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File 133561668854.png - (43.98KB , 247x246 , nootropil.png )
9832 No. 9832 [Edit]
Have any of you tried nootropics/'smart drugs'?

It would be nice to be clear-headed and mentally sharp for once. My mind has withered as a result of constant inactivity...
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>> No. 9833 [Edit]
No. These kinds of things tend to either
a) Have no effect
b) Have nasty side-effects.
>> No. 9834 [Edit]
>My mind has withered as a result of constant inactivity

I definitely know what you mean. The more I try to "not think" the less I use my mind and start noticing a decrease in mental efficiency.

I already have a horrible memory, and I think I have for a while. I don't remember if my memory has been as terrible as it currently is. Anyway, my brain doesn't work correctly.

I agree, it would be nice to notice more things and be able to use my limited knowledge at hand rather than fumble constantly for answers.

Ah, that's a shame.

I guess I can understand them not existing.

Post edited on 28th Apr 2012, 6:40am
>> No. 9835 [Edit]
From what I've read, the only nootropic that's been tested and repeatedly shown to be safe is piracetam. It sounds pretty good from the studies and personal experiences so I'm edging towards buying some. The other related drugs (oxiracetam/aniracetam/pramiracetam etc.) sound even better but I'd rather not take something that's barely been tested.

Have a read of this

Ugh, it's such a terrible feeling. For me it's not just memory, it's everything, I suspect my brain has literally regressed since I've stopped reading or doing intellectually stimulating tasks.
I watched an interesting documentary a while ago about how the human brain is analogous to group of muscles; by 'exercising' certain parts of your brain you make them more efficient and by not using parts they become slower.

>it would be nice to notice more things and be able to use my limited knowledge at hand rather than fumble constantly for answers

From what I've read on forums, piracetam does exactly this. I suspect the placebo effect comes into it a bit, but almost everyone reports that they're more articulate after a few weeks and everything becomes 'crisper' and clearer visually and mentally.

>Do those kinds pills really work?

From my research it seems like they do for most people, I wouldn't buy them in pill form though since the powder is usually cheaper.

Do you mind me asking how your mind is in general and whether you regularly do anything mentally difficult?
After talking to quite a few other NEETs on the *chans it seems as though the biggest risk factor for a cloudy mind/bad memory/sluggishness is the absence of an interactive, mentally stimulating hobby. I want to see how true that holds here because my mental state seems to be a closer match to you guys than anywhere else.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2012, 10:08am
>> No. 9836 [Edit]
File 133562555356.png - (172.30KB , 850x531 , yuno stares at coffee.png )
AFAIK, coffee is a nootropic. In that case, yes.
>> No. 9837 [Edit]
in that case then I should be mentally sharp as ever when I just drank a ton of coffee! But no it doesn't work like that for me, I feel the way I always am, just stimmed out. The only stimulant anything that has ever even made me feel clear headed in addition to just being high is an energy drink called Spike Shooter, very powerful drink. But even then clear headed doesn't mean intelligent, I was and still am as stupid as ever. I think you just can't fix stupid. There is no magical pill or other drug that you will just be able to take that will make you intelligent.
>> No. 9838 [Edit]
I have.
Some of them work wonderfully.

I take Aniracetam and it helps with anxiety so much. I also take Pramiracetam which is like Piracetam but stronger. If you try either of those you need a choline source like Alpha GPC or something or else you will get a headache. DMAE is also really good for focus and motivation. Its important with the racetames to let them build up though. If you aren't sure you can just get enough for like a month and give it a try.

I've messed around with nootropics on and off for a while but I'm not really sure what else to say unless you have specific questions. Also exercise helps a huge amount. I notice a difference even with just ~50 push ups each morning.
>> No. 9858 [Edit]
Oh, I'm using that. Nootropil I mean. A neurologist prescribed it to me saying it'll stop my hands from shaking as if I had Parkinson's. It doesn't do jack's shit.

I used SSRIs back in the day. They fried my brain. Wasn't fun.
>> No. 9870 [Edit]
>I used SSRIs back in the day. They fried my brain.
Could you please elaborate?
>> No. 9871 [Edit]
>> No. 9918 [Edit]
I haven't tried any. For some reason I'm afraid of taking prescription drugs because I'm afraid they'll warp me into someone I'm not. Even though I know its not much difference at all in thought process I'm not opposed to doing illegal drugs but I don't know how to obtain them.
>> No. 9919 [Edit]
Same. Even though I hate myself I'm afraid I'd hate drug-effect me even more
>> No. 9920 [Edit]
Since this is the current drug thread, does anyone know anything about Tramadol?

I took a few of those and I'm not noticing much.

