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File 131075600359.jpg - (148.69KB , 1280x720 , jc2.jpg )
3949 No. 3949 [Edit]
I found out you can actually use mods with the demo version of Just Cause 2 on Steam. Don't know if this is anything new or not but if you want to have some fun for free and you missed the recent sale like I did, go ahead. These files go in ..\Steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2 demo\archives_win32.

These are the mods I found out that worked so far:

Gibbed Demo HackPack -
Removes the demo timer, map limits, gives you all the vehicles for free through the Black Market. Just download the v2 pack.

BOLOPatch -
Trainer that gives you unlimited ammo and health.

Superman Flying Mod -
You can fly for ever, just like Superman.

No Black Market Scenes -
Removes the annoying Black Market cutscenes every time you want to buy something.

Faster Sprint -
You can sprint really fast.

And that's it for the mods I tried, if you tried others and they worked for you simply post here for others to enjoy. I don't think skins work though, as you need a folder from the full game that doesn't exist here.
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>> No. 3950 [Edit]
File 131075675787.jpg - (486.75KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-07-15_00001.jpg )
Nevermind that about the skins, it works but not fully. It will just apply the skin colors over your character but that's it. Pic related. You need to create a folder called dropzone.

This is how the Deadpool skin looks like.
>> No. 3970 [Edit]
File 13109900628.jpg - (470.22KB , 1600x1200 , 2011-07-18_00027.jpg )
Just having some fun with multi ropes and running around with dead people.

Hell yeah, bitches, look at all that blood.

The demo map proved to be quite small, even if there's no limits, there's not much to explore sadly.
>> No. 3971 [Edit]
File 131099234455.jpg - (99.37KB , 1600x1200 , 2011-07-18_00002.jpg )
I swam for a good 30 minutes trying to reach those lights.

At first I was surprised that there was even algae, fish and rocks at the bottom of the sea and so far off from the map limit. Then some kind of ambient music started slowly playing for short burts. As I got closer the lights started to change colors and went from blue to green to this sun yellow.

I swam, I swam but just couldn't reach the lights.So I gave up. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it. Then I went back to nuke the shit out of everyone.
>> No. 3972 [Edit]
why would I download just the demo?
>> No. 3973 [Edit]

That's only if you want to be legal.
>> No. 3974 [Edit]
File 131102135849.jpg - (482.31KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-07-18_00001.jpg )
Damn, it feels good to be Iron Man.

Because it's free and you don't need to pirate or buy anything. If you want to buy the game (or pirate it) though it's pretty good if you like free world mindless fun.
>> No. 3976 [Edit]
You almost make it sound as if it was hard to download the full game for free.
>> No. 3977 [Edit]
Please shut up. Some people actually want to support games they enjoy and having people go "buy games lol" when the subject comes up is /v/ level shit.
>> No. 3978 [Edit]
so downloading a free demo is supporting the game and pirating it isnt
>> No. 3979 [Edit]
I wasn't really talking about this thread specifically, I just mean in general. Like if someone asks if a game is worth buying and someone goes "BUY??????????"

Post edited on 18th Jul 2011, 2:43pm
>> No. 3980 [Edit]
Way to ruin every fucking thread. If you don't want to download the demo then don't do it, simple as that. I just don't like encouraging piracy.
>> No. 3981 [Edit]
but this thread isn't about buying the game, OP never said anything about buying it, it's about downloading a free demo, and just as >>3978 was saying, how is it any better then just downloading the full version?
if all you do is download a demo, that's not helping them at all.

There's no reason why someone that 'pirated' the game can't turn around and buy it if they really liked it.
>> No. 3982 [Edit]
If you don't want to pirate the game then don't do it, simple as that.
>> No. 4021 [Edit]
File 131120806379.jpg - (660.95KB , 1598x858 , driving across the sea.jpg )
This is a pretty fun game.
I started playing it again becuase of this thread, those mods really make it a lot more fun.
>> No. 4023 [Edit]
File 13112097699.jpg - (337.31KB , 1598x858 , missels.jpg )
That feeling when you can fly faster then your rockets..
>> No. 7082 [Edit]
there is a multiplayer-mod now
>> No. 7087 [Edit]
File 134475837216.jpg - (397.85KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-08-11_00025.jpg )
It's a major clusterfuck, just so you know.

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