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File 134180706085.jpg - (232.11KB , 643x900 , 990785.jpg )
9706 No. 9706 [Edit]
Most of us have waifus that come from anime, video games, or VNs in which she has a Japanese seiyuu. For those of us that don't, if your waifu were to be in an anime or VN, what seiyuu would you like to portray your waifu?

For me, I say Takahashi Chiaki or perhaps Horie Yui. I feel like either of them could really capture her mature and motherly yet cute and peachy sides.

For those of you who do have a waifu from anime, VN, or Japanese video game, how do you feel about your waifu's seiyuu? Does it come into play in your relationship at all? How about her English VA (if she has one)? Personally, I like her current English VA. Her voice is very cute, but is also able to capture her tough side.
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>> No. 9708 [Edit]
File 134180993262.jpg - (204.13KB , 900x700 , 26648382.jpg )
Mamiko Noto.
I love her work as Sawako, Enma Ai and Suzuka-hime.
>> No. 9712 [Edit]
File 134181648755.jpg - (224.15KB , 480x664 , 21188155 - いおりん.jpg )
My waifu has a very very talented voice actress, so that means while she can voice Iori perfectly to match her personality and tone, there's pretty much less of her in the end. This is the reason why Iori was not producible in [email protected] 2 and Scamco placed her in RyuKom, because Rie have other commitments to voice other popular characters at that time. Though it is more of a quality than quantity, I am glad they got a excellent voice actress for her, can't get any higher than that.

Post edited on 8th Jul 2012, 11:49pm
>> No. 9716 [Edit]
File 134182243125.jpg - (122.46KB , 1280x720 , Cynthia Best Wishes 2 Episode 01 (26).jpg )
I really like Cynthia's voice in the subbed version of the anime. Much, much more than her eng voice. It's a lot closer to what I imagined her voice sounding like.
>> No. 9723 [Edit]
File 134186638837.jpg - (83.76KB , 720x960 , 1332976219950.jpg )
Well, my waifu's Seiyuu is pretty popular, and I like her talent to give voices to our favourite characters, I think that she is very good doing her job.
I appreciate her skills and I like her as a person, that's all there to it though.
About her english VA, I cannot say much because I'm not so fond of.
>> No. 9725 [Edit]
File 134187458828.png - (88.19KB , 640x480 , 7e77564175ce6f6fbf54bec2db14c839ef24f9d9.png )
I like her Japanese Seiyuu very much. However I prefer Monica Rial's performance more, just because I prefer to hear my waifu's voice in English.
>> No. 9733 [Edit]
File 134194102467.png - (378.96KB , 1200x1021 , 34121603344a1058e0c7f5ac2210b9f6.png )
Most of the time I don't even notice she has a seiyuu. When I do notice that she does have one, I think Hiromi's voice is perfect for such a boyish/androgynous character, and that she has the right amount of moe set for the voice. Not too tryhard, and good enough to sound unique and breathtaking when she sings.
>> No. 9734 [Edit]
File 13419422055.jpg - (123.49KB , 850x594 , sample-195d1b8ae05bbc1882bbf8de8e1d151f.jpg )
I don't care about the voice actors, only the characters. So this is a little hard, but off the top of my head I think whoever it was that played Sigma from Nanoha would be good.
>> No. 9741 [Edit]
File 134205136186.jpg - (387.45KB , 1100x970 , d5bba9c20a0a085bbf18a83b8437b63c.jpg )
The only voice actress I recognize was Miyuki Sawashiro, and I think she does a pretty good job in voicing Marisa.
>> No. 9743 [Edit]
File 134209992844.jpg - (147.39KB , 454x682 , 1309133697761.jpg )
I REALLY don't like her Japanese voice actor. I think it's too high pitched and fake to make it seem like the run-of-the-mill moeblob. It works for some characters, but I doubt Asuka would have the same voice as Tsukasa from LS.

As for Tiffany Grant's voice, I think it's wonderful. It's the voice I hear in my head when I think of Asuka. This is probably due to me having watched the English version when I didn't like Asuka's Japanese voice.

She's had I think two German voice actors, and the one that did End Of Evangelion was a perfect voice type for her. It was feminine, but not tooo girly. It was strong as a German voice is, but soft at the same time.

Considering I only speak English, Spanish, and German, I only speak to Asuka in English and German. I don't know or understand any Japanese.
>> No. 9758 [Edit]
File 134237871019.jpg - (44.82KB , 502x600 , 6722920_m.jpg )
I enjoy both her Japanese seiyuu and her English VA, they both give the impression of a woman who is very much self-determined and reliant. I haven't heard all of the FES content in Japanese, but hearing her go on about what she would like to wear from a fashion magazine just made me smile, and the sneeze she made was too adorable and made me say a tes souhaits out of habit.
>> No. 9822 [Edit]
File 134302660570.png - (138.24KB , 400x400 , 1328543612462.png )
I actually found out rather recently my waifu had a VA from an Audio Drama, and I like it quite a lot. She's sounds mature but at the same time cute.
>> No. 9824 [Edit]
File 134302888465.png - (19.48KB , 90x90 , minpin.png )
I really like her Japanese voice actor, but oh god, her English dub is horrible.
>> No. 9835 [Edit]
File 134308634191.jpg - (123.53KB , 1024x768 , 81a8608f29cad67d47e81cf1a585c120.jpg )
That's always how I imagined Fran sounding. I imagine it would actually be a bit of a challenge for the seiyuu to convey the sharp contrasts in Fran's personality. Are Veronica and Gavril in the audio drama too? I'm kind of interested in hearing it now.

I think Reki's seiyuu, Junko Noda, did a fine job, although I'm having a hard time thinking of specifics. Her voice is kind of low-pitched, especially for a Japanese woman, and it has a slight husky quality. I'm going to pay closer attention the next time I rewatch the series.
Although this thread made me curious to watch the dub, which I haven't seen in what must be almost ten years now. And was it bad, oh my, it was awful. I remembered thinking her english VA was okay back then, but now I could hardly distinguish her voice from Rakka's when they were both on screen.
>> No. 9935 [Edit]
File 134359159269.jpg - (27.23KB , 250x188 , Dorochi.jpg )
Dorothy's English voice is absolutely wonderful. It's comforting and alluring. I could listen to it for hours...
>> No. 9944 [Edit]
File 134362052927.jpg - (52.42KB , 501x689 , bc8632240ec53b1713e531910d37998f6b222f0e.jpg )
I'm pretty sure Veronica is in it, but it isn't subbed so it's basically a guessing game.
I just know who Fran is since I just looked up the Voice Actor and heard her other samples.

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