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File 143836332074.jpg - (415.82KB , 1000x750 , 10243900.jpg )
18629 No. 18629 [Edit]
How do you deal with missing information about your love? Things the canon never discussed, that is. Do you just live without knowing, do you try to make an educated guess, or do you dream up your own answer entirely?

What do you most want to learn about them?
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>> No. 18631 [Edit]
My waifu is a Vocaloid. There is no canon. That being said, headcanons all the way.
>> No. 18632 [Edit]
No sweat! Love is built on trust. She will tell me, when time has come or I will realize myself.
>> No. 18633 [Edit]
File 143838661684.png - (720.65KB , 1366x768 , Oreimo_S2_-_01_mkv_-_VLC_media_player_2015-07-30_1.png )
I've put together somethings about him that the series only hints at. He obviously likes music because of the sound system in his room and the growing amount of cds he has as time passes. I learn from him which bands he likes as we listen to music together.
>> No. 18634 [Edit]
I only try to do headcanons when I absolutely need to and keep them in canon as much as possible. It has to feel right.
>> No. 18636 [Edit]
Same here. I don't feel comfortable filling in large gaps of information with potentially baseless interpretations. Makes me worry that I'm turning him into someone other than the man he actually is.
I try to find solid evidence for my headcanons, at the very least.
>> No. 18639 [Edit]
If I really wanted to know, I would just ask her.
>> No. 18726 [Edit]
Educated guesses mostly, but I suppose there are a few things I've subconsciously started believing as fact. I honestly feel like it's nothing ridiculous, and I understand her character well enough to be almost positive about a few of them.
>> No. 18733 [Edit]
It depends on the information. For something like his birthday, I've given him one. I don't consider it canon but the author will never give him one (main characters don't even have them). As for specifically vague information, whether or not he did a certain thing, I just weighed the information I had and thought what he would really do in that situation. Of course I wouldn't want my preferences to influence that, I'd accept any version of events.

For everything else where there's nothing to go on, there's always something about him to narrow it down (e.g. his attitude could give ideas for what hobbies he wouldn't enjoy but not what he would enjoy) but I always try to not attempt to shove what I want onto him.
>> No. 18734 [Edit]
Educated guess, but only certain smaller things like favourite foods are left out for Hanako.

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