Post edited on 1st May 2012, 2:20am
>> No. 9984 [Edit]
This deserves its own thread damn it. Don't be scared to make new threads.
>> No. 10020 [Edit]

They're a very weak opiate, and rarely produce any euphoric effects in people.
>> No. 10033 [Edit]
>> No. 10036 [Edit]
Here is a pretty good resource for those interested in nootropics:
>> No. 10038 [Edit]
>> No. 10039 [Edit]
That's a stimulant and not a very good one at that (in my opinion, anyway; Concerta, Ritalin, etc. have little recreational value in my experience). Smart drug in a completely different sense, man.

It's excellent for studying, though. If I were a student, I'd want to be put on that (or would seek out someone with a prescription who sells), instead of one of the more euphoric/unfocused stimulants, like Vyvanse or Adderall, because I'd just use those for fun and sit around listening to music and browsing *chans all day. Oh, wait...

The so-called "dealers" (lame college kids) know this, so Concerta usually goes for cheaper, too. Particularly if they have a supply of one of the more recreational stims as well (which from what I understand is rare). But that's just me talking out of my ass, I've never been on a college campus and I never met any Concerta dealers, so you can just ignore that.
Definitely a study drug. But it still has a comedown and is at least a little recreational in higher doses, so is not "smart" in the sense that Piracetam, etc. is, which have little to no major side effects.

I took a few stimulants in the past for recreational use (namely Vyvanse - really fun if you don't have ADHD, and my most recommended; Ritalin [Methylphenidate] - for when I needed to get something school-related done back in high-school; and Benzedrex/propylhexedrine - a really weird choice on a lot of levels, but my personal favorite [cheap and accessible~]), but never any nootropics.
I thought about ordering some a while back, actually, but I'm trying to do a purge thing, and keep away from any so-called drugs in general for a while, even if they seem harmless (including caffeine, which sucks - I miss my Dr. Pepper).
I heard some good things about nootropics, though. The only negative thing I recall reading is an account from someone on 420chan who mixed generic Adderall and piracetam, and ended up with brainfry.
>> No. 10218 [Edit]
I've just ordered a big batch of the following nootropics from Amazon (cost me a bunch, but it is worth a try):

Huperzine A
And also choline so I don't get headache from Piracetam

Gonna take a good week to arrive and after that some time to actually take effect, but I'll be sure to report back.
>> No. 10238 [Edit]
OP here, how much did your piracetam cost? I've been contacting the Chinese biochemical companies directly in the hopes of getting a better deal and they do seem to be cheaper, though they're quoting me $80 shipping for a single kilo. Fuck that. The best price I could find was $55/kg inclusive of shipping, so if you have a less expensive source it would be great to see.

And yeah, I think everyone would be interested a report or a log of sorts. If I ever get around to buying some I'll probably do the same.
>> No. 10239 [Edit]


are pretty cheap for different stuff if you aren't buying in bulk...

better than amazon anyway
>> No. 10245 [Edit]

piracetam cost me like $31 inc. shipping for half kilo bag. The pills were just far too expensive for their dosage, and the recommended dose is less than 3g a day; at that dose, the bag would last me nearly half a year. If piracetam really does improve cognition by a noticeable amount, than it is $30 well worth it.

The 300g of creatine was cheap as hell, but I ordered the relatively more expensive pills of the rest rather than powders because I am only experimenting for now.
>> No. 10276 [Edit]
Would it be possible to get someone to take this stuff without them knowing it?
Would there be any ill effects if I was to say, grind it up and mix it into their food or drinks?

I'm forced to live with some very very stupid people....
>> No. 10278 [Edit]

They might taste it, I'm not sure. Pills tend to have very bitter tastes.

I doubt it's worth the effort. I'm not even sure the science behind most of these smart drugs is sound, or wouldn't everyone in the world be on these things?
>> No. 10279 [Edit]
I wouldn't do that, it might interact with them in a weird way and kill them
>> No. 10284 [Edit]
File 133721919648.jpg - (126.25KB , 1404x914 , oxy80.jpg )
All you need is a pile of oxycontin~
>> No. 10285 [Edit]

i'd love to take a bunch of that right now.
>> No. 10294 [Edit]
Don't, oxycontin just make you itchy.
>> No. 10299 [Edit]

I use a lot of hard opiates, so I don't get itches anymore.
>> No. 10300 [Edit]
I retract any and all statements about methylphenidate. I was bored and decided to crack into a stash I had for about three months (which violates my 6-month no-drugs deal - which, hey, I made it a month). It's pretty damn fantastic in a non-study setting, you just need an above-average dose and something to cushion the comedown. Thinking about cracking some of these dudes open and insufflating it. I read that it was a pain to do, though. I feel like I need to apologize to everyone in my life.

