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File 133870487719.jpg - (68.62KB , 854x480 , ayumu kasuga.jpg )
9856 No. 9856 [Edit]
I wonder about the possibility of using torrent stats as a method of ranking the popularity of fansubbed anime. Has anyone ever read anything about this? Maybe its done already? I would be kind of interested to know which currently airing shows have the most people pouncing on it the second nyaa announces it's availability. It'd be a lot easier than setting up a neilsen like system.
I wonder if the various western companies that license shows look at torrent stats to judge market potential - also, if you happen to be from funimation and you read this post, please die.
>> No. 9857 [Edit]
Funimation looks at youtube views. Dunno about torrents.
>> No. 9862 [Edit]
I vaguely recall a ranking like that but I have to say I have absolutely on interest in stuff like that so sorry, I don't plan to look for it.
>> No. 9866 [Edit]
I guess if one is interested enough, they could make charts for the season's most popular anime going off of the stats, much like those dvd sales reports.
It would be a little interesting, but you could probably tell from any anime website what shows are the most popular.
Mal has it's stats crap which could make the whole think easy.

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