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No. 17468 [Edit]
Much better than AGE so far
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>> No. 17469 [Edit]
File 138120681728.jpg - (152.97KB , 1280x720 , 1381190958247.jpg )
Also includes sexy milfs
>> No. 17480 [Edit]
>Much better than AGE so far

That's like saying it's better than SEED.

I hope it'll sell like shit so somebody at Sunrise will finally wake up and realize they should simply make the long overdue Origin adaptation ('it prints money!').
>> No. 17482 [Edit]
I only said AGE because that was the last Gundam on TV. It's only been one episode but it at least started better than ZZ.

Also Origin is next year, were have you been?
>> No. 17484 [Edit]

>Also Origin is next year, were have you been?

Origin has been 'next year' for like 3 years now and yet Sunrise still had the time to churn out a gunplafest and AGE before that. I can guarantee that Origin, X-bone, Thunderbolt or even freaking CDA would sell well. Instead this will probably flop, won't really affect gunpla sales and Sunrise will go back to complaining Gundam doesn't sell.

And yes I'm mad.
>> No. 17485 [Edit]
File 138126588438.gif - (1.84MB , 438x233 , 1381235128269.gif )
Sunrise never cares if an anime flops in sales, all that matters are the gunpla sales. And this show is doing a really good job at hyping up the new HG Build Fighters line which is all about customizing your own gunpla.

Also the boys are cute, the mom is hot and Ramba Ral is a character. It makes me happy even if it's not the Origin adaptation or ZZ retcon that I wanted.
>> No. 17494 [Edit]
File 138131440797.jpg - (215.46KB , 825x1000 , ww.jpg )
The only two reasons to watch Gundam Build Fighters
>> No. 17499 [Edit]

>Sunrise never cares if an anime flops in sales, all that matters are the gunpla sales.

Exactly. Because they are retarded. That's precisely what I'm complaining about.

Gundam - real Gundam - prints money. Let's leave the quality of SEED aside for now and look at the sales of Gundam series from the last decade (averages):

SEED - 68,734 (#5th best selling anime of all time)
SEED Destiny - 58,589 (#8th best selling anime of all time)
00 S1 - 39,352 (#23rd best selling anime of all time)
00 S2 - 34,601 (#32nd best selling anime of all time)

These results are outrageously good. Not to mention Unicorn sells over 150,000 units per volume (at a pretty high price, not to mention those 150k refer to Japan only and Unicorn is relased simultaneously all over the world, really).
What happens next? Sunrise makes AGE, it flops and they proceed to complain 'IT'S OVER, GUNDAM IS FINISHED, LET'S JUST FUCKING SELL GUNPLA'. How can they be so retarded?
I don't know how much they make thanks to gunpla sales but it's pocket change compared to what they could make with new UC series (and again, there's so much to adapt it's not even funny, I think CDA would sell like hotcakes by the sole virtue of having 'Char' in it's title).
>> No. 17500 [Edit]

Oh yeah and as for ZZ I don't know if it even needs a retcon, Tomino keeps acting as if it never really happened so it's very existence got more or less 'retconned'.
>> No. 17570 [Edit]
File 138190391334.jpg - (46.62KB , 1280x720 , [sage] Gundam Build Fighters - 02 [720p][10bit][F3.jpg )
it's only episode two, and Reiji has the tsun shota's mom and the shota in his harem already.
>> No. 17580 [Edit]
X-bone in the AU section. Why are Sunrise such trolls?
>> No. 17672 [Edit]
File 138257951670.jpg - (55.31KB , 1280x720 , [sage] Gundam Build Fighters - 03 [720p][10bit][37.jpg )
kaichou's buttocks is a miracle of the universe.
>> No. 17764 [Edit]
Needs her in trenchcoat and beanie.
>> No. 17954 [Edit]
File 138448877376.jpg - (59.79KB , 1280x720 , [sage] Gundam Build Fighters - 06 [720p][10bit][CB.jpg )
the beach episode is going to be great.
>> No. 18920 [Edit]

>Also Origin is next year, were have you been?


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