Oh, and regarding opiates; I found a Oxycotin pill in my closet. I actually remember getting it from a friend a year or so ago. It's pretty old, but it should give me at least a little buzz, right? I only did it once, though. I was pissed when I lost it, because it was pretty damn good the first time.
>> No. 10302 [Edit]

Methylphenidate is a really nice uppity drug. I used to do that all the time, since it's like cheap cocaine.

You can sniff it no problem, but you have to take into consideration the type/brand of it. The regular stuff is fine to crush up and use that way. It doesn't burn and hits you nice and fast. However, you don't want to sniff any of that time released stuff. Those pills are binded with a lot of extra filler material - more so that normal pills - that you don't want in your nose.

Also, that oxycotin should be all right to use. Medications don't really "expire" as they are made to seem. What happens it they simply lose their potency, due to time itself or light or air exposure. If you took it, you should still feel something.
>> No. 10305 [Edit]
Another Infolink about nootropics :
>> No. 10328 [Edit]
The redose factor for Concerta, orally, was way too unstable for me. My logic was, "Not feeling it an hour in, time to redose," and before I knew it, I blazed through pretty much every single pill I had in the course of about 10 hours. Not fun.
The Oxycontin, I took with the last few I was going to take. It was nice, but I realized why I didn't take it when I first got it - I ended up really fucking sweaty. The effects subtle (lowish dosage even for someone with no tolerance), but also way longer-lasting than I thought. I pretty much just laid in bed from 6 to noontime, staring into space like an invalid. Don't really like doing that
Also ended up with stimulant psychosis (which was pretty disturbing - I had what seemed to be fairy voices telling me I wasn't going to wake up) for the first time in a long time. I'm just thankful that it was manageable. Finally fell asleep around 1 in the afternoon. Woke up at 8.

My heart rate and blood pressure are still pretty high, but that happens all the time.

Before I crashed, all I did was clean my room in a desperate attempt to be productive. Almost all damn night. Waking up to a clean room was pleasant.
>> No. 10432 [Edit]
So have they arrived yet, anon?

I just put in an order for piracetam and it's going to take ages to get here, I'm eager to hear what you've found so far
>> No. 10633 [Edit]

Yes, they arrived and I'm a bit underwhelmed by the results. I started with the Vinpocetine and Huperzine A and I largely cannot see any difference between taking them and not taking them. Perhaps somewhat increased dream activity, but otherwise nothing big. I then started the Creatine which has also had no distinguishable effect. However, considering the biological function of Creatine, I'm sure any effects (if any at all) will happen over the long term rather than immediately after taking a dose.

The final drugs I took were Inositol, Choline, and Piracetam. Not sure if the inositol does anything, and the choline is just there for the piracetam, but the Piracetam out of all the drugs I've taken seems to have the most notable effect. The first two or three days I took it, I had dull headaches all day so that wasn't nice. But after the initial few days, that went away. Now it definitely has some effect on me, though it is hard to describe what. It makes me slightly more sociable, more alert, and has a general stimulative effect. Out of all the nootropics I've tried, I'd definitely recommend the piracetam the most to anyone curious.

Don't expect anything life-changing or sudden enlightenment from taking nootropics though (somewhat like I naively did). The effects are ultimately subtle at best. However, each person is a separate case and will experience different results. Also, I've yet to experiment with changes in dosage. I'm considering doubling up my piracetam dosage to see what happens.

I'll continue to take my store of nootropics until I run out, and then make an educated decision to continue usage based on what I feel the long term effects were.
>> No. 10649 [Edit]
I've been prescribed Vyvanse in order to help with my concentration.
For the first three hours, it's great. I would say those times are literally the happiest I've ever been. I could focus and have fun doing pretty much anything.
And then comes the crash. Within a matter of hours, I sink back into a depression worse than when I started the medication. I can barely even think, since my mind feels so clouded. A side-effect of Vyvanse happens to be rapid heartbeat, so I can't even sleep no matter how weak I feel. It's like I'm becoming a zombie or something. It's a pretty bad feeling when combined with constant heart palpitations and headaches.
I've also been worrying about how long the medication will continue to last. It seems like I'm going to need higher doses.
>> No. 10650 [Edit]
I once had to take those when I went to school. After something happened I tried to use those (and some anti depressants) to kill myself (before finding out that it wouldn't work) and ended up really "hyper". After all of that, my lungs started hurting and it hurt to breath for a while. Then I got the flue or something similar.
>> No. 10660 [Edit]
>I've also been worrying about how long the medication will continue to last.
Oh, Haruhi, man, I know that feeling. That's one of the worst feelings in the world. There's no real cure to it, other than to re-dose, which is a shitty idea that I can't recommend - It leads to tolerance and dependence, and maybe even addiction a little later on. You always end up wondering "It's still going, I wouldn't be wondering if it was still active if it wasn't still going, right?", correct?

