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File 134334868274.jpg - (98.75KB , 750x533 , macross-live-action1jn.jpg )
10544 No. 10544 [Edit]
macross thread, just becuase!
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>> No. 10553 [Edit]
File 134335918988.gif - (919.63KB , 400x225 , m7slwmHTRP1qh4v10o1.gif )
What is everyone's favourite series/film?

First movie was cool, and the original series.
>> No. 10571 [Edit]
File 13433742708.jpg - (175.49KB , 850x600 , sdf-macross-01.jpg )
I must confess to only having seen Do You Remember Love. The animation is absolutely beautiful and the characters were interesting to watch. I'm definitely going to check out Plus and 7 soon, they look like a lot of fun.
>> No. 10572 [Edit]
I like Macross Zero and Plus.
>> No. 10573 [Edit]
Misa is probably the closest thing to waifu I ever had. The way she was treated by that little faggot towards the end of the series made me want to ragequit the series/throw out my monitor a number of times.

So yeah I like the original Macross/Do You Remember Love the most but I've got to admit Frontier wasn't half bad.
>> No. 10577 [Edit]
I stopped watching after Plus. I feel it can't possibly get any better than that.

Oh man, I know that too well. It's a major defect of the series extension IMO. You go all the way through a near exploding cannon barrel to save one person and you need two more years to realize you love her?
>> No. 10579 [Edit]

Yeah, the original Macross should've really ended after that battle in space when Earth was wiped out. The 'rebuild arc' was a clusterfuck, really.
>> No. 10581 [Edit]
I know everyone hates 7, but I think it got better after 15 episodes or so.
I know I for one certainly hated it at first.
>> No. 10582 [Edit]
To be fair, I liked the more SoL pace it took, some nice feelings from that, and it made the sweet side of Misa so much more apparent. So yeah, it trainwrecked the whole plot continuity and character's motivations to make that scenario mildly interesting, badly, but I can't say I wish it never happened.
>> No. 10588 [Edit]
>everyone hates 7
People don't hate 7, what are you going on about. The music alone makes this series great.

Planet dance, dynamite explosion, my soul for you, remember 16, holy lonely light, etc.

Fire bomber made the best macross music.
>> No. 10589 [Edit]


Post edited on 28th Jul 2012, 3:57pm
>> No. 10602 [Edit]

>but I can't say I wish it never happened

I certainly can, even if it meant I'd get to see less Misa. Again, seeing her going through all the shit because of that asshole made my blood boil. With the way the space battle ended it was kinda obvious that Hikaru x Misa is pretty much official now. And then they go full NOPE.jpg, it never happened.

I'm complaining about Hikaru a lot but the true devil of the series was that spoiled bitch Minmei, I don't think I ever hated any other character from any anime as much as I hated her.


Also >>9659.


>People don't hate 7, what are you going on about.

7 being the worst Macross series (at least among the TV ones) is almost an universal opinion among people who like the franchise. Even people who liked 7 tend to agree that it wasn't as good as SDF/Frontier.

Of course, I'm not telling you you shouldn't like it or anything. I'm just saying what I've seen/heard and I must say that I saw quite a few Macross threads back in the day (especially while Frontier aired).
>> No. 10606 [Edit]
I sorta started to like it latter on, but not untill getting around 20 ep in.
most of what I said still applied, and some of the aliens that showed up were simply obnoxious (especially the twins), but I dunno, I guess how I viewed it might have changed, something about a dude blazing on his guitar while flying through the galaxy with a alien chick seems sorta... rad.
and although it could have saved a lot of lives and ended the war right there by using a nuke or something, that scene in which they fired a giant speaker into the bridge of the enemy command ship so they could blow him away with the power of rock, was totally tubular dude.
maybe you're meant to watch the show stoned or something, I dunno.
and I guess the main character got a little less annoying as it went on, but he never actually stopped being a retarded douchebag.
(I seriously think the guy is mentally challenged.)
every time I thought I was starting to understand him, he throws a curve ball and just acts like a idiot.
like, why the hell was he singing to a mountain as a kid, or kept flashing back to it all the time? did he seriously expect it to move?
news flash, ignoring people or yelling 'you don't understand' at them, isn't going to make them understand anything.
His saving the day with his singing all seems like some crazy coincidental fluke.

