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File 135182015132.jpg - (1.82MB , 2385x3000 , 1142871995390.jpg )
18156 No. 18156 [Edit]
DeadHaruhis, will you ever come back to us?
I want to read your threads again.
>> No. 18168 [Edit]
Renchan was the first imageboard I ever visited, as well as the first website I saw that was dedicated to loli.

I heard there was a torrent containing all of its content, but I doubt it's being seeded much now.
>> No. 18173 [Edit]
bookchan was really good
>> No. 18192 [Edit]
Are you me? I too discovered that months before 4chan.
>> No. 18195 [Edit]
000chan, I miss your movie nights with chat and collection of old NES games.
How long has it been? 3 years since I last watched a movie with you guys? Was it Bubba Ho-Tep, or one of the Bill&Ted movies?
Any of you ever beat the Silver Surfer? I know I didn't.
>> No. 18196 [Edit]
We should really try to watch a movie together, even if there wouldn't really be much chat.

I liked doing that in anonsleepover and 7chan. So many movies I wouldn't have seen alone, even if most of them weren't any good. I won't expect the unusual and weird comment that lets me give a slight guffaw, but at least I won't be bored.

Maybe we could even marathon anime together this way to make it less painful to get through, or just enjoy together.
>> No. 18214 [Edit]
people from tc irc used to watch things together which was fun..but i haven't witnessed that in a while
>> No. 18219 [Edit]
I only remember us doing that for mars of destruction.
>> No. 18221 [Edit]

Every year we talk about gathering all Christmas related anime eps and, well, doing a stream on Christmas. But in the end we never do it. And I doubt the third time will be the charm.
>> No. 18225 [Edit]
I sometimes stream new anime eps for a friend as something to do...maybe people would be interested in joining?
>> No. 18513 [Edit]
done 1453.3 MB Rate: 31.0 / 0.0KB Uploaded: 182645.1 MB [ R: 125.67]


I'm seeding, anon.

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