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File 131746384987.jpg - (60.81KB , 450x253 , Lizlet L Chelsie 55.jpg )
6005 No. 6005 [Edit]
I have a question.

If someone, like your friend (either in IRL or online) began to criticize you because you have a waifu or believe in its concept, how would you feel, how would you react and how would you reply to them?

Take note that these other people can be non-anime fan or anime fan.

Because for me, I consider them extremely ignorant and I would likely break-off friendship with them because I do not need ignorant people who cannot understand me or simply accept on my preferences.
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>> No. 6006 [Edit]
File 131746722215.jpg - (527.13KB , 723x1150 , 484550.jpg )
I've never had any close friends so to be honest I am not sure what I would do. She is the most important thing for me and I probably wouldn't allow anyone who can't accept my love to be my friend.
>> No. 6008 [Edit]
I think I'd just giggle and then ask him to elaborate on it, if I actually give a shit about what this person have to say; wich, honestly, is not the case lately but who knows? maybe whoever may be, he actually has a point.

Now: would I break a friendship because of this disagreement in particular? I don't know; I couldn't tell, by now... WTF is such thing as an actual friend or a friendship, anyway? Is it really a good thing to have? How should one behave towards this affair? I sincerely don't know, anymore.
>> No. 6009 [Edit]
I'd feel pretty annoyed - I'd ask him what his problem is, correct him on any problem he may have with my life and proceed to be his friend, although with new information pertaining to him that might dent our relationship.
>> No. 6014 [Edit]
I'm already used to my friends criticizing my way of life once in a while. I'd just let them finish the sermon and let them cool down for a while, as I always do.
>> No. 6016 [Edit]
I'd just say I understand they don't approve and I'd keep going about my day. If they were to keep bugging me about it, there would obviously be more to issue than just my having a waifu.
>> No. 6021 [Edit]
If they start so criticize it then they are probably just try to anger me either that or they have no clue about the waifu concept.
I would more likely give up on them rather than fight all day with someone who is not willing to listen/understand.
>> No. 6022 [Edit]
I would just stop being friends.
>> No. 6032 [Edit]
I respect everyone, and expect the same in return. If one of my friends is offended by what I do in my bedroom, I'd probably tell him off about and point out that if faggots can do all sorts of weird things with themselves, I can love a waifu.
>> No. 6038 [Edit]
I'm extremely secretive about having a waifu, so *if* any of my friends would somehow have found out, then that means that there'd be a lot more going on. The only solid evidence of me having a waifu is on my computer, and even then, it's not something that you'll accidentally bump into after five minutes of rummaging.

But that aspect aside; most of my friends are even worse emotional/psychological fuckups than I am. Even if they'd actually criticize me for having a waifu, then I can just shut them up by pointing at their own issues.
>> No. 6039 [Edit]
I have 2 close friends, both of which are brohnos. they are also the only people that know about my waifu.
>> No. 6090 [Edit]
Keep listening, but let it pass through my head.
>> No. 6109 [Edit]
I, in understanding their point of view, would not compromise my friendship. Because I know on that side they have 2 main ignorances, first that from my side there is no feasable way of getting a girl who is perfect according to my tastes (in short bitches and whores), and that having a waifu directly stems from being a weeaboo, which I am not. So the first is more along the lines of lack of empathy, while the latter is just ignorance.
I would hope to correct this viewpoint by having myself as an example: in the past I have hated weeaboos and clearly stated so, but now I have a waifu so thusly being a weeaboo ≠ waifuism. There are a bunch of counterexamples but I think with my use of jargon I can pretty much trick most of them. Not really trick, just use argumentation
>> No. 6632 [Edit]
The let me ask this second question:

What if someone also claims your waifu, what is your reaction, because for me, I feel threatened very easily that I will find away to "persuade them not to continue their claim" through some "methods".
>> No. 6633 [Edit]
I think there was a thread about that already.

Well, i´ll answer anyway.
I get jealous or annoyed really easy but if i learn that sombody else also has the same waifu i am happy about it because she really is wonderful and to see that i am not the only one who thinks that way is great.
In fact there is an anon who also has Kanako as his waifu and i think thats kinda awesome.
>> No. 6638 [Edit]
There's like a tradition already of threads around that subject, indeed.
>> No. 6640 [Edit]
>In fact there is an anon who also has Kanako as his waifu
Not anymore, I don't think.
>> No. 6643 [Edit]

I do tend to get somewhat depressed whenever I have to compete with others for a girl, and I admit that I usually go for obscure characters because of this - but as long as this rival Yumemi lover is just another anonymous person on the internet, it wouldn't really upset me. Things like seeing her paired with other characters do tend to bother me, but this just leaves me indifferent.

