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File 13623970944.jpg - (86.75KB , 681x489 , anime_girl_coming_out_of_screen-s.jpg )
11982 No. 11982 [Edit]
Suppose you were transported to your waifu's dimension. You have the body and situation of an average male anime character or harem protagonist, and you live near where she lives/go to her school/substitute any appropriate situation where there is some reasonable chance of contact.

If you had a mission to become her lover, whats your plan?
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>> No. 11985 [Edit]
Join the school's astronomy club.
>> No. 11987 [Edit]
Not die.
>> No. 11988 [Edit]
Get a dog.
>> No. 11990 [Edit]
Make eye contact with her, have a heart attack, and die.
>> No. 11991 [Edit]
Simple, I become King of the Goddamn Universe and conquer the world.

Or if Toori's plan doesn't work for me, I guess constantly visit the Asama Shrine and help her with work, hang out with all of her friends (who would be my friends) and just build up 'points'.
>> No. 11993 [Edit]
Try to become her medium.
>> No. 11994 [Edit]
Becoming 765's producer and choose her.
>> No. 11995 [Edit]
File 136244172261.jpg - (90.83KB , 400x634 , kei1.jpg )
That really depends if this is an alternate universe from canon.

If it is, then I'd do my best to stand up for people that are picked on. That alone would grab his attention, I think, even if it isn't necessarily romantic at first. After that I'd simply ask him to eat lunch with me, stuff like that, and progress naturally from friendship. We have a lot in common so I don't think it's out of the question under certain circumstances.

If I was transported directly into his canon, though... uh, I'd probably die pretty fast. The best I could hope for is that I arrive in time to stop him from getting into that mess, but even then I'm not sure if I would. It caused him nothing but misery but I don't think he'd want it any other way.
>> No. 11996 [Edit]
File 136244421844.png - (891.95KB , 800x1131 , 100000000647.png )
Given how easy it would be for me to die as a normal human in her dimension, I would have to be excessively careful. I would probably end up working at the mansion where she lives. At first, I would just try to help her out as much as possible and build trust over time. If I could manage it, I would try to get her to teach me magic. Both for bonding reasons and to increase my chances of survival in her dimension.

If all went well, I'd hope that our fairly similar personalities would lead to some sort of affection between us. At least she hasn't been shown to dislike humans as a whole.
>> No. 11998 [Edit]
File 136245673456.jpg - (585.38KB , 2480x3508 , 32464205.jpg )
Summon her as my Servant. Then proceed to win the Grail War. It seemed to work pretty well in the game.
>> No. 11999 [Edit]
File 136245722445.jpg - (238.66KB , 850x1200 , 32110615.jpg )
There's probably no chance I could become her lover, instead I would try to become a knight under her command. Just fighting alongside her on the battlefield would be enough for me.
>> No. 12000 [Edit]
File 136246610899.jpg - (220.66KB , 595x842 , 1327613099053.jpg )
Read with her, make her food... I don't really have a plan.

I'm not sure if I was in her world whether I'd find it easy to be around her or impossible. I hope I'd at least be able to talk to her without suffering a heart attack.
>> No. 12005 [Edit]
File 136250340774.jpg - (140.87KB , 640x480 , 1202442169033.jpg )
Well if it's when she goes to highschool i would do it like her route in the LuckyStar PS2 dating sim, from hate to love.

If it's when she is in college, i would have to trigger some ecounters, like bumping into eachother in the morning or something.

I don't think i could make her fall in love with me, but i would try.
>> No. 12010 [Edit]
File 136255021085.jpg - (203.27KB , 850x1200 , 1318820138459.jpg )
The first thing I must do, of course, is to try to survive and not get killed. Considering that Marisa lives in the Forest of Magic, which is well-known as a very dangerous place, I guess it won't be too easy for me to get to her house.

And upon reaching there, if I am still alive, the first I'd do is to ask for a job. She was a very messy house, they say, so I think I will easily get it. If not that job, then I think I must just live at the Human Village and find work there.
>> No. 12011 [Edit]
File 136255082464.jpg - (137.77KB , 561x748 , Asuka tea.jpg )
Well, considering how she reacted to all the love letters she got when she transferred in my odds of success are pretty low. So I'd have to play it differently than all those other guys. Luckily I have the advantage of already knowing a lot about her.

