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File 140349458165.jpg - (15.59KB , 704x396 , Just_as_planned.jpg )
24286 No. 24286 [Edit]
You find yourself a Death note book, what do you do with it? if you use it, who are the first five people you kill and how/why?
>> No. 24288 [Edit]
Myself, instantaneous death from self-combustion in 5 minutes. After I write that, I go to a parking lot, put on a coat, and place the book under the coat to ensure destruction. Then sit and wait.

Who am I to decide the fate of other's lives
>> No. 24289 [Edit]
pretty safe to assume most people on a site like this would respond with suicide.
>> No. 24290 [Edit]
Name: OP
Method: Suicide
Reason: For being a faggot

Post edited on 22nd Jun 2014, 9:18pm
>> No. 24291 [Edit]

Way to be morbid.

It's been a while since I've seen Death Note, but if I remember correctly you could script out events for the person to act out leading up to their death. If that is indeed correct, here is what I would do:

1. Get a shit-tier service job, like fast food, gas station, etc., in the wealthiest neighborhood I could find, preferably populated by the kind of rich people who tend to be total assholes

2. Keep doing the job normally. Every time someone obviously rich is an asshole to me, I make a note of their face, as well as something to identify them (name on credit card, id card if buying cigs, license plate on car, etc.)

3. Go home, write their name in the death note, along with a script instructing the person to convert all of their personal assets to cash, put the cash in a duffel bag, leave the duffel bag in a location specified by me, and then kill themselves, probably in public and in a hilarious way.

4. Repeat process until I feel I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life, or until L/Near/Whoever starts catching on

5. Put on mask, relinquish ownership of the Death Note to some stranger who doesn't know me. The fallout is their problem now.

I might have to fine-tune this plan since, like I said, I don't remember a lot of the specifics of the rules of the Death Note. However, this is the basic outline of what I would do.
>> No. 24292 [Edit]
This, at some point.

Otherwise I don't know. I loathe some people but, if anything, I want them to learn that they're wrong: I want them to live, repent and suffer, not to die. Death's just empty.
>> No. 24293 [Edit]
Rich people selling everything they have and killing themselves after they've visited your shop. Their money can't be found anywhere.

Wouldn't it be a little too obvious something is going on?
>> No. 24294 [Edit]
If L doesn't work why would OP?
>> No. 24296 [Edit]
Sounds like a pretty good plan. I was also trying to think of some ways to financially profit off the book but couldn't come up with anything decent. Best I could think of was betting my life savings on a boxing match with horrible odds, then making the other guy take a fatal blow during the match. obviously it'd only work once or twice before people start asking questions.

I think it could work as long as he doesn't make it happen the same day they've visited and spreads it out. once a dozen people in the same area killed themselves after liquidating their life savings things might get fishy so I'd probably do no more than five over the course of a few months before moving finding a new area.
>> No. 24304 [Edit]
I don't think I'd use it to kill anyone I know personally. Even the people I strongly dislike are long gone and just generally not worth the trouble.

I'd probably end up using it to make really prolific shitty people (terrorists, feminist leaders, etc) commit suicide. I guess that's vaguely similar to Light's vigilante justice, just on a much smaller and lazier scale. When I inevitably run out of financial resources, I don't doubt that I'd consider finding a way to use it for unethical personal gain though.
>> No. 24308 [Edit]
It will be mercy for the suffering and punishment for those that are not. People who are not suffering without a doubt are causing suffering in others and deserve punishment.
>> No. 24321 [Edit]
I think the cops would catch on eventually but it would take them awhile. I think the most important factor would be whether or not an actual genius investigator a la L or Near was working the case. If they did have an L, the jig would probably be up pretty quick since I am nowhere near as devious as Light and I would fail hard in an all out battle of wits. However, if it was just your average, run-of-the-mill police department, they might eventually notice that all of the apparent suicides fit a pattern and that the pattern converged on one crappy little gas station that all the victims bought something at. However, it would take them a while, and even then they would have a hell of a time figuring out that a) it was me and b) how the fuck I was doing it exactly. Even if they did figure it out, they wouldn't even be able to put together enough evidence to get a search warrant, let alone arrest/convict me. If all the evidence in the cases indicated they were all suicides and I had no contact with any of the victims beyond that they each shopped at the store I worked at one time, they would have a hell of a time even proving there was a murder in the first place, let alone that I did it.

I was definitely thinking I might space it out time wise and move from area to area repeating the same scheme. Another thing I might do is, each time I am about to move, find some poor shlub with no family and few to no friends, use the death note to kill him quietly in a way that no one would notice, and steal his identity. I'd probably find a board like this and try to get a meet up going or something. Police might notice if the pattern of suicides all occurred in places I lived, but I think I could pull it off enough times to call it quits and retire wealthy LOOOOONG before they ever noticed that I was at the center of the action every time the pattern of suicides occurred. I might change up the pattern and method of death from location to location as well, maybe even have some deaths be accidental, or have them murdered by somebody else or something.

Jesus, I have put entirely too much thought into this, and the most irritating thing about it is that it would probably work. Now I'm all depressed because I know I'll never find a death note.
>> No. 24323 [Edit]
>they might eventually notice that all of the apparent suicides fit a pattern and that the pattern converged on one crappy little gas station
why not mix in some random suicides that wouldn't benefit you just to confuse the cops? like use facebook profiles to kill some people in the area in similar ways who haven't been to the store.
>> No. 24345 [Edit]
Assassinate corrupt politicians in my city, region and country. And assassinate those in some other countries too.

I'd leave the Sunni insurgents alone actually. Same for the Shi'a
>> No. 24923 [Edit]
A thought just occurred to me. Would this thing even work if someone got a legal name change?
>> No. 24961 [Edit]
Name changes are fake bullshit.
Like it or not, your true name will always be the one you got at birth.
>> No. 24963 [Edit]
Not really sure how one name is more valid than another since they are all arbitrary, but okay.
>> No. 24964 [Edit]
I think he's referring to the Death Note. Several characters in the story use fake names but those with the demon eyes can still see the name they were assigned at birth, which is the only name that works for killing them. I assume legal name changes would function the same way as an alias because death gods have no reason to care about human laws.
>> No. 24965 [Edit]
>> No. 24966 [Edit]
Could of sworn I kakusu'd that...

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