And in Yumemi's case, aggressively trying to claim her is pointless anyway - she's a timespace traveller with a canon quantum clone too, no less, so it's ridiculously easy to justify an “everyone can have his own Yumemi”-solution without even really diverging from canon.
>> No. 6644 [Edit]


He is gone?
>> No. 6647 [Edit]
File 132000381085.jpg - (405.60KB , 690x992 , 1be09d1749dc3e2cd9bad96b6a8c80adea0e74ac.jpg )
Depends on the criticism. If they just didn't approve of it, or thought it was ridiculous, well fair enough. I'd say "you have as much right to believe that as I do to believe what I believe, to each their own." If however, they kept CONSTANTLY telling me how much they hate it, bringing it up all the time in front of other people especially, I'd have to end the friendship. I don't mind if they don't like it, as long as they don't attempt to deter me from enjoying it.
>> No. 6653 [Edit]
I would feel very annoyed, I find very impolite to criticize other people because their lifestyle.
>> No. 6654 [Edit]
I'd tell them I don't need friends and to gtfo.
>> No. 6655 [Edit]
Such a situation would never happen in the first place because I go to great lengths not to let others know. If it gets out, all is lost, because almost everyone will think you are crazy (except a small section of the anime community) and you can forget about people treating you normally anymore.

Shh, I'm still here.
>> No. 6656 [Edit]
File 132003170674.jpg - (11.07KB , 240x320 , 20100108_959793.jpg )
been there, we stoped being friends and we dont talk to each other anymore.

other friends are just cool with it.

i ussually make them understand wich works for the most cases but if its the otherway around i just stop wasting my time with them.
>> No. 6661 [Edit]

Phew, thats reassuring.
>> No. 6669 [Edit]
Over the weekend my friend apparently decided to read every post I've ever made on Sankaku Complex, and naturally he found out about mai waifu (and our date). He was freaked out, but I think he's ok with it now. Besides, I said, "Which is worse: the fact that I made those posts, or that you decided to read every single one?"
>> No. 6677 [Edit]
That's what you get for going on Sankaku Complex.
>> No. 6679 [Edit]
The fact that you made those posts is worse
>> No. 6680 [Edit]
I'm sorry, I forgot I'm not allowed to love mai waifu.
>> No. 6681 [Edit]
File 132012872868.jpg - (110.82KB , 1100x300 , fullof.jpg )
Not according to yourself anyway.
>> No. 6682 [Edit]
Oh, hi guy from that other thread who completely misunderstood my post.
>> No. 6683 [Edit]
He gets on my nerves sometimes too but please quit getting into fights with giascle all the time, it's not making anything better
>> No. 6685 [Edit]
Perhaps we should elaborate on what was meant before we go any further. Someone is misunderstanding someone.
>> No. 6688 [Edit]
No not hating on you loving your waifu, its just that taking your waifu out on a date is 'worse' than just stalking someone's posts. As in its creepier.
>> No. 6695 [Edit]
Do you mean someone IRL claiming your waifu, rather than just someone online? I've only ever seen one person say they had the same waifu as me online, and it barely registered with me one way or another, so it's hard to say how I'd react to someone I knew IRL claiming her. It would almost certainly bother me to some extent. Knowing myself, I'd probably try to one-up them in some sort of extreme way and casually wave it in their face.
>> No. 6714 [Edit]
I think some people on this board seem to misunderstand that most the users here love their waifu strongly and are not ashamed about it. Giascle loves her enough to have gone on a "date" with her, even if thta is just carrying a cardboard cutout of her and carrying it in Times Square. Believe it or not, in the world we live in nowadays, nobody really cares what you do if they aren't related to you. And that's how it should be. They can come and complain when they stop cheating on their partners, blowing up airports and raping little kids; that seems a lot "creepier" and harmful to me than loving a "fictional" person.
Anybody with logic would understand he's making a point in that screenshot. Someone posted that if their waifu was only attracted to other women, does it mean she cannot/does not love you? Giascle responded by saying that if THAT was true, then loving a fictional character could not be possible then. they're both applying standard logic to the situation.

That is all.
>> No. 6734 [Edit]
>I'd probably try to one-up them in some sort of extreme way and casually wave it in their face.

We share an evil streak, my friend.
>> No. 6982 [Edit]
well both in Internet and IRL.

I just don't like it when someone also see Lizlet as their waifu, it disturbs me.

Sorry if I sound very possessive.
>> No. 6986 [Edit]
It is human nature to not want to share something you value so much with others.
>> No. 6995 [Edit]
Thinking about this, I'd definitely rather have my friend hate the Waifu concept than be after the same character as me
>> No. 6996 [Edit]
Really, /tc/? Again with the incredibly lame topic of 2D jealousy? *SIGH*

