and a lot of different stuff.

I have the full game on a flash drive but it's in a safety deposit box. I'm not going to be going to that box for about a month but I'll grab that flash drive next chance I get and upload the game in a .zip or .rar

Until then you'll have to settle for the opening animation that I uploaded to Youtube 500 years ago
>> No. 13939 [Edit]
You are a gentlemen and a scholar.
>> No. 13993 [Edit]
File 138848259370.jpg - (353.82KB , 1600x900 , 2013-06-08_00005.jpg )
The game my waifu is from feels so fluid and looks so beautiful,I feel an incredibly strong connection to her as I play.
>> No. 13997 [Edit]
It's a great game and she is stunning indeed. Good for you.
>> No. 14958 [Edit]
I play a fighting game with Kanu in it, I'm always her and I always feel really bad if she loses the fight, I know that sounds strange lol
>> No. 16234 [Edit]
As I mentioned I'm playing Elona with Yuno. I got her into the game by modifying one of my allies. It's pretty much a sandbox jprg roguelike thing and like most roguelikes it is pretty brutal and gory. Your party members will die if you're not careful enough so we have to work together and that's great fun. I don't even imagine that it's her because the game is not canon. Instead I imagine we both play the game together over LAN and that character is just.. well.. her character. This way I'm not afraid of her getting hurt. Dead party members can be quickly revived by a special npc for a small fee so it's not horrible when her character bites the dust but I'm still very protective over her and never had her die once.
Whenever I played the game in the past I never cared about my party too much, but now when I play it with her it feels really close and special just like you said. Sometimes I just leave all our allies at home and only go out with her. Then I feel like we're really sharing special time alone with each other in that fantasy world. Oh and the best part is that the game also is a life simulator so we can have our own house, ranch, farm and family together. Fucking awesome.
>> No. 16380 [Edit]
File 140770366229.jpg - (125.01KB , 1024x576 , 19680_screenshots_2014-08-10_00004.jpg )

She's so lovely it makes enemies go friendly.

This is a funny bug I encountered today in chapter 3 while fighting a bunch of enemies. One of them kept following me but didn't attack, and also couldn't be killed. I quit to the main menu and selected the last chapter, same problem. Unfortunately you can't progress through parts of the game that require you to kill all enemies (most), so it was stuck. Thankfully selecting New Game seems to solve it.

Here is the final boss being friendly to Alice. Get a load of this picture!
>> No. 16404 [Edit]
That boss is glitchy as fuck. And easy.

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