First thing I'd do is get close to Shinji. Since they live together and spend a lot of time together this is a sure-fire way to get close to her without making it overtly obvious that I'm interested in her. From there I try and play it cool. Considering I've already played the high school game and know the ropes, plus I'm more mature than Shinji's friends, this shouldn't be too hard. Try to imitate Kaji, you know?

From there I'm not sure. The way I see it I have two options:

1. Wait for a chance, likely while visiting Shinji at the apartment, to be alone with Asuka. When the chance comes I try and help her with Eva piloting. I can either do this subtly, by encouraging her to open her mind to the Eva so she can raise her synch ratio and hope that she reacts better to the information coming from me than she did to Rei telling her, or I can go full on mysterious mode and give her intel on the next angel(s) before it arrives, which she can then use to her advantage.

2. Alternatively I can forgo that and try and catch her when she falls. This'll be hard. I'll not only need to time my intervention at the right time, after she starts tumbling down but before she tumbles too far, but I'll also have to intervene in a way that's actually successful. If I screw it up it could backfire and she could run away from me, figuratively (or literally I suppose).

It's easy to say all that, though. It'd be much harder in practice.
>> No. 12015 [Edit]
Depends. Do we retain knowledge of her character, any powers she might have, other quirky universe mechanics, etc? If so, probably the easiest way is to just befriend her and use the right compliments. I know which ones she appreciates the most, and they would be sincere too, since I genuinely mean them. I was a bit flustered when someone made similar compliments in an episode and she got all blushy-happy.

Even if that didn't work, her group of friends is part of the "We're the MCs so friends with everyone in class let's fix their problems" group, so I'd at least have a chance by befriending her friends.
>> No. 12016 [Edit]
My chances would be slim, if not nonexistent.
I guess my best bet would be to just be of use for her, maybe I could even work at the Inn. From there I might be able to get closer to her.
>> No. 12036 [Edit]
File 136276349922.png - (251.12KB , 413x1200 , 1362716563424.png )
I would have two choices, try to become her producer or become her friend. I choose the latter.
If I were to become her producer I would most likely end up being bro-zoned by her. So I would try to befriend her. Which is easy once you know her.

One of the things she does in her free-time is spending her time with her pets. Walking them or chasing them because they ran away.
So chances are I will run into quickly if I were ti go for a walk in the nearby park. If I'm lucky I might catch on of her pets and return them to her and start a conversation with her. Get to know each other better, talk about our pets. (I might have a cat and/or a dog)

Eventually I would learn that she came all the way from Okinawa by her self and I would ask her if that doesn't make her feel lonely.
Most likely she would end up getting slightly annoyed at me and telling that isn't the case.

Then I would tell her "If you ever need something, just ask me." or I might even ask her if she wants to be friends.

That hopefully would lead into me getting even closer to her and us spending our free time together. Eventually, when I feel we both have gotten more close I would ask her if she wants to go visit a zoo together and I would drop a hint such as "It kind of is like a date, isn't it?".

I would have to contain myself not to show just how much I love her. Since she doesn't really know what love means it makes things a bit harder. Most likely she would have feelings for me but doesn't realise herself that it is love. I might end up getting friend zoned because of that. Though I'm sure she will sooner or later realise that she in fact has fallen in love with me.
>> No. 12053 [Edit]
Let's be honest. We'd never talk to them, and we'd spend all our time wishing we could switch worlds to be with a 3D waifu.
>> No. 12055 [Edit]
I hope you're joking.
>> No. 12057 [Edit]
The fair equivalent would be a 1D waifu. A Morse waifu.
>> No. 12058 [Edit]

Now that would be interesting
>> No. 12059 [Edit]
I love how there is always some who thinks he can speak for everyone.
>> No. 12072 [Edit]
File 136300022948.jpg - (85.11KB , 640x640 , 000131.jpg )
I'd probably just pop into Haruka's tea house from time to time and try to get to know the house residents. Then hopefully I'd get to know her too, and I'd pop in from time to time with some baked treats. Simply being a friend of hers would be good enough, but I think I'm competent enough now to make a woman comfortable and show how much I care- given that that woman is worth the effort. Besides, it seems like knowing the residents of Hinata Inn would be really fun!

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