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File 132555099914.png - (110.97KB , 210x298 , utena and anthy.png )
7977 No. 7977 [Edit]
Anyone on /an/ watched Utena?

What do you guys think about it?
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>> No. 7979 [Edit]
I just started watching it, a few days ago. By now, it hasn't been specially of my taste but I plan to see the entire thing sometime soon because of some good reviews about it. Give me some time and we discuss it throughoutly.
>> No. 7980 [Edit]
I thought it was interesting, but I feel if I was a girl I'd probably like it more. Pretty abstract and tons of imagery.
>> No. 7984 [Edit]
Entertaining, so far; thought those were far too many african elephants for a trip to India.
>> No. 7987 [Edit]
One of the best goddamn series I've ever seen. Enjoyed the whole thing thoroughly. Amazingly, the ending is shot shittastic it puts even the likes of Gainax to shame.
>> No. 8007 [Edit]
I thought it was an amazing series. First watched it a couple years ago and watched it again somewhat recently. You really ought to go check it out if you haven't seen it before.

I haven't seen the movie yet, though. How's that? Any good?
>> No. 8288 [Edit]
I just now finished the third episode and already I am enjoying this series greatly. Thank you for the recommendation, kind anon.
>> No. 8301 [Edit]
There aren't many episodes like that, thankfully. I hated that episode, didn't you?
>> No. 8303 [Edit]

Not the guy you're asking but I recall it as one of the best eps in the entire series. The one where Nanami (did I get it right? It's been a while) was saved by her older brother from a rampaging kangaroo tops it, though.
>> No. 9534 [Edit]
File 133569079637.jpg - (121.80KB , 612x463 , utena 23 (girls) 0.jpg )
Finished it... at last...

I'm about to try giving my final conclusions, so, please, just let me see if I got the messages "right" (enough):

FOR WOMEN (specifically):
.: Girls, insofar as princesses, are doomed.
They disgrace into woman: witches, whose fate is to take it for their men.
If they want to ever own their lives, they simply cannot be men's girls.
They have to change themselves... and, hence, the world.

FOR MEN (or everyone):
.: The coffin wasn't the (aging) body;
it was the childhood, the youth:
the very school life.
In order to leave the coffin,
one must leave all that behind;
one must leave that place...
one must GROW UP.

It was, I think, a right worth-to-kept-on-living-to-see experience;
maybe I should really get my degree and leave already those gardens behind.
Thanks again, for suggesting it. Good luck and see you around.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2012, 2:26am
>> No. 9657 [Edit]
File 133687674812.jpg - (72.28KB , 852x479 , amen.jpg )
I... uh... well: I just watched the movie.
I didn't think it be so much different, so I didn't go for it right away after finishing the series.
However, I did saw it and I...

Dear Mother of God.

Gonna do something, now. See you guys later.

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