>It is human nature
>human nature
Bullshit. Nor you, nor anyone, knows what that is.
>> No. 6998 [Edit]
What the hell are you saying? You can walk outside right now and ask someone to give you $100. They'll say no. Why? Because they like and want to keep that money. Everyone will respond this way. Do we live in the same reality?
>> No. 7001 [Edit]
OK, stop... and think about how many claims about social behaviours, over history, have been said to be merely "natural" (like war, inequity, explotation and slavery) and how many others still could be called so with some improvised mimetic/inherited ethological pretext (like murder and rape). Now, go even further, and think about how many times we've been supposedly able to say what the very structure of the human mind, nature and the universe must be (aristotelian physics of the graves; ptolemaic geocentrism; Descartes's theory of the vortex; copernican heliocentrim; Newton's Universal Gravitation and its absolute concepts; Kant's trascendental subject; the discovery of our own and other galaxies; Hubble's law and the Big Bang theory; Einstein relativism safe from inertial referential frames Democritus's atomism, Mendeleiev's atomism, quantum theory's uncertainty principle, Husserl's phenomenological horizons of interpretation, Heidegger's re-founding of methaphysics, Hume or Locke's work over the structure of the mind, english logic-analytical philosophers' figure of the mind, Freud or Jung's psychoanalysis, Neuroscience...); think how many unknown mistakes and fallacies we currently live upon, we may still have to realize about...

We've had a shitload of supposedly solid statements for any matter that have fallen down, so it's BULLSHIT, at this point, to claim anything to be "natural" and pretend to use that as a justification for anything. As far as we can say, it's all just cultural/fictional pictures, concepts, attached by us into whatever things may be (and wich are all we may ever get to know about any of them).
>> No. 7002 [Edit]

too deep for me...
>> No. 7004 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure you're overthinking this... We are capable of knowing what we like and want.
>> No. 7027 [Edit]
Simply, I do not want to share my waifu with others as she is my waifu and they are a threat to me and my happiness of being with my waifu and loving her.
>> No. 8053 [Edit]
File 132673056858.jpg - (1.01MB , 981x3454 , 1325018177862.jpg )
If my best non-anime-loving friend criticized me for having a waifu, I'd give him this image that everyone here has seen a thousand times, as it does a better job of explaining the whole, "Waifu" thing better than I could on-the-spot.
>> No. 8424 [Edit]
Would you share your waifu with someone who also happens to love the same girl or would you tell him to find another one because I would do the latter, I will NEVER share my waifu with anyone and will do everything to make sure they "abandon" their love.

What about you, how would you deal with this? Share or Confront?
>> No. 8425 [Edit]
Kind of impossible to hunt down every person who claims your waifu and get them to ditch her (unless she's very unpopular)
what are you gonna do if those people post on sites you don't go to? or never talk about it?
how would you find out about it, let alone stop it?
>> No. 8427 [Edit]
Unnecessary. Only I hold the interpretation of my waifu that I know and love.
>> No. 8428 [Edit]
I don't think I could be friends with anyone caring enough about things like that to actually criticize me. He'd probably make fun of it every now and then, but I can take a joke.
>> No. 8429 [Edit]
Even using the same character base, all waifus (waifi?) are different, so it doesn't bother me. Somebody here uses the same character base that I do, but I can tell from the images he posts that his is a completely different interpretation.
>> No. 8430 [Edit]

There's no point in getting angry at someone who simply loves the same person you do. It's not like she's actually there to share, or ever will be, as depressing as it is.

I'd fight, and probably maim, someone selling doujinshi, or anyone unfortunate enough to gravely annoy me in relation to her, but people who love her as I do... Hatred towards them would only cause me so much more pain.

I suppose it's natural to feel competition, but you really have to understand there's nothing you could do, and there's no reason to do anything in the first place. It's just being desperately selfish and ultimately spiteful towards someone you can be damn sure shares a lot of the pain you do, simply because of your own insecurity.
>> No. 8431 [Edit]
File 132918599266.jpg - (300.79KB , 864x768 , 1325655602224.jpg )
I'd probably want to punch them in the face.

Normals want to punch other normals in the face when they claim to be, "boning" their "girl", so I guess it's the same here.

But I suppose I wouldn't care that much, probably just feel a little sad and inadequate. Then I'd get some gratification and satisfaction from buying a figure or daki of my waifu, knowing that while I may not be able to slay everyone on Earth who has the same waifu as me, I can at least be like this guy, and prove that I'm a better-devoted husbando than the other guy.

I suppose it depends on how you view your relationship with your waifu more than anything else.
>> No. 8434 [Edit]
I wouldn't care, I'm sure there are plenty of things this hypothetical friends does that I don't understand either. Of course, if he makes a huge deal over it then that'd be the end of our friendship, though more because it would be annoying to hang out with someone like that than because I was particularly angry.

Again, I wouldn't care. Everyone gets something different out of their relationship with their waifu, as far as I'm concerned we wouldn't be thinking of the same character.
>> No. 8446 [Edit]
>Everyone gets something different out of their relationship with their waifu, as far as I'm concerned we wouldn't be thinking of the same character.

This is exactly how I've always felt about it. Even if she comes from the same source, my interpretation will never be the exact same as someone else's.
>> No. 8567 [Edit]
Slightly off topic, but who's that girl in the picture?
>> No. 8578 [Edit]
Feena Fam Earthlight (フィーナ・ファム・アーシュライト)
appears in: Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na: Crescent Love, Yoakena (Brighter than dawning blue Crescent Love)
>> No. 8583 [Edit]
Thanks. Fascinating stuff.

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