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File 142925954496.jpg - (397.42KB , 1500x1062 , 1428427828629.jpg )
26817 No. 26817 [Edit]
What's the longest you've ever gone without showering/bathing? I'm actually trying to remember the last time I showered and I'm having trouble, which is probably a bad sign. However I feel like it's been about a week.
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>> No. 26819 [Edit]
About three weeks
At a point my armpits had started to hurt, they became super inflamed, and smelt like they where rotting.
It took about a month of showering every day for it to heal
>> No. 26820 [Edit]
Probably a month + a couple of days. That was mostly when I was in my darkest period of my life.

Now I've been trying to take a bath at least every couple of days just to be clean since I didn't like it that much when I got too dirty. I don't do much of anything to get as dirty as a normal person so a few days shouldn't be too bad.
>> No. 26823 [Edit]
Two days. My hair and skin starts to get really greasy and I don't like the feeling of being dirty.
>> No. 26825 [Edit]
Probably about a week, maybe a bit more, never again. I try to at least every two days now. Same reason as >>26823
>> No. 26832 [Edit]
File 142938126472.jpg - (64.24KB , 640x480 , 1418961889803-1.jpg )
Maybe a week, back when I was homeless.
I can't stand the feeling of being dirty, so I take showers even when I don't intend to have social contact with anyone, and even when I slept in public parks etc. I would still try to maintain at least a minimum of personal hygiene.
>> No. 26834 [Edit]
Could you please give some advice to those of us who might be homeless in the future?
>> No. 26838 [Edit]
not sure what you want to hear, but here's some common sense stuff:
1. Make sure you always pay your rent, and preferably do so on time, and get a written confirmation that you did so. I didn't have much of a probleme to find a new apartment once I put my mind to it, but I can't say the same about the other homeless people I've met who were turned down by landlords all the time because the reason they ended up on the street was that they got behind on their rent payments.

2. Extremely useful items to have around:
a good iso mat
a warm sleeping bag that holds off rain
a smartphone
if you can make money on the internet (translation/programming etc.) make sure you have a small notebook/netbook
toilet paper
a multitool/pocket knife

3. There are cheap hostels where you can sleep for less than $10 per night. Not being much of a traveller, I didn't know this at first.

4. There are also businesses that let you store your stuff for a small fee. Very useful.

5. Don't underestimate how cold it can get at night during spring and even summer, especially in the last hour or so right before sunrise. I mostly slept during the day, while it was sunny, which is also safer in terms of not getting your stuff stolen. During the night, I would either walk around or, when I was in a city, I would hang out at McDonald's and mooch on their free wifi.

6. You can eat dandelions and a bunch of other plants you might never have expected to be edible.

7. I know this is kinda taboo on here, but I got a few nights of good sleep on a proper bed by picking up overweight or otherwise desperate-looking girls, having sex with them and sleeping over at their house.

8. When you're walking around on the countryside, feel free to ask people for a bit of help, most folks are more than happy to help you out with water etc., so long as you're not too dirty (which can be hard when you're not in a city or near a reasonably clean river or lake)

9. Assuming you don't have a car: If you're in a city where you're planning to stay for a while or even settle, it's worth buying a monthly ticket for its public transport system even when you're pretty short on cash.

10. Large non-commercial public places like universities and airports have bathrooms where usually nobody will mind if you use them to shave and so on. There usually aren't too many of those in any given city though and restaurants tend to charge you a fee for using their restroom, so make sure you keep an eye out for places (e.g. shrubbery, public parks, woodlands just outside the city) which grant you enough privacy to pee, defecate and masturbate, respectively.

11. I did come across one exception, and it might be different in your country, but in general, homeless shelters are disgusting hellholes. I preferred sleeping outside, where it was cleaner and safer (might have something to do with the fact that I was never homeless during winter, though)
>> No. 26843 [Edit]
Did you check for STDs or any other diseases that could make your dick fall off?
>> No. 26845 [Edit]
File 14295504801.jpg - (198.84KB , 758x568 , tmp_11538-cdc_chalmyda-954845070.jpg )
I used condoms and limited myself to European and East-Asian girls.
>> No. 26860 [Edit]

if this were 4chan/b/, there is a really tasteless and obvious joke I could make about that image. Good thing I'm too classy to do that, though.
>> No. 26862 [Edit]
Why would you bother posting this?
>> No. 26865 [Edit]
Were you going to say black people are gross? That's not a joke
>> No. 26887 [Edit]
A week I guess. I haven't showered for five days currently.

But you just know if you have to shower. If you bend over and can smell you crotch, or when sitting at your computer you can smell it.

If you don't have to go outside it's fine, but if you do, you pretty much have to shower. I don't want to be that person that everyone passes that thinks 'damn, that guy smells'.
>> No. 26917 [Edit]
Probably like 5 days?
I don't really shower unless necessary, but at some point it just becomes really unbearable when the armpits feel like they're full of grease and your own stink becomes repugnant even to yourself, and the dirt/stains on your shirt becomes overly visible. So generally every 3-4 days I shower.
>> No. 26987 [Edit]
Honestly, I cannot remember anytime where I haven't showered for more than a day. I believe it's because if I don't shower for a day, my hair and skin will become greasy as if I haven't showered for a month. I just cannot stand feeling dirty
>> No. 26990 [Edit]

This really. I usually shower around noon but sometimes it kinda slips my mind or I'm busy. If it happens I feel really dirty it the evening and it feels disgusting so I shower anyway. Over the course of last ~3-4 years I had like 5-6 days when I didn't shower.

My 'high schore' must be something like a week, though. I was in my (early) teens, there was no school, my parents weren't at home and I didn't know better.
>> No. 26991 [Edit]
I have started to shower every 2 days

I was having serious itching problems and showing more seems to fix it
>> No. 26992 [Edit]
I didn't have any itching problems even when I used to go a couple weeks without showering, but I also didn't do anything that would get me very dirty. Maybe it's your clothes or you live in a hot area?
You should keep showering in any case
>> No. 26994 [Edit]
Don't think I've ever gone more than a week. Like >>26991 I also start to get itchy all over after a few days. yeah I live in a hot area.
>> No. 26995 [Edit]
Yeah my record is a week, but I've done that multiple times. They're records from last year too, I'm still in top form. Seriously, when I was younger I had habits. Nowadays I don't need to go outside (except to get food) so, you know. Actually though, since I wanna maintain my long hair I've been showering every 2-3 days this year. Going for that waist length is kinda like a project in and of itself.
>> No. 27020 [Edit]
Probably only a week because I like taking baths

But my record for not leaving the house is a month
>> No. 27022 [Edit]
i have to fucking shower at least twice a day and once before i go to bed because im so terrified of outside contamination i wash my hands after i touch anything thats been outside and i carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer around with me
>> No. 27023 [Edit]
I wash my hands a lot mostly because I don't want to touch my dick with them if I'm not sure they're completely clean and I tend to touch it pretty often

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