I almost want to say it's what one would call so bad it's good, but that really doesn't feel right.
It could have just been that becuase they stopped repeating the same animations over and over and mixed in some new songs for a change, it seemed 'less' bad latter in.

another thing, why did battle 7 have to transform before firing?
in the original series, they explained that the firing mechanism was damaged on the macross ship, but there's nothing wrong with battle7
considering how long it takes the thing to separate from city7 then transform, it's sorta important when under attack.

Post edited on 29th Jul 2012, 5:27am
>> No. 10700 [Edit]
another thing that bugged me about 7, although slightly trivial, is how much they referenced the macross movie but never the original television series.
there was one character in 7 who had a decent sized part in the original story, but becuase I forgot his name and his character design was completely different in the movie compared to the series, I had no idea who he was until the end of 7 when they showed his part in the original story.
(Exsedol "Archivist" Folmo)

They also seem to downright worship Lynn Minmay like some sort of idol god who single handedly saved mankind with her signing, but almost never mention Hikaru Ichijou.
they also never mention the stuff that happend in macross plus, while it might be true the events of macross plus didn't have much importance to the galaxy or mankind, you'd think there would at least be something, becuase of the huge focus on music and Sharon being said at the time to be the biggest thing in music in the galaxy.
but at least there was a very short cameo appearance of Bowman, (or someone that looked just like him) which I guess would mean he somehow survived at the end of macross plus.
>> No. 10701 [Edit]

I don't think Hikaru was ever that famous.
I mean, other than the time they gave him a medal for infiltrating the Zentradi, he wasn't a really important person, just another common pilot.
Minmay on the other hand was basically the only reason a lot of the Zentradi decided to change their ways, since she was the first singer/idol/whatever they had ever seen.
>> No. 10704 [Edit]
That's certainly true.
>> No. 10739 [Edit]
where does 'Macross II: Lovers Again' fit in with the rest of the series?
I've heard it's like a alternate universe type deal, this true?
>> No. 10741 [Edit]
It's not really an alternate universe, it's set after the First Space War or whatever it was they had in the first movie. The characters are all more or less new, and there is a new race attacking them, so it's kind of it's own thing than a direct sequel.

Basically like the first one and kind of boring compared to it, but it's still watchable.

Post edited on 5th Aug 2012, 5:06pm
>> No. 10831 [Edit]
File 134466628535.jpg - (156.04KB , 456x640 , b.jpg )
Macross F and 7 crossover? NANI?!?
>> No. 10833 [Edit]
>The 90-minute feature will utilize remastered footage from the 1994 Macross 7 TV series edited together with brand new Macross Frontier footage to create the Macross franchise’s first series cross-over.

wow... seriously?
they're just gonna edit together old and new footage? what the crap?
This shit sounds like a bad AMV already.
>> No. 10840 [Edit]

It sounds real lazy...I don't see how they could even work that out.
>> No. 10844 [Edit]
I bet it's becuase 7 was made the old fashion way, with cells and stuff, where as frontier was all done on a computer, and they're probably just to lazy to create new cg and models and so on for the old characters.

This reminds me of the gunbuster vs diebuster movie thing they did a while back, when they put out a version of diebuster with new footage, but only remastered the gunbuster part.
>> No. 10847 [Edit]

I wonder how well the old footage will blend with the CG then. They would have to remaster it real well to match CG.
>> No. 10849 [Edit]
if this image >>10831 is any indication, they'll blend like oil and water

Aquarion evol had a lot of footage from the original mixed in near the end, they used filters to cover for the lower resolution, but it just made the image look twice as bad.

As awful as the whole thing sounds, I'm still very curious to see how they go about it.
>> No. 10914 [Edit]
File 134526097485.jpg - (155.01KB , 1280x720 , Macross Frontier - 05 (Central Anime Blu-ray).jpg )
Almost every scene with the large version zentari and humans together looks so strange.
>> No. 10950 [Edit]
File 134545863785.jpg - (18.34KB , 412x198 , ad.jpg )
HAHAHHAHA I don't remember that scene. I'll have to check the episodes...
>> No. 10951 [Edit]
from what I've read on the official site, seems the characters discover "left behind archival footage".
>> No. 11057 [Edit]
File 134610656989.jpg - (181.83KB , 1280x720 , Macross Frontier - 15 (Central Anime Blu-ray) [81F.jpg )

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