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File 129687771154.jpg - (210.84KB , 620x482 , last-window-the-secret-of-cape-west-ds-artwork-rel.jpg )
8833 No. 8833 [Edit]
Anyone a fan of this series? I recently finished Last Window and wonder what my fellow NEETs think. The classic noir film detective gives the series a really unique atmosphere.

And if any of you have played Hotel Dusk but not Last Window, you should check it out. The characters, especially Kyle, are much more developed and interesting than the characters in Hotel Dusk, at least in my opinion.
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>> No. 8834 [Edit]
I'd like to play it, but I played the original right when it first came out, and I'd probably have to re-play it in order to understand everything in Last Window.

Does the Last Window's soundtrack still have the lounge/jazz sound to it that Hotel Dusk did? That was one of my favorite things about Hotel Dusk.
>> No. 8835 [Edit]
You don't need to remember much about the first game really. If you remember who Kyle was then you are set. It is set a year or two after Hotel Dusk and most of the characters do not make reappearances. And the story is not centered around Kyle finding Bradley.

It also has a lounge/jazz soundtrack, it is awesome.
>> No. 8836 [Edit]
Played both, loved both. I thought Last Window was significantly better. The mystery is just masterfully crafted. The way the story is constructed and the rate at which it's revealed is nearly perfect. I wish more mysteries were like this series and relied on careful planning and writing rather than just throwing twists at the reader.

I played Hotel Dusk three years ago and I was fine. It doesn't rely on the events of the first game and only makes a couple unimportant references to them.

And yeah, the soundtrack is the same style.
>> No. 8837 [Edit]
Nice, I'll probably start it sometime soon then. For some reason I thought it'd be a continuation of his search for Bradley, but I guess that isn't the case.
>> No. 8838 [Edit]
Yes I also think it did a fantastic job on the mystery. I was constantly expecting Marie or Dylan to be the villain but was shocked when it was Margaret.

They mention Bradley briefly in a phone call to Kyle's mother and Mila shows up for a chapter, but they don't draw much attention to what happens in the 1 year gap. I assume they will cover it in the sequel, if this game gets one.
>> No. 8839 [Edit]
>I assume they will cover it in the sequel, if this game gets one.
It won't. Cing went bankrupt a year ago, sadly.
>> No. 8840 [Edit]
Really? Disappointing a company behind such great games went under.

>> No. 8841 [Edit]
File 129793279229.png - (77.95KB , 182x374 , sadchurchill.png )
Make Hotel Dusk and Little King's Story
Go bankrupt

It feels bad to know the games I bought and enjoyed were probably pirated for the most part. Always support little guys like this when you can, Anons.
>> No. 8842 [Edit]
>knock on door
'what am I doing, knocking on doors when no-one's there..'
>go to next door, repeat
>> No. 8843 [Edit]
That was a huge issue in Hotel Dusk but they fixed it up in Last Window, if you are not told very clearly to go to someone's room, the person you need to talk to will wander into you and initiate conversation.

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