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File 133333046221.jpg - (323.52KB , 1098x2633 , anime_manga.jpg )
14158 No. 14158 [Edit]
Did Tohno really kill himself or is that an April Fool's joke?

I can't fucking take it easy.
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>> No. 14159 [Edit]
I'm assuming it was a joke, or else the rest of the site would be down right?
>> No. 14160 [Edit]
The servers won't kill his site as soon as he dies or anything, it's still possible.

Please don't joke about your life, Tohno, I actually look up to you, you are a good person. I have had nothing but good interactions with you. Please don't do this.
>> No. 14161 [Edit]
if he was gonna lock everything down and kill himself you'd think he would take the whole site and not just the front page
>> No. 14163 [Edit]
>> No. 14164 [Edit]
Even assuming it's an April Fool's joke, I hope it doesn't reflect some real feelings he has, with the bit about being made fun of when posting without his tripcode.

That aside, the fake ads are hilarious.
>> No. 14165 [Edit]
Does someone know whether Robert Studebaker is his real name?
>> No. 14166 [Edit]
The ultimate April Fool's joke? Make an over the top reference to killing yourself. Nobody believes it. Actually kill yourself.

Hopefully not.
>> No. 14167 [Edit]
it's not
>> No. 14168 [Edit]
Regardless of what is going on, I find it really annoying not being able to access to the proper home page.
>> No. 14180 [Edit]
So, what did I miss?

No, honestly, care to fill me in? I gather Tohno made some comment abotu killing himself but that's pretty vague.
>> No. 14183 [Edit]
He went on the IRC, got pissed for apparently no reason, then changed the front page to a rant about how we make fun of him on the IRC and he's done, with a picture of his desk with a gun, a single bullet, a note, and a mousepad of Minagi. A lot of us took it seriously on the IRC, I lost some sleep on it.

Tohno, I will let it slide this time, but you seriously had me worried...
>> No. 14184 [Edit]
It brought in a lot of people who otherwise left, made everyone shit themselves and actually give a fuck.

Tohno is brilliant for this, he really is
>> No. 14185 [Edit]
I went to bed early and missed the whole ordeal, but I kept my IRC client open as I always do. Just read through the logs from last night, and by Miku's long teal twintails what a fucking mess. I'll leave it at that.

Tohno jokes about killing himself all the time, so I'm not suprised he pulled this stunt on April Fools day. However, I can understand why a few folks were concerned. I might've been too if I had seen it.
>> No. 14186 [Edit]
This is why we should have phoned the cops just to be funny.
>> No. 14187 [Edit]
That was a really, really tasteless joke.
>> No. 14188 [Edit]
I was seriously concerned about him.
>> No. 14191 [Edit]
Are you surprised? Tohno seems to be totally haywire, look at the way he posts in misogyny threads etc.
>> No. 14192 [Edit]
File 133339302733.jpg - (52.69KB , 450x309 , Springfield%2BXD%2B45.jpg )
Sorry, I thought it would be funny.
I think the best April fools jokes are the ones which are convincing, having you wonder weather or not they are real.

But I also didn't expect a photoshopped image like that to fool many people.
>> No. 14193 [Edit]
It was a very good photoshop
>> No. 14194 [Edit]
Not really, the quality was just too shitty to tell properly. And anyways doesn't every household in the US have a gun?
>> No. 14199 [Edit]

You're lucky, we were going to call the poliice so we could hear the tale of when they raided you (since no one knew the gun was real or not).
>> No. 14204 [Edit]
Actually, I was left wondering if you had used a toy gun or a real one... This solves the issue.

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