You can also take Tums or baking soda with your pill, and that gives it a nice boost - I remember reading somewhere that it would give it a push to about 45-93% of it's original dosage, depending on tolerance, and when I tried it out myself, it worked pretty damn well. Most reports are contradictory with this, though, so I don't know if it's a placebo, or what, but I know what happened in my case - It worked 500x better than it did normally, and I didn't take my Vyvanse without at least a little baking soda. It tastes nasty at first (you're drinking salt water, basically), but it's worth it, in my opinion. Just don't dick around and just pour it down your throat as quickly as possible. A shot glass-sized mixture should do, with about a bottle-cap sized amount of baking soda. Don't go around drinking entire bottles or mugs of baking soda, man.

It lasts around 6-9 hours, too, more than double most of the other ADD medications, if that's any consolation - 12 hours if you're lucky, and/or boosted your dose with baking soda, but that also depends on the dose, you know?

What dosage are you prescribed? I got 40mg way back when. It was satisfactory, I'd say. I just couldn't pinpoint why I felt so good whenever I took my medicine. Only con was the lack of appetite and sleep, and the fact that the effects seemed to "ghost" well into the day - That is, I still felt the effects through some kind of strange mixture of willpower and stupidity (it was more or less placebo). I'd recommend a higher dosage, or at least try the baking soda trick; It worked for me, it should work for you - Although everybody's different. You might be deathly allergic to baking soda, or something I don't know is preventing you from accessing it. That's cool, too, man, I get it.

Vyvanse is fun. But that crash isn't so fun, to say the least. You can try and make it softer by doing things you like (haha, oh, man, but don't fap, though; It will be useless, and will do nothing but make you stay up longer, and feel like a masturbating zombie instead of a regular zombie), but the only thing that really helps are benzodiazepines, and I doubt you can get prescribed those (or would want to - benzo withdrawals are worse than heroin to some people).
Warm milk always helped me, in my case. With some warm milk, some melatonin, and a little bit of luck, I'd be asleep for school the next day.

Yeah, Vyvanse cannot kill you, for the same reason you can't snort it - The lysine group in the lis-dexamfetamine that Vyvanse is. You need to metabolize it through your liver, because it's binding the dextroamphetamine (the good shit), and you can't reach the lethal-dose faster than your liver can metabolize the pills. That doesn't mean your heart can't give out or something before you get to the "ultimate high" that hitting the ceiling dose is (400mg of Vyvanse; way too Haruhi damn much for your heart and you to still have the same relationship afterwards, if you don't die; That's 6x the highest possible dosage). That lysine group is one of the reasons it has such a low abuse potential, and that doctors are more liable to prescribe it.

I'll kakusu to be polite; You guys don't need to read my strange, stimulant-induced ramblings if you don't want to, nor should you be forced to, frankly.
>> No. 10666 [Edit]
File 133883096556.jpg - (143.29KB , 450x450 , bed243c43ba175d5a449bb00c94907fe.jpg )
>You can also take Tums or baking soda with your pill, and that gives it a nice boost - I remember reading somewhere that it would give it a push to about 45-93% of it's original dosage

Thank you so much. It's been working wonderfully so far, two hours longer than usual. If only I had realized this sooner.
>> No. 10709 [Edit]
Mine just arrived. This is literally THE most disgusting thing I have ever tasted and mixing it with the choline bitartrate makes me feel like throwing up.
I only took it for two consecutive days before I got afraid that it might induce temporary brainfog and get in the way of some important (to me, anyway) tasks. Those are over now so I'm starting again, I hope I get something out of it.

BTW, has it become any stronger since that post? I hear it gets better and better over a few weeks
>> No. 10928 [Edit]
Do they not sell Nootropyl at the store? I asked my mom to pick some up when she goes to walgreens tomorrow but I don't know if she's gonna find any
>> No. 10929 [Edit]
I think they're like steroids, they only have a good effect if you use them correctly.
I've noticed that if I start studying for an hour or two as soon as I get out of bed, I'll have a clear head for the rest of the day. Its also a great way to learn stuff.
>> No. 10937 [Edit]
Well she came back and said she couldn't find any, and even asked the pharm assistants about it and they said they never heard of it. Instead she bought me fish oil, because it had "HELPS BRAIN HEALTH" on it. So, is fish oil gonna do anything? I mostly wanted piracetam for lucid dreams...
>> No. 10938 [Edit]

I don't think fish oil will do much for lucid dreams:
>> No. 10939 [Edit]
I'd be glad if it just helps my depression/anxiety, honestly
>> No. 11538 [Edit]
If you want to do lucid dreams, then start doing n-backing, which increases REM sleep, which is the phase of sleep that dreaming